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Originally published June 19 2009

Move Forward in Life with Past Life Therapy (Opinion)

by Sheryl Walters

(NaturalNews) For most people the thought of taking part in a past life therapy session comes from nothing more than curiosity. What have we been, seen and experienced in past lives? These questions are intriguing to most of us even if we do not particularly believe in the concept. But there are those who not only believe in past lives whole heartedly, but that also see past life regression as a great healing tool. "A lot of people have blockages in their lives that they feel they just can't move around. So we basically take them back to touch base with what it is that may have occurred to cause their current life problem," says past life therapist Amanda Hanel. It's the witnessing of this link that is thought to be able to free the mind and allow us to move forward with our lives.

But as with all forms of alternative therapy the lack of scientific proof seems to attract a lot of criticism. One of the main problems is that there is no actual evidence to prove the reality of past lives. With many scientists saying it is all in the mind, a dream like state is created, controlled and directed by the hypnotherapist. Whether this is done intentionally or not it still seems to worry many skeptics. They feel that these dreams can cause false memories, which may increase a person's suffering by causing delusions especially if horrendous scenes are witnessed. Miss Hanel agrees that this could happen in some cases but says that the trick is to not let them witness the events first hand. "The way to do it is to take a step back and observe anything like that rather than let them experience it fully because that wouldn't be healthy."

Miss Hanel also agrees that hypnotherapy can make people vulnerable to outside suggestions. But she says that the method she uses takes her clients in to a state of deep relaxation and leaves them to tell her exactly what they see. "When you work with hypnotherapy it takes the client to one of the deepest levels, the theta level, it is being at this deeper level that can leave the client susceptible to suggestions. What I do is take you in to more of a meditative state and then ask for the spirit guides to take you where ever you need to go to, with the intent of ridding whatever blockage you may have. I purposely don't plant any seeds I just ask them to tell me what they are seeing and then try and tune in to see the same stuff". Miss Hanel says that these blockages may not even be in a past life at all; many clients are actually taken back to present life childhood memories to something that they have blocked out of their mind that was in fact the root of their current problem.

There are always going to be people skeptical about things that they don't fully understand or that can't be proved by scientific methods. But if something can help in your life's quest by healing your mind, body and spirit whether it is past life regression, acupuncture or magnetic therapy by all means do it.

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