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Originally published August 25 2009

Don't Inject Me - Swine Flu Vaccine Song and Music Video Released by the Health Ranger

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) We've just launched the latest song and music video in the Beyond All Reason album. It's an anti-vaccine song entitled Don't Inject Me (the Swine Flu Vaccine Song), and it's already making waves on YouTube and peer-to-peer file sharing networks. You can hear the song and watch the music video at this page on NaturalNews:

The 320k MP3 music file and music video are also being openly distributed in a DRM-free format on the popular peer-to-peer file site

The music video can be watched on YouTube at:

I wrote Don't Inject Me to get the message out about the potential dangers of the coming swine flu vaccination campaign that's about to be forced upon expectant mothers and schoolchildren all across the world. From a purely medical perspective, the swine flu vaccine is a complete joke: It hasn't been tested on anyone for long-term safety, it hasn't been shown to reduce H1N1 swine flu fatalities by any amount at all, and it is altogether likely to be obsolete within a few weeks anyway due to the rapid mutation of the H1N1 influenza strain.

This doesn't even mention the potential harm that might be caused by the use of chemical adjuvants (squalene) that are feared might promote neurological disorders in those victims receiving the vaccine. Read this article to learn what you probably didn't know about the Swine Flu vaccine:

And yet, despite the complete lack of scientific validity supporting the vaccine, the medical community is charging ahead with vaccines full force, blindly pushing the world into a scenario that might actually be worse than the pandemic itself. The last time a swine flu vaccine was widely distributed in the U.S., it ended up harming far more people than the influenza it was trying to prevent. That was in 1976. Today, more than thirty years later, the vaccine business is far more lucrative, and drug companies operate with blanket immunity, further reducing any incentive for safety or quality control by vaccine manufacturers.

On my Don't Inject Me page, I go into far more detail on these topics in an audio commentary you can listen to through your web browser. I also link to a radio show archive file, just aired last week, where I reveal the dangers of the swine flu vaccine while providing details on natural remedies that can help protect you from both the swine flu infection and swine flu vaccines.

Don't Inject Me is the third track on my album Beyond All Reason, which also features the popular hip-hop songs I Want My Bailout Money ( and S.S.R.Lies ( All the songs on the album address important issues of our time, offering commentary that favors freedom and responsibility over government intervention and consumer victimization.

Please enjoy Don't Inject Me and feel free to share it with friends, post it on your website, play it on your radio show or use it in any other non-commercial way that supports the cause of public education.

Thank you for your continued support as a reader of NaturalNews. As long as your support exists, I'll continue to bring you articles, reports, music and videos on the topics that matter most.


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