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Originally published June 16 2009

Ritalin ADHD Drug Linked to 500 Percent Increased Risk of Sudden Death in Children

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) Just how dangerous are the amphetamine stimulant drugs prescribed for children with so-called ADHD? According to scientific research funded by the FDA and the National Institute of Mental Health, drugs such as Ritalin increase the risk of sudden death by five hundred percent among children and teens.

In these cases of sudden death, the child suddenly collapses and dies, only to be discovered later by parents or siblings. That's what happened to Matthew Hohmann in 2004 (, and according to this new research, it keeps happening to more and more children at a rate that's 500 percent higher than would be considered typical for children of a similar age and health status.

ADHD drugs like Ritalin are, of course, amphetamine stimulants. They used to be sold on the street as "speed," but now they're prescribed by psychiatrists to children after a subjective diagnosis of a fictitious disease: ADHD -- a "disorder" which has no measurable biological symptoms whatsoever.

Interestingly, the FDA banned ephedra, an herbal stimulant, after a handful of consumers died from consuming huge amounts of the herb in a desperate effort to lose weight. In that case, in banning the herb, the FDA announced "the risks outweigh the benefits," declaring that "ephedra is not safe at any dose."

In great contrast to that, even as children are literally dropping dead after taking ADHD drugs, the FDA is now insisting "the benefits are worth the risks."

But what benefits, exactly, are they talking about? There are no trusted scientific studies whatsoever showing ADHD drugs like Ritalin have any long-term positive effect on children. In fact, the available studies show that ADHD drugs stunt the physical growth of children while impairing brain development. Children who take these drugs, in other words, are not merely at a 500 percent increased risk of sudden death; they are almost assured to be stunted in their brain and body growth by this dangerous amphetamine stimulant drug.

The only real benefits to ADHD drugs, it turns out, are the financial benefits to the drug companies. With hundreds of millions of doses of ADHD drugs sold around the world each year, Big Pharma is raking in the profits while children are dropping dead in their own homes. So when the FDA says "the benefits are worth the risks," what they mean is that the financial benefits to the drug companies are worth the risks to the lives of children.

Pharmaceuticals pose an imminent danger to our children

When parents take their children to psychiatrists and are told to put them on drugs like Ritalin, most parents believe what the doctors say. They believe the FDA wouldn't approve a drug so dangerous that it could kill their child without warning. And they believe the drug companies would never sell products that harm people.

But those beliefs are foolish. In reality, the FDA, the drug companies and the psychiatrists are all working in collusion, knowingly pushing dangerous, deadly drugs onto families for the sole purpose of generating profits. While children suffer and die, they cash in on the ADHD delusion, first by promoting a fictitious disease and then later through high-profit pharmaceutical quackery.

And yet, astonishingly, the mainstream media says nothing. Senators and Congresspeople remain silent. Corrupt, dishonest psych doctors keep pushing the pills and pharmacists keep filling the bottles while children die, day after day, from the very drugs they were told would help them.

The mass drugging of our own children is the greatest unacknowledged crime of our time. It is a modern-day chemical holocaust being perpetrated by our own health care system!

Today, the pharmaceutical industry operates as an organized drug ring, inventing fictitious diseases, then cashing in on the "treatments" for those diseases even though the treatments ultimately harm far more people than they conceivably help. To further boost their profits, the drug companies offer free "screening" -- based on an utterly unscientific tests rigged to label virtually everyone with ADHD (adults included).

The entire ADHD scene is a circus of junk science, corporate profiteering and FDA betrayal. If it wasn't so tragic and deadly, it would be downright laughable. Yet, sadly, the mass chemical poisoning of our children continues today, and those who profit from it continue to call it "treatment."

Help put an end to chemical child abuse

One organization is fighting more than any other to stop the criminal operators of modern psychiatry: CCHR (the Citizens Commission on Human Rights). ( They need your help and your financial support.

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