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Originally published June 16 2009

Ease Excruciating Earaches Naturally

by Sheryl Walters

(NaturalNews) An earache is an awful thing to experience. Everyone has experienced one at some time of his/her life. It was probably an event so traumatic, that s/he is bound to remember. An earache can be caused by a number of things. These could include infections, allergies, or even situations with your teeth. Although much more common in children, the many adults that have experienced an earache, say it was the worst pain they have ever experienced. While looking for natural remedies to help ease the pain naturally, consider these.

Use garlic. Garlic has been known to help a painful earache. Try taking two 500 mg. of natural garlic capsules a day. Do this for seven consecutive days. Or if you would rather not swallow the capsules, they may be opened and the garlic oil may be squeezed into your ear canal. Place a cotton ball inside your ear to hold the oil inside. Do this several days, both day and night. You'll soon be experiencing relief. Garlic is a natural disinfectant and will clean the bacteria from within your ear. If you would like to increase the natural properties of garlic, add mullein oil. This may be purchased from your health food store. This oil is known for its anti-inflammatory attributes and may be poured directly into the ear every three or four hours.

Use olive oil. This remedy has been around for centuries. Warm a little olive oil on a teaspoon and pour it slowly into your ear. (Test it first to make sure it is not too hot.) The warmth will feel wonderful in a throbbing ear. Place a cotton ball inside your ear to prevent the liquid from escaping. This process may be repeated every hour as necessary.

Take vitamins. Vitamins to take which help prevent and treat earaches are zinc, vitamin E, and vitamin B. Ask your natural health expert the amounts to take. Taking these supplements every day help treat earaches as well as prevent them.

Give yourself a Qigong massage. If unsure how to do this, here are the instructions. Place your middle finger in front of your ear and your index finger behind the ear. Your fingers will form a V-shape. Starting at the base of the ear, begin moving your fingers in an upward motion. Press firmly but not too hard. Release the pressure, as you move your fingers downward. Do this a repeated amount of times. Not only will this massage help increase the circulation in and around your ear, it will also allow the fluid to move more freely from the cells reducing the pain in your ear.

Use a heating pad. Placing a heating pad or hot water bottle on the side of your face will help lessen the pain, as will the use of a hair dryer. Be careful not to burn your skin.

Sometimes, you can't do anything to prevent something like an earache, but being sure you are in good health and daily doing what you can, to have a strong immune system, is wonderful for you in general. Have a diet consisting of fruits and vegetables. Sleep well. Get plenty of exercise. Take time to play. Studies have shown that people, who do all these things, have a better outlook on life and stay healthier.

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