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Originally published September 16 2009

Why Millions of Americans Don't Need a Swine Flu Vaccine

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) The FDA has now suddenly granted approval to four different H1N1 vaccines, all on the same day! With virtually no testing, these fast-tracked vaccines are now approved for use on everyone: Infants, children, adults, senior citizens and even expectant mothers. But does everyone really need these vaccines?

According to the CDC, by June of 2009, one million Americans had already been exposed to H1N1 swine flu. Although the CDC hasn't released official infection statistics in recent months, with the rapid spread of the mild virus, it's not unreasonable to suspect that by now, three months later, the number of Americans who have been exposed to H1N1 swine flu has at least doubled to two million.

Yet here's the interesting part: You don't see two million Americans dying from swine flu.

That's because many of those who were infected by swine flu never had any idea they were infected at all. They were so-called "symptomless carriers," because they never experienced a sniffle or other flu-like symptoms. Their immune systems conquered swine flu automatically and effectively, creating antibodies and overcoming the infection by relying on fundamental human physiology.

Even for those who got sick, virtually everyone survived the sickness. After a few days of extra rest in bed (and hopefully some nutritional supplementation), they were able to kick the virus and return to normal life. This is all a normal part of beating any flu.

All these millions of people who were infected by H1N1 and didn't die have naturally made their own swine flu antibodies. They are now immune to the swine flu, and they now have zero risk of being infected or killed by this H1N1 swine flu in the future.

At the same time, the CDC has no idea how many Americans already have H1N1 antibodies from surviving a swine flu infection. The WHO has no idea of this worldwide figure, either. It is likely in the tens of millions of people around the world.

So here's the relevant question: What happens when you give an H1N1 vaccine to a person who already has H1N1 antibodies?

All of the risk, none of the benefit

The answer is that injecting such a person with an H1N1 vaccine exposes them to all the risks of a vaccine with none of the purported benefits. In other words, such a vaccine cannot help them in any way because they're already immune to H1N1!

The vaccine can only harm them or have no effect.

Given that there is zero reward but some measurable risk for these people taking the vaccine, it only makes sense that people who have existing H1N1 antibodies should never be given an H1N1 vaccine shot.

To determine this, however, each person about to receive a vaccine shot would have to be tested to see if they already have H1N1 influenza antibodies. But to conduct that test for the entire U.S. population would take years to complete. (The CDC testing labs are already overrun and can't handle millions of tests in a timely manner...)

Thus, there is currently no effort to test anyone for H1N1 antibodies before injecting them with the H1N1 vaccine... a vaccine that may have been rendered utterly useless to that person even before the shot!

No medical justification, just FEAR marketing

Millions of people around the world, you see, have already survived H1N1 swine flu. For those individuals, there is absolutely no medical justification for being vaccinated. The only justification for a vaccine is economic -- to sell another vaccine to someone who doesn't need it.

This is, of course, the predominant business model of the pharmaceutical industry: Sell monopoly-priced drugs to people who, for the most part, don't really need them. That's how psychiatric drugs are pushed these days, and much the same is true for cholesterol drugs, blood pressure drugs and of course vaccines.

With the swine flu, neither the pharmaceutical industry nor the mainstream media has bothered to address this important question of injecting people who are already antibody positive. It's not only a question of the additional health risk to the recipient of the injection; it's also a question of the efficient use of vaccines when the available supply is limited. For every person who is injected but didn't need the vaccine, there's another person out there who won't get the vaccine (from the point of view of western medicine, of course, which wants everyone to be vaccinated).

You are your own vaccine!

But there's a bigger point in all this. If millions of people have already been infected with H1N1 swine flu and virtually none of them died, it's a powerful demonstration of the awesome defensive capabilities of the human immune system and the human body's ability to make your own vaccine.

As a human being with a functioning immune system, you are a walking vaccine factory. Simply by exposing your body to an invading virus, your immune system gets to work, manufacturing its own "vaccine" and building its own antibodies to make you immune to any further infections from that virus. That's why you only get the chicken pox once. It's why one winter's flu doesn't strike you every winter. It's the reason you are still alive today, and it doesn't require needles, or chemical preservatives, or adjuvants or a trip to the local medical clinic.

And if your human body already has this miraculous nanotechnology known as the immune system, why do you need a vaccine for the ridiculously mild H1N1 swine flu in the first place?

Sure, if H1N1 had a kill rate of five percent, that would be a different story. But we're talking about a flu that's so mild, a single death from it results in national headline news. "Cornell student dies from swine flu..."

As I explained in a related article here on NaturalNews, you are 40 times more likely to be struck by lightning than to have your life saved by the swine flu vaccine. (

And that's if you've never been infected by swine flu in the first place. If you've already been infected and you're still alive, your odds of being saved by a swine flu vaccine injection are precisely zero.

Would you buy a lotto ticket if there were zero chance of winning something? Most people wouldn't, and yet many of those very same people are lining up to get ready for a swine flu vaccine lottery that may offer them exactly the same empty odds of success.

That, of course, is why the swine flu vaccine isn't being marketed using statistics, mathematics or reasoned logic. It's being pushed through one mechanism: Fear. Because as the drug companies have long since learned, fear always overcomes reason when it comes to pimping vaccines. And even mathematicians and scientists will line up to get injected with a vaccine they don't even need if they can be properly motivated to discard reason and abandon statistical reality.

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