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Originally published July 23 2009

Virginia Tech Shooter's Psych Doctor Hid Mental Health Records for Seung-Hui Cho (correction)

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) New revelations about the mental "treatment" of Virginia Tech shooter Seung-Hui Cho are surfacing today after the surprise discovery of his mental health records in the home of the former university psych doctor who treated him. These mental health records -- which have not yet been made public -- have been missing since the shooting took place. Dr. Robert C. Miller, we now know, took the records home and secretly kept them there, avoiding telling police about their location. They were only found during a document discovery phase of a pending trial.

The fact that these records were taken from the university, then hidden in the home of the psych doctor who treated the victim, and then were not even found by a Governor-appointed commission (which never even bothered to interview Dr. Miller) seems almost unbelievable.

Parents of the shooting victims feel the same way. "Deception comes to my mind in my first response," said parent Suzanne Grimes in an AP article. "It gives me the impression, 'What else are they hiding?'"

"What information is in those records?" asked parent Lori Haas. (Her daughter was also wounded in the shootings.)

"The words that come to mind are coverup, collusion, obstruction," said parent Mike Pohle in a Washington Post report. (His son was also killed in the incident.) "I'm spinning. Who knows what could be in those records?" he asked.

In 2007, when the university was conducting an exhaustive search for the records, Dr. Robert C. Miller claimed he didn't know where they were. Virginia State Police are now investing whether a crime was committed by Dr. Miller. (Removing mental health records and hiding them in your home is, indeed, a crime.)

But this isn't even the most shocking part of this story...

Dr. Robert C. Miller was part of the incident response team

Through documents acquired through the Citizens Commission on Human Rights ( NaturalNews has learned that Dr. Robert C. Miller served as a "substitute Incident Commander" for the response team dispatched to deal with the aftermath of the April 16 shootings. This information is confirmed through Dr. Miller's own resume, in which he lists the incident under the heading, "Administrative, Consultation and Leadership Experience."

Specifically, page 7 of a resume document available through the American Psychology Association website reveals the following resume items for Dr. Miller: [emphasis added]

2002-2006 Led transition of psychiatry service to Cook Counseling Center from Schiffert Student Health. Added nurse practitioner and LPN to staff and instituted “Pharmacy Connection” program to provide medication to students unable to pay for prescription medications

2002-2006 Coordinated bringing ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training) program to Virginia Tech to train faculty and staff in suicide prevention

2002-2006 Member, Schiffert Student Health Leadership Team

2002-2006 Member, Division of Student Affairs Administrative Team

2004 Member, Search Committee, Director Schiffert Student Health Center

2004 Liaison to ULifeline, online suicide prevention for college students

2005 Chair, Search Committee, Chief of Staff Division of Student Affairs

2005 Member, Campus and Workplace Violence Policy Task Force, Virginia Tech

2006 Founded Chapter of “Active Minds” at Virginia Tech (national student leadership development program to increase awareness about mental health issues on college and university campuses). Collaborated with Psi Chi, Department of Psychology and Counselor Education to develop program

2007 Member, Human Resources response team to April 16 shootings. Served as substitute Incident Commander 2007-present Member, ADA Executive Committee, Virginia Tech

2007-present Member, Medical Education Committee, Internship and Residency Program, Montgomery Regional Hospital

This information is not yet being reported by the mainstream media. (They are apparently unaware of this connection.)

What this reveals is that the very same psych doctor who "treated" Cho, and then who hid his mental health records in his home, and then lied about hiding them was also the very same person who served as the Substitute Incident Commander in an incident response team that dealt with the Cho shooting aftermath.

Are you starting to connect the dots here?

The big mental health coverup

What, exactly is in those mental health records that Dr. Miller hid in his home for two years? And why did he lie about hiding them in his home, only later to reveal them during the discovery phase of court proceedings?

And why was this same person allowed to serve as a substitute Incident Commander on the incident response team? Is it possible that Cho's fear of Dr. Miller was one of the reasons he lashed out by killing 30 other students and shooting himself? Could Dr. Miller now be somehow implicated in the death of all these students?

For the moment, these questions are only speculation, but they are questions that need to be asked (and answered). Dr. Miller has apparently committed at least one criminal act by removing Cho's mental health medical records and hiding them in his home for two years. Is it possible he could have been engaged in other unethical activities such as acquiring psychiatric drugs for Cho, or neglecting to warn appropriate officials about Cho's risk to fellow students?

It seems clear that a massive coverup was, indeed, perpetrated in this case. As Lucinda Roy, an English professor at Virginia Tech, explained in a Washington Post report, "the late and mysterious reappearance of the records adds to concern that the university has been more concerned with preserving its reputation than with providing the public with a thorough account of how Cho's case was handled."

It is, of course, in the interests of the university to sweep this issue under the rug and make sure no wrongdoing from the resident psych doctor ever comes to light. This might be part of the reason why Dr. Miller was never even interviewed by a state-appointed investigative commission. Virginia Tech, it seems, might prefer these medical records stay hidden.

Among the things they probably would not want to make public might be medical records showing Dr. Miller encouraged or supported Cho's continued taking of psychiatric medications. This is speculation at this point, but it's a definite possibility that needs to be investigated (and which hasn't been yet).

Clearly, the psych drug connection needs to be explored here in more detail: Most school shootings in the U.S. are conducted by students who are put on dangerous psychiatric medications such as SSRI drugs. (Listen to my hip hop song SSRIs - S.S.R.Lies to hear more: )

In the Virginia Tech shootings, there was no investigation whatsoever into Cho's psychiatric medication use, nor was there any toxicological analysis performed on his body to determine whether he was taking psychiatric medications. Is this the smoking gun that will be found in Cho's medical records -- that he was on antidepressant drugs at the time he shot and killed 30 people, then turned the gun on himself?

A call for investigations into school shootings

CCHR has repeatedly warned that the withdrawal from psychiatric medications can be extremely dangerous, causing patients to become psychotic and violent. In fact, the human rights organization has called for a federal investigation of all school shootings to determine the role that psychiatric drugs have played in these traumatic and deadly events.

CCHR posts numerous hard-hitting, free online video documentaries revealing disturbing details about the psychiatric industry. Watch Where the Truth Lies here:

Or see the Making A Killing video here:

You can also follow CCHR on Twitter at

Help support CCHR's ongoing investigations into the criminal world of psych doctors and psychiatric medication. There is a cause behind our nation's school shootings, and that cause is Big Pharma's mind-altering drugs. Our children are victimized twice by this scandal: Once when they are put on these drugs and harmed by them, and then a second time when they are terrorized or killed by fellow students who go on deadly shooting rampages after their own psychiatric medications cause their brains to snap.

If we want the school shootings to stop, we must first stop the mass drugging of our children, teens and young adults.

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[Correction note: The first publication of this story inadvertently stated that the incident response team was "armed." Although the police response team was clearly armed, we could not independently verify whether Dr. Miller was on the armed team that responded to the event, so we made the correction to remove "armed" from this story. We have later verified that Dr. Miller was on the incident response team for the aftermath of the incident, not on the armed law enforcement team that responded to the incident. For a more detailed account of who was armed and who wasn't, read more on Wikipedia: (which still doesn't contain details about Dr. Miller's involvement on the response team...)]

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