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Originally published May 5 2009

Health Ranger Teams with Raw Food Pioneer David Wolfe to Launch Version 2

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) After months of preparation, I feel really thrilled to officially announce my teaming up with raw foods pioneer David Wolfe and content guru Len Foley for the launch of version 2 (BDE). Watch my video on Genetic Immortality and the coming "genopocalypse" to see a sample of the kind of cutting-edge content you'll find in this newly-launched member site:

BDE is a members-only content site featuring literally hundreds of hours of audio presentations, speeches, videos and exclusive interviews with pioneers in longevity, hard-core superfoods nutrition, raw foods and experimental technologies for greatly enhanced health and quality of life. Essentially, it's the "advanced" version of NaturalNews, and both myself and David Wolfe are now contributing premium content on a regular basis.

Watch this free video to see some of what awaits you inside the new BDE members site:

Why the most cutting-edge information must be reserved for members only

Over the last five years, I've written over one million words for NaturalNews in the form of articles, books and special reports. That information has helped literally millions of people discover abundant natural remedies and nutritional products they can use to enhance their lives (and, in some cases even SAVE their lives!). It is a great honor to continue to serve this role for NaturalNews readers.

I will continue to write daily articles for NaturalNews, but one thing I've noticed in the last year or so is that the more advanced, cutting-edge concepts I cover in many articles are simply too far from mainstream thinking to be appreciated by the general public that often visits NaturalNews. I'm not talking about the long-time NN email subscribers, I'm talking about the visitors who wander in to NN from the search engines or links from other website. They're often not ready for what they find here.

For example, to understand the energy of foods and why meat products are imprinted with the fear and terror experienced by cows during slaughter, you first have to understand physical nutrition (water, fiber, etc.), then you have to understand biochemical nutrition (macro and micro nutrients, etc.), then you have to understand living nutrition (living foods vs. dead foods), and then finally you can grasp the concepts of the energy of foods as it relates to the energy of the human mind. It's something that takes time and education to truly grasp.

All the regular NaturalNews readers already get these topics (and much more!), but to the general public which has never been taught these concepts, the idea of the "energy" of foods sounds so far-fetched that it's actually a turn off to them. They aren't ready for the information yet, and it turns out that publishing such information in a free, public format is actually a disservice to both the readers and the author, and it generates a lot of noise from free readers who aren't ready for the concepts.

Advanced exploration requires departure from the lowest common denominator

At some point, when any topic becomes sufficiently advanced, it must branch off into a subset of advanced readers in order to allow further exploration of that topic -- without being held back by the expectations or insufficient knowledge base of the general public. This is the whole point of science journals, of course, which do not even attempt to cater to general readers. They are able to explore more advanced ideas in their respective areas of focus precisely because they speak to a more focused and specialized reader base.

BDE, similarly, isn't for everyone. It's not for people who eat Cheetos and drink Diet Coke. It's not for people who think the universe is deterministic, or who believe human consciousness is an illusion created by a biochemical computer known as your brain. It's not for people who don't want to be bothered by exploring new knowledge and who would rather live within the confines of the humdrum of predictable daily life. (Safety, security, predictability...) IS for people who seek rare knowledge and who aren't afraid to venture into uncharted territory in order to find it. It's for those who understand the universe is holographic in nature, and that all conscious beings and living systems are connected in profound ways. It's for those who want to explore beyond the conventional (false) limitations of the human body and human mind, and make their way into the realms of longevity, mind-body medicine, peak mental performance and revolutionary approaches to optimal living.

There are a lot of NaturalNews readers who are already into these topics, and they've been emailing me for years, asking me to "take the brakes off" and jump into these topics! This BDE launch allows me to finally do that.

That's why all the advanced videos, podcasts and articles I produce from now on will be posted exclusively on I've already filmed eight video reports for BDE, and I've discovered that simply knowing I'm speaking to an advanced, well-informed and limited audience gives me tremendous freedom in skipping over the basics and getting right to the higher concepts of the topic at hand. It's a real joy to be able to explore topics in this way, and you'll see the difference immediately when you join BDE as a member.

To learn how to join, simply enter your email address on the following page (and watch the video):

On the, I'll bring you a minimum of one feature video each and every month, exploring an advanced topic of discussion for at least 30 minutes (usually longer). Most months, I'll post significantly more content in the form of podcasts, videos and articles. All this content is exclusive to You won't see it posted anywhere else, and you can download it all as a member, without limitation.

Beyond my own contributions to BDE, you'll also enjoy the benefits of a HUGE library of fascinating material from David Wolfe, one of the most gifted communicators in the entire health industry. David "Avocado" is not only extremely knowledgeable about nutrition, wild foods and superfoods, he's also a world adventurer and an explorer of experimental technologies in a variety of areas (such as water structuring technology).

As a member of the new BDE website, you'll have instant access to the entire library of David Wolfe's recordings in addition to the content I'm contributing each month. It's like getting the combined knowledge of two explorers and teachers all in one place!

Check it out yourself at the link listed above to get some free videos right now (and see the new site for yourself).

Stairways to greater knowledge...

My partnership with David Wolfe and will be a long-term, ongoing content partnership designed to bring you an ever-expanding library of mind-blowing video and audio programs on topics that are simply too evolved for public consumption.

But the general public deserves our help, too, so I'll continue to serve as the editor of NaturalNews, posting daily articles that attempt to unravel current events and help people wake up to the joyful realities of eating real food and casting off the toxic chemicals and poisons that still assault the bodies and minds of most mainstream consumers.

If I may spell out my grand strategy for you, step one is to get people off all the toxic chemicals and onto living foods, superfoods, sunshine and exercise. After a year or two of that, people's minds and hearts expand, and they're ready to cast off illusions and move forward into something more. That's where kicks in -- it's the "advanced journey" option for those ready to join me in exploring the things in our world that would frankly just blow the minds of the uninitiated.

I still meet people all the time, for example, who think infant formula is better than breastfeeding. Or who think that only a scientist or doctor can unlock the body's own healing nanotechnology. They obviously have a long journey ahead of them, and that's fine! Each person learns about the universe in their own time, in their own way. There's no judgment in being fast or slow about it. (I was a complete health idiot for the first 30 years of my life!)

But for those who are ready right now -- ready to explore what's beyond the material presented for public consumption on NaturalNews -- you may join me in this exclusive members-only content site, where I'll share information that will literally leave you breathless. Because BDE is an exclusive, limited-membership website, the membership window is only open for a limited time. Right now, it's open to NaturalNews readers only (no one outside of NaturalNews can sign up). So if you're interested in joining as a member, be sure to check it out today or no later than the next few days. Just click this link to get started:

Coming soon from the Health Ranger on TheBestDayEver: An exploration of the multiverse and how the presence of free will might mean we are truly multidimensional beings who are far more powerful than we've been led to believe...

Get started now by checking out my video on the Genopocalypse -- the coming genetic destruction of MOST (but not all) of the human race, and why the future of humanity belongs to those who eat healthy diets. Watch it here:

I look forward to seeing you as a member in the new website. Watch for new content from me each month. And please continue to enjoy all the free content we will continue to bring you on NaturalNews!

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