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Originally published August 18 2009 Delivers New Encyclopedia of Natural Health Knowledge to the World

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) The internet is the vehicle by which knowledge can reach out across the planet and uplift the lives and futures of our fellow human beings. It is the ultimate teacher for those interested in learning, and it bypasses the censorship attempts of medical information "gatekeepers" like the FDA and drug companies who would prefer that consumers remain nutritionally illiterate.

For the last two years, I've been working very hard on an important project to bring you free, open access to a wealth of information about natural remedies, nutritional cures and green living. The obstacles to its completion were enormous, but as you'll soon see, the effort was well worth it!

Allow me to introduce the new NaturalPedia (, a free online encyclopedia of natural health knowledge from the industry's top authors and writers. This website is an amazing research tool that allows you to find quotes from natural health books on more than 50,000 topics.

For example, if you want to check out what's being written about a disease like diabetes, just go to

If you'd like to learn how to prevent diabetes, you could go straight to

And if you want to learn how diabetes can be helped with regular exercise, you can visit this page that combines "diabetes" with "exercise":

NaturalPedia includes hundreds of thousands of quotations from 570 books, covering over 53,000 keyword concepts. Even more interestingly, it has calculated more than 23 million keyword correlations, then used advanced linguistic analysis logic to pair keywords in meaningful ways (such as a disease and an herb), allowing you to drill down and find the nutrients, herbs and substances that can help prevent or reverse almost any disease or health condition known to modern medicine.

For example, from our page on cancer (, you can choose the related concept of selenium and click to read quotes on both topics: cancer and selenium (

You can also see a detailed conceptual analysis of each of the 570 books currently included in the NaturalPedia system. For example, this page on The China Study by T. Colin Campbell reveals an amazing amount of detail on the book:

It not only shows you the word count of the book, it also reveals a list of the most prominent concepts in the book, sorted by frequency. On the right margin, additional conceptually-related books are recommended for further exploration.

With well over one million unique web pages of compiled content, NaturalPedia represents the most comprehensive book-based online natural health encyclopedia in the world.

Feel free to use this system to research quotes for use in your reports, articles, books or research. Be sure to cite both the original author as well as the page where you found the quote.

And we're just getting started...

Creating NaturalPedia took two years of effort. It was the single most difficult technical project I've ever attempted, and when I started, I thought it would only take six months. The linguistic analysis and matching logic was extremely challenging, not to mention the database back-end that powers the system.

Fortunately, the R&D is now complete, and we are in the process of rapidly expanding the number of books this system will encompass. An additional 150 books are being added right now, and we aim to have over 1,000 natural health books represented in this system by early 2010.

Beyond the sharing of knowledge with the public, NaturalPedia also promotes the interests of authors and publishers whose books are currently included in NaturalPedia. Books are cited with their full author name and title, and each book is linked to a "Buy at" button so that readers can purchase the complete book either in physical or electronic form. (Note: NaturalNews does not advocate's Kindle devices due to DRM restrictions on electronic book purchases.)

Additionally, a maximum of six citations from any one book are included on a topic page, and website visitors cannot read or download the full text of any book. Books are merely cited on each page along with a large collection of quotations from other books that mention the same topic, keeping it all within Fair Use guidelines while promoting the interests of the authors who wrote the books in the first place.

Appearing on, in fact, is a fantastic way for book authors to gain publicity and recognition. Not only are they more easily quoted as experts by journalists and other authors, but book purchases are also encouraged through the link. "NaturalPedia makes history with its comprehensive easy-to-use database allowing people to find the most knowledgeable authors of our time," said Suzy Cohen, author of The 24-Hour Pharmacist. "What a thrill to be included!" (Her books are being included in the next NaturalPedia update.)

We even accept books from new or independent authors who wish to be included. Simply mail us your book and if it meets our quality expectations, we'll automatically include it in the next expansion of NaturalPedia at no charge! (Authors can also request their books be removed from NaturalPedia, if they wish.) NaturalPedia is updated approximately every 90 days.

Spread the word...

Above all, what's important about knowledge is sharing it! The best way you can help NaturalPedia uplift and enlighten people with valuable knowledge is to use the site for your research and writing, then link to NaturalPedia as a source for your articles, books, reports, etc.

By linking to it, you will encourage others to discover it for themselves, and they will be further enlightened on natural health topics thanks to your link.

How we keep it running

I have personally invested all the time, money and effort to get NaturalPedia off the ground. We hope to cover bandwidth and server hosting costs with the advertising you see on each page (currently Google Adsense). NaturalPedia will always remain free!

We may also raise funds to support this website through the licensing of the NaturalPedia content engine...

Licensing the NaturalPedia content engine for your own content

Do you have a very large collection of text-based content that you'd like to see organized in a fashion similar to NaturalPedia? We have the technology to make it happen.

It's simple: You provide us with the text files you want organized and rendered into web pages, along with a comprehensive list of keywords. Our NaturalPedia content system will then analyze your text content and build a series of keyword-focused web pages much like NaturalPedia, but based entirely on your content and keywords. We then deliver the finished (rendered) web pages back to you for posting on your website.

The NaturalPedia engine is a linguistically advanced, professional solution for those who have very large collections of text-based content that they wish to organize and present on the web. Licensing fees start at $25K and go up depending on the scale and complexity of the project. (It would take well over $1 million to develop this system yourself, and that's if you already knew what to tell your developers...)

Contact us through our feedback form ( if you are interested in licensing the NaturalPedia technology or partnering with us to apply the technology to another content area.

Partnering with us is a less expensive option than licensing the technology. You bring the content, we bring the technology, and we jointly create a reference website on the topic of your choice. For example, it would be a straightforward matter to apply the NaturalPedia technology to a similar website on topics like business and marketing, self-improvement, or green living and the environment.

If you are interested in partnering with us to create a site that mirrors NaturalPedia on a different topic, please contact us to learn more. Serious partners only, please! The minimum investment in such a project is $10,000 just in the cost of books alone. If you figure we currently have 500+ books on NaturalPedia, and each book costs $20, that's $10,000 in the cost of books, and that doesn't even cover the cost of pulling out the citations, designing the website "look and feel" and other important steps.

In the mean time, please enjoy NaturalPedia!

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