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Originally published August 6 2009

Health Ranger Teleconference to Explain African Monkey Virus Vaccine Patent Finding

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) Yesterday's story about the African Green Monkey virus harvesting and vaccine patents still has many people scratching their heads. It's really difficult to grasp the real story that's emerging here: That a key vaccine ingredient production method (involving infecting, then killing African Green Monkeys) was invented by a top researcher at the National Institutes of Health, and then the patent was assigned to a U.S. military contractor (DynCorp) that's already collecting billions of dollars running mercenary operations for the U.S. government. (See original story at )

Even for people who are knowledgeable about conspiracy theories, this report seems almost too much to believe. And yet, given all the reader feedback on this story, not one person has pointed out a factual error in the key findings of the report. The patent checks out, the inventor of the monkey vaccine process is real, the NIH is verifiably involved and DynCorp's involvement in all this is publicly verifiable through the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

One of the most shocking realizations in all this is the fact that flu vaccines are made with ingredients extracted from diseased monkeys. For obvious reasons, this medical fact is not heavily advertised by the pharmaceutical industry. I'm not sure how many people would actually allow themselves to be injected with a vaccine if they knew it contained ingredients processed from diseased, incubated African monkeys who are killed so that their kidneys can be transformed into vaccine ingredients.

Dead monkey parts aren't present in all vaccines, of course, but a disturbingly large percentage of vaccines are made from ingredients extracted from diseased animals of one kind or another. (It's actually a very common practice in the vaccine industry.) Modern medicine goes to great lengths to avoid admitting what's actually in the vaccines. There's no requirement, for example, that vaccines list the origin of their ingredients. (Incubated monkey kidneys, rotten cow brains, thimerosal, yummm!)

Because of all the questions, this issue obviously needs to be disgust in more detail (ahem!).

Live teleconference to discuss the story in more detail

This Thursday evening at 6pm (Pacific) / 9pm (Eastern), I'll be joining Jonathan Landsman on a live, free teleconference to discuss this story in more detail. The call-in number is (US) 712-432-1001 and the access code is 443153357#

Call in at the time mentioned above to listen. The teleconference is sponsored by the NaturalNews Moxxor team, so we'll be talking about Moxxor for the second half hour, but the first half hour will focus primarily on the swine flu vaccine topic. (Last week's attempt at this phone conference had a technical glitch due to bandwidth outages in Ecuador. For this week, we have an improved plan that should go more smoothly... keep your fingers crossed!)

So that's at 6pm Pacific time, and it's a FREE teleconference, no registration required. Call in to listen as Jonathan Landsman and I cover this topic in more detail.

What does it all mean?

The evidence we're seeing with the swine flu vaccine ramp-up can be interpreted in many different ways. On one extreme, mainstream sheeple think the vaccine is perfectly safe, and they'll gladly line up to take the first shot. On the other extreme, some people are convinced the swine flu conspiracy is the beginning of the end for America: Police state vaccine mandates, military-enforced quarantines, FEMA camps and mass die-offs from the pandemic itself.

Based on the evidence I've seen, I honestly believe there's something devious afoot with the World Health Organization, the CDC, the NIH, Big Pharma and U.S. military contractors like DynCorp. But since I don't have any special access to secret documents or anything like that, I haven't seen any smoking gun evidence of a written plan to destroy America with a planned pandemic.

So your guess is as good as mine on all this (or maybe better, perhaps). But I'm not sitting around a major U.S. city waiting to see what happens (and neither should you). If I were still living in the USA, I would be thinking very seriously about getting out of the major urban areas and living in a more remote location. If the pandemic turns out to be a no-show, and the vaccine turns out to be harmless, such a move may appear somewhat ridiculous in hindsight. But if the pandemic begins to burn through the population, inevitably striking urban areas the hardest, those who got out of Dodge will look like geniuses (and those who didn't will look dead).

Deciding what to do in advance of all this is a very personal decision, of course. It all comes down to your level of faith in the federal government to save the American people (and your belief in the medical establishment). If you believe there are enough hospital beds to handle 30% of the population being sick, then don't sweat it. (But a quick inventory of hospital beds will tell you otherwise...)

If you think FEMA did a good job responding to Hurricane Katrina, then you'll be thrilled to know they will apply roughly the same quality of service in responding to a nationwide pandemic.

If you believe the vaccines are safe and protective, and that Big Pharma's drugs offer better protections than anti-viral herbs and good nutrition, then go ahead and get injected. I can't stop you from where I sit. Each person decides for themselves what to do in this case... and each person lives with the consequences.

Or dies, in some cases. People who make the wrong choice about placing their faith in Big Pharma or the U.S. government could pay for that mistake with their lives. On the other hand, people who guess wrong about being prepared will simply find themselves with extra stored food, extra herbs and perhaps some extra expense involved in moving out of the city and living in a more remote areas. And that's not a bad outcome even if you're wrong.

The big lie about vaccines

Western medicine constantly talks about reducing your risk of dying from heart disease, or cancer, or diabetes. But they never talk about reducing your risk of dying from vaccines.

That's curious. And you know why? Because it indicates how western medicine believes vaccines are 100% safe, posing no risk to anyone whatsoever.

And that's a foolish belief. From a scientific point of view, it's utterly ridiculous. Vaccines present a very real risk to health, and some people die within 48 hours after receiving certain vaccines. The 1976 swine flu vaccine, in particular, killed several thousand people and partially paralyzed thousands more. Yet, to this day, the medical industry claims there is "no proof" that the vaccine had anything to do with it.

Funny thing, isn't it, how drug companies can lie so easily? Funny thing, too, how only those people who got the vaccine shots soon found themselves paralyzed.

It's called cause and effect, and it's the same story with vaccines and autism. Drug companies deny any link between those two, claiming they have "no idea" why autism is on the rise, but they're certain it has nothing to do with the methyl mercury preservatives used in many vaccines. (And they have the fabricated clinical trial data to prove it!)

I've said it many times before, but it's worth repeating: Vaccines are the quackery of modern medicine. There's no proof that they work in any meaningful way to reduce deaths (they only "work" by producing antibodies, but that doesn't translate into saving lives), and there's lots of evidence that they're harmful. Yet, in classic zealot fashion, the vaccine industry ignores all the evidence of harm and invents all the imaginary evidence of supposed protective effects.

Virtually all doctors have been hoodwinked by the vaccine propaganda machine. In medical circles, questioning vaccines is tantamount to declaring the Earth is flat. That's ironic, because at one time, all doctors did believe the Earth was flat... and that infections were spontaneously created out of thin air. Even the idea that invisible "germs" existed and gave rise to infections was considered laughable, much like the idea today that the human immune system has its own anti-germ technology that's quite sufficient for protecting people against influenza (when properly nourished, of course).

The history of western medicine centers around a collection of highly arrogant, over-educated men reaching some of the silliest conclusions you can possibly imagine. Today's silly doctors insist that the entire population should be injected with viral materials harvested from infected monkeys (or other such sources). If it sounds too stupid to believe, that's because it is.

But it remains the status quo for medicine today. It will be obsolete soon, but for now, we all have to put up with the arrogance and idiocy of those who have been put in charge of the government response to a pandemic.

I'll talk more on this subject in Thursday's live phone conference. It's at 6pm (Pacific) / 9pm (Eastern). It's free and no registration is required. The call in number is (US) 712-432-1001 and the access code is 443153357#

Talk to you there.

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