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Originally published August 31 2009

Eleni Prokopeas speaks out on vaccines and a cure for autism in NaturalNews interview

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) In a new online interview just posted, Eleni Prokopeas from "Green Diva Mom" ( shares her story of vaccines causing autism in her son. As a healthy new mom, Eleni thought the health of her newborn son would be well protected, but after subjecting her son to a round of vaccines, the health of her son deteriorated to the point where he was eventually diagnosed as autistic.

Spending thousands of dollars on lab tests, Eleni Prokopeas discovered that her newborn son was contaminated with trace amounts of heavy metals including mercury, which is used in the vaccine preservative Thimerosal.

In this interview with Eleni Prokopeas, you'll learn how vaccine injections can expose some children to one hundred times the methyl mercury of other children, depending on how the medical practitioner prepares and administers the vaccines.

Eleni also explains how she worked to try to reverse autism and restore normal neurological function to her son through chelation and dietary changes. There's a protocol for natural health restoration that's widely circulated in the community of parents who deal with autistic children. What worked for Eleni was a combination of detoxification and health restoration based on an organic, natural lifestyle.

At age four, Eleni's son had a total vocabulary of only twenty words and was considerably impaired, but after the detox and dietary changes explained by Eleni, he experienced a full recovery -- a "cure" for autism. Today, many years later, Eleni's son is six years old. He excels in school and martial arts and is no longer identified as being "autistic." By any honest assessment, he has fully recovered from autism.

Eleni is a long-time NaturalNews reader and used the information she learned on to help cure her son of autism. She used many of the products reviewed and recommended on NaturalNews (such as Jon Barron's detox products from and educated herself about natural health using the power of the internet.

"Had I not intervened, my child would have been institutionalized," Eleni explained. Her natural health intervention saved her child from a life of autism and medical victimization.

NaturalNews applauds Eleni Prokopeas for daring to save her child's health from a lifetime of vaccines and toxic chemicals pushed by Big Pharma. The depth of courage displayed by Eleni is a model for all empowered parents who seek to save their children from the harm caused by vaccines.

You can download or listen to the full interview with Eleni at the NaturalNews podcast page:

If you have an autistic child (or know anyone who does), you absolutely need to listen to this interview. It's free to download (MP3) and can be loaded onto any iPod or MP3 player for listening. (No DRM.)

Also be sure to visit Eleni's increasingly popular website Green Diva Mom at where moms are joining the effort to protect healthy kids from the dangers of vaccines.

Eleni has developed a 10 step protocol for dealing with autistic children. You can learn more about that protocol in the audio interview.

The audio is also downloadable through the NaturalNews page on, a peer-to-peer torrent file sharing site that features NaturalNews premium content:

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