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Originally published September 3 2009

FTC orders Daniel Chapter One to lie to customers about cancer remedies; ministry defends health freedom

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is at war with online retailers of nutritional supplements and natural remedies, but it recently lost a major battle: Lane Labs, which has suffered under FTC and FDA tyranny for years, recently won a significant battle against the corrupt agency. After the FTC tried to sue Lane Labs for $24 million, claiming "contempt of court" for the company telling the truth about the efficacy of its products, a federal judge ruled against the FTC, explaining that Lane Labs was telling the scientifically-validated truth about its products when it described their health benefits.

This defeat of the FTC's latest attempt to censor the truth about nutritional supplements is making waves in the nutrition industry. It signals a crack in the wall of FTC tyranny and a possible route for establishing Free Speech for nutritional supplement companies that only seek to tell the truth about their products.

In the world of truth-telling, no one speaks the truth about natural remedies more openly and honorably than a small company called Daniel Chapter One (, a religious ministry that also sells anti-cancer herbs, many of which are advocated in the Bible and other religious writings. Supported by a radio show and a website, Daniel Chapter One dares to tell people the truth about its natural remedies, even in the face of extreme intimidation and threats from the FTC.

The FTC is demanding that Daniel Chapter One lie to all its customers by signing and distributing a document claiming their natural cancer remedies do not work. That same document would also direct customers to the National Cancer Institute -- a pro-Pharma government group engaged in widespread scientific fraud and public disinformation campaigns (the NCI runs ads warning people to avoid all sunlight, for example, promoting widespread vitamin D deficiencies).

Daniel Chapter One needs your support, and it's an organization worth fighting for. They are, in essence, taking point position on a very dangerous mission, working to break the FTC's iron grip and restore Free Speech rights to the entire industry. Although Jim and Trish have been threatened with imprisonment, having their products confiscated, having their ministry raided and shut down and being fined millions of dollars, they have held firm in their belief that telling the truth about medicinal herbs is their God-given right.

Today, Daniel Chapter One finds itself embattled against the federal government, standing virtually alone in an industry where most companies are too intimidated to stand up for their own rights. To help promote health freedom, they've launched another website called Daniel Chapter One Freedom (, and I encourage you to join their email newsletter on that site. Write your representatives in Washington, too, to insist that the FTC end their attempts to silence and intimidate not just Daniel Chapter One but other nutritional supplement companies as well.

The FTC's attack on Daniel Chapter One is more than just an assault on Free Speech, by the way: It's also an assault on religious freedom. The organization is a ministry, after all, but that hasn't stopped the FTC from threatening to imprison its founders.

Listen to my previous interview with Daniel Chapter One here: (Health Ranger Show #67)

Today, Daniel Chapter One issued an important press release, reprinted here in full for you to read:

Announcement from Daniel Chapter One

The Federal Trade Commission Administrative Law Judge just Ordered Daniel Chapter One to stop sharing truthful health information and testimonies, not only about their 7 Herb Formula, BioShark, BioMixx and GDU but “about ANY dietary supplement, food, drug, or other health related product, service, or program.”

Fight for Right: In Sept. 2008 the health ministry Daniel Chapter One was attacked by the Federal Trade Commission and charged with making what the FTC calls “implied” claims about their dietary supplements. Without warning or grace period, Daniel Chapter One was struck with an FTC Order that was extremely burdensome in its demands. More offensive than the threat of a large monetary fine was the demand that Daniel Chapter One turn over personal customer information, censure its health information, send a deceptive letter to its community, and agree that the FTC could spy on them and their associates for the next 20 years.

Jim Feijo, Overseer of Daniel Chapter One, and his wife Tricia Feijo, resolved to fight for Constitutional and Consumer rights. Mr. Feijo strongly believes he has done nothing that he is not entitled to do under Constitutional Law, and chose to fight rather than allow unrighteousness to rule over righteousness. The attack on Daniel Chapter One is not an isolated case of its kind, but Daniel Chapter One is the only dietary supplement group standing up and actively fighting this unconstitutional government behavior for the good of all. The FTC seeks to oppress and censure natural health information, and if not stopped will continue to tyrannize dietary supplement companies and will ultimately create a vacuum of health information for the public.

Bureaucratic Assault on Freedom: On Aug. 5, 2009, after a preliminary hearing in Washington DC, the FTC judge ruled against the small ministry, charging Daniel Chapter One with “violation of the FTC Act”, which states that pharmaceutical drugs ONLY can claim to be of benefit for any particular health condition. Daniel Chapter One was found guilty only of breaking FTC rules as determined by an FTC Judge in an FTC court according to FTC definitions of words and all for making what FTC called “implied” claims!

The Commission charged Daniel Chapter One with false practices, NOT according to the FTC “falsity theory” (i.e. NOT because Daniel Chapter One health information is untrue) but based upon the FTC “reasonable basis theory.” By this measure, only double-blind placebo controlled studies and FDA approved drug status suffice as “reasonable basis” to make even structure/function health claims, a rule which only benefits the pharmaceutical industry – not the American consumer seeking helpful health information. No historical knowledge, consumer experience, or traditional practice satisfies FTC demands. Only the label of drug satisfies FTC demands. Dietary supplements, including herbs and nutrients, are not drugs.

In 23 years, Daniel Chapter One has never had a single complaint that their products or information harmed any one in any way, but rather, thousands have claimed that they have helped. A total of 5 Expert Witnesses, professionals renowned in their field of Science, Naturopathy, and Herbology, each testified that there is substantial scientific evidence for the health and product information shared by Daniel Chapter One. Over 80 Fact Witnesses were willing to testify on behalf of the safety and efficacy of Daniel Chapter One products; the FTC limited the number to 10. Before those witnesses were given an opportunity to testify, they were dismissed as “irrelevant”, and blocked from testifying. The testimonies of the doctors who offered Expert testimony were all shot down as “irrelevant” by the FTC also. The judge refused to watch videos or to listen to any of the hundreds of recorded testimonies offered by Daniel Chapter One.

The entire FTC case against Daniel Chapter One was based on the testimony of their one “Expert”, an oncologist who has worked for the last 20 years managing chemo-drug trials for the pharmaceutical industry. He referred to the many affidavit testimonies of Daniel Chapter One, people sent home to die with cancer but healed and alive today, as “worthless”. He clearly only spoke one language; that of the drug industry.

Resisting Government Coercion: Against Mr. Feijo’s beliefs and the Daniel Chapter One ministry message, the FTC has once again ordered that a letter written by the FTC be signed by Mr. Feijo and sent out to all Daniel Chapter One consumers, saying that there is no scientific substantiation to suggest herbal and nutritional products can improve health and healing, and that only “conventional cancer treatments have been scientifically proven safe and effective” for those with cancer. The letter promotes the website and phone of the National Cancer Institute.

This demand is despotic and completely unacceptable. Mr. Feijo absolutely refuses to lie for a corrupt pharmaceutical industry, to appease an out-of-control FTC watchdog. He maintains his allegiance to Yahweh, the Most High God, and to his fellow man.

The FTC has also ordered that Mr. Feijo and Daniel Chapter One stop sharing truthful information with the public about their products and ministry. Three times now Daniel Chapter One has refused to settle.

Standing Up For Freedom: Daniel Chapter One is Standing against this assault on First Amendment Rights: For the sake of Religious Freedom, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press, and Freedom of Assembly! Daniel Chapter One is Standing to defend the Rights of Americans to receive truthful health information so they have INFORMED CHOICE. Without Choice, there is no Freedom!

Daniel Chapter One is standing to defend every individual’s unalienable rights under God to pursue Life, Liberty, and Happiness. Every time the FTC succeeds in blocking truthful information from the public, they disallow every citizen the right to freely, personally pursue those things. Health Freedom Fight: Individuals and groups around the country are joining and supporting the Daniel Chapter One Health Freedom Fight!

Daniel Chapter One has become part of a growing national debate -- and now the poster child -- for the right of the individual to information and choice when it comes to health care. The Health Freedom movement is demanding that the FTC be brought back into alignment with the Constitution of the United States of America. Health Freedom fighters say it’s time to reign in a government agency that has become a public enemy.

Right now, in Congress, there are two critical Bills introduced by Dr. Ron Paul, H.R. 3395 The Health Freedom Act, and H.R. 3394, The Freedom of Health Speech Act, which prevents the Federal Trade Commission from taking action against anyone communicating a health benefit for a product they offer, unless the FTC first establishes based on clear and convincing evidence that the statement made is false and that its communication causes harm to the public. For more information regarding this Bill, please click below:

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