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Originally published June 13 2009

Manage Morning Sickness Naturally

by Sheryl Walters

(NaturalNews) You've been feeling a little "off" for a few weeks and think you may have the flu. But lo and behold, over the next month or so, you discover you have another reason for your "off" feeling. You are going to be a mother! After the shock wears off and you begin to see being pregnant as the wonderful thing it is, you wonder if you'll be able to survive the morning sickness you are experiencing. Remembering that morning sickness doesn't last the whole nine months isn't much help as you sit with your head held over the waste basket, feeling more than a little green. Well, take heart. There are many things you can do to help alleviate the symptoms of morning sickness without the harmful effects of drugs.

Morning sickness is caused by the hormonal and chemical changes your body is experiencing, as the new little life that is inside of you begins to claim your uterus as his/her own space and starts to grow. Not all women experience morning sickness and for those who do, it may very well differ from pregnancy to pregnancy. Some women say that with each succeeding baby, they experience less morning sickness. Normally, morning sickness will last for no more than the first three months. It's during this time, in a pregnant woman's life, that you hear of them craving certain and sometimes unusual things. With this sickness, comes an inability to eat normally. But don't worry. Towards the middle and end of your pregnancy, you'll definitely be eating for two! Here are some natural things you can do to help manage the nausea caused by morning sickness.

You may find that strong odors affect you in a negative way. So do all you can to avoid bothersome odors, even if you need to exit a room or an area that smells offensive to you. It could even be a scent that you liked before you became pregnant. Many times, getting fresh air will help.

Instead of eating three main meals a day, eat several small meals and snack on fruit throughout the day. Having something in your stomach seems to really combat the nausea. Try using acupressure. Special sea bands are sold in health food stores that help curb that "green: feeling caused by both morning and motion sickness." Place these bands three-quarters of an inch down your wrist. They have done wonders for some. Some women claim that going and having acupuncture done by a reputable doctor is remarkable. Be sure he or she knows you are pregnant and the reason for your visit. Try adding oils made of natural grapefruit, orange, mandarin or lime to your bathwater. There's an ingredient in citrus that seems to help overcome the feelings of nausea. Pour yourself a cup of ginger tea or purchase an all natural ginger ale. Ginger has been known for centuries for its healing powers and is especially great for an upset stomach.

Enjoy the time you have with your growing baby and be proud that you have chosen to use natural remedies during your pregnancy. Stay hydrated by sipping drinks throughout the day. Get the rest you deserve and allow others to wait on you if you aren't feeling up to par. Relax and let nature take its course. You'll soon be a Mother!


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