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Originally published April 27 2009

As Swine Flu Spreads, Conspiracy Theories of Laboratory Origins Abound

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) Perhaps due to the genetic makeup of the fast-spreading H1N1 strain of influenza -- which includes genetic elements from bird flu, swine flu and human flu spanning three continents -- there is considerable speculation that the origins of this virus are man-made.

It's not an unreasonable question to ask: Could world governments, spooked by the prospect of radical climate change caused by over-population of the planet, have assembled a super-secret task force to engineer and distribute a super virulent strain of influenza designed to "correct" the human population (and institute global Martial Law)?

Technically, it's possible. The U.S. military, all by itself, has the know-how to engineer and unleash such a virus. That doesn't mean they've done so, however. It would be an astonishing leap into crimes against humanity to intentionally unleash such a biological weapon into the wild.

Then again, governments of the world have routinely engaged in crimes against humanity, haven't they? The U.S., for example, dropped nuclear bombs on civilian populations in Japan. Israel rained white phosphorous on Palestinians, Hitler exterminated countless Jews, and Americans fired millions of rounds of depleted uranium rounds into targets in Iraq and Afghanistan. Unleashing a viral biological weapon in Mexico City is no great leap beyond what governments have already done to achieve their goals.

Throughout human history, virtually all the great crimes against humanity have been carried out by governments -- mostly in the name of peace, prosperity and security, by the way. So let's be clear about one thing: Governments are certainly capable of doing this if properly motivated. Let there be no question about that.

Is there any hard evidence of laboratory origins?

As of this moment, I have not personally seen any conclusive evidence of laboratory origins for this H1N1 swine flu. I am open to the possibility that new evidence may emerge in this direction, however, and I am suspicious of the genetic makeup of the virus as one possible indicator of its origins.

I am not a medical specialist in the area of infectious disease, but I have studied microbiology, genetics and a considerable amount of material on pandemics. What seems suspicious to me is the hybrid origin of the viral fragments found in H1N1 influenza. According to reports in the mainstream media (which has no reason to lie about this particular detail), this strain of influenza contains viral code fragments from:

• Human influenza
• Bird Flu from North America
• Swine flu from Europe
• Swine flu from Asia

This is rather astonishing to realize, because for this to have been a natural combination of viral fragments, it means an infected bird from North America would have had to infect pigs in Europe, then be re-infected by those some pigs with an unlikely cross-species mutation that allowed the bird to carry it again, then that bird would have had to fly to Asia and infected pigs there, and those Asian pigs then mutated the virus once again (while preserving the European swine and bird flu elements) to become human transmittable, and then a human would have had to catch that virus from the Asian pigs -- in Mexico! -- and spread it to others. (This isn't the only explanation of how it could have happened, but it is one scenario that gives you an idea of the complexity of such a thing happening).

Now, on a common sense level, what is the likelihood of such a combination of seemingly unlikely, trans-continental events taking place? At first glance, without the benefit of additional laboratory analysis, it seems extremely unlikely that this could have happened "naturally," without human intervention. It's not outside the realm of possibility, of course, but it seems exceedingly remote that such events happened without some human encouragement.

This is perhaps why the internet is smoking hot with talk of swine flu conspiracy theories. Alex Jones is, of course, covering the issue in articles like this one:

If the release of the virus was intentional, there are essentially two explanations for who might be behind it: 1) Governments attempting to reduce the human population, 2) Bio-terrorists attempting to kill lots of people. Or perhaps 3) Those two groups are one and the same!

Why we shouldn't dismiss the conspiracy theories outright

Many of the points made in conspiracy articles are well made, in fact: There is both a motive and a means for governments of the world to have played a role in the creation and transmission of this virus. Still, it doesn't mean they did, and NaturalNews will be cautious in reporting such conclusions until more evidence emerges.

There's no question about one aspect of the circulating conspiracy theories, however: If governments wanted to infect people with this bio-engineered swine flu, vaccines would be the best way to do it. It seems interesting that Mexico City health officials, in particular, leaped to a mass vaccination campaign in the midst of the swine flu outbreak even though no vaccines are yet available for swine flu!

So what, exactly, were Mexico City's health officials injecting into health care workers and patients? There's absolutely nothing they could have been injected with that would make any medical sense other than Tamiflu. But Tamiflu is an oral medication, not an injection. So what, then, was being injected into Mexico City's hospital workers?

What's very clear here is that Mexico is engaged in a massive cover-up about the swine flu. The potential from economic damage caused by other nations banning travel and imports from Mexico is very real, and as a strategy to minimize that economic damage, Mexico seems to be purposely under-reporting swine flu infections and deaths while engaging in elaborate theater whose only purpose is to make its own medical authorities appear to be doing something useful. Hence the useless vaccines stunt.

This is further supported by medical personnel whose comments appeared on the Barbara Walter show, published with ABC News Australia ( Read carefully what these medical experts have to say about the real situation on the ground in Mexico City:

ANTONIO CHAVEZ'S BBC WEBSITE POSTING (voiceover): The truth is that mortality is even higher than what is being reported by the authorities, at least in the hospital where I work in. It is killing three to four patients daily, and it has been going on for more than three weeks. It's a shame that there is fear here.

Increasingly younger patients aged 20 to 30 years are dying before our helpless eyes, and there is great sadness among health professionals here.

BARBARA MILLER: Another doctor who wrote into the BBC is Yeny Gregorio Dávila.

EXCERPT FROM YENY GREGORIO DÁVILA' BBC posing (voiceover): I work as a resident doctor in one of the biggest hospitals in Mexico City and sadly, the situation is far from "under control". As a doctor, I realize that the media does not report the truth. Authorities distributed vaccines among all the medical personnel with no results, because two of my partners who worked in this hospital were killed by this new virus in less than six days, even though they were vaccinated as all of us were. The official number of deaths is 20; nevertheless, the true number of victims are more than 200. I understand that we must avoid panic, but to tell the truth - it might be better now to prevent and avoid more deaths.

BARBARA MILLER: While Mexican officials say their primary concern right now is human life, the country's Finance Minister Augustin Carstens says it's clear that the outbreak will have a significant impact on the country's economy.

Vaccinated doctors dead in days

Did you catch what was said here? As Dr. Yeny Gregoria Davila posted on the BBC website, vaccines were given to the medical personnel and those very same medical personnel were dead within six days. Thus, the vaccine is certainly not protecting these people from infection.

According to the conspiracy theories, these vaccines may indeed be the carrier of the virus. Injecting front-line medical personnel with the virus is the fastest way to spread it even further because medical workers interact with large numbers of immune-compromised people on a daily basis, including many people who tend to travel from far away to visit the hospital and then return to their distant towns, burros or villages in Mexico.

Furthermore, the true number of people infected or killed by the virus is being vastly underreported, according to these doctors. It's just like China's handling of SARS: The country was hesitant to admit the disease existed at all in order to avoid international embarrassment over its lackluster health policies.

As the WHO knows quite well, nations are universally reluctant to tell the truth about infectious disease. There's even a good reason why: Big Pharma usually attempts to acquire the virus early on, patent its particular genetic code, then manufacture expensive vaccines that it sells back to the stricken nation at a ridiculously-high price. This is how Big Pharma profits from a pandemic, turning human suffering into corporate profits.

Thus, it is actually in a nation's economic interests to avoid sharing viral strains with world health authorities because WHO routinely shares viral specimens with pharmaceutical companies. This is just one factor in a long list of factors that compel nations to lie about infectious disease outbreaks.

Even when it comes to pandemic outbreaks, we are still dealing with layer upon layer of commercially-motivated deception on the part of nations. That's why it's so important to figure out how to "read between the lies" of the mainstream media. I teach some techniques for doing that in my upcoming Swine flu advanced preparedness LIVE teleconference which you can read about here:

This teleconference also reveals secret Chinese Medicine formulas for expelling viruses, how to survive disruptions in basic infrastructure (which are likely to occur if this swine flu goes pandemic), why flu masks are utterly useless at protecting you from flu, and many other topics. Click the link above to read more about this teleconference.

Another reason to avoid vaccines

Let's suppose for a minute that the conspiracy theory angle on this swine flu infection is correct. If the spread of the virus starts to wane, the best way for health authorities to unleash a second wave of infections is to mandate the vaccination of the public with vaccines that are intentionally contaminated with live H1N1 viruses.

Does that sound far-fetched? Consider the news item published here on NaturalNews just one month ago, entitled Vaccines as Biological Weapons? Live Avian Flu Virus Placed in Baxter Vaccine Materials Sent to 18 Countries (

As that article explained, one pharmaceutical company was caught inserting LIVE bird flu viruses into vaccine materials sent to 18 countries. Was this a trial run for the H1N1 global infection effort? It certainly raises suspicions. When a new virus seemingly "engineered" from three different species suddenly appears in multiple nations -- just one month after a drug company was busted inserting live bird flu viral fragments into globally-distributed vaccine materials -- it should raise the eyebrows of even the most steadfast skeptics.

It doesn't prove anything, of course, but it does raise suspicions that this sort of thing could be happening beyond closed doors.

The question to ask yourself on this is the usual one: Who benefits from a global pandemic?

Once you answer that question, you're well on the way to determining the truth or falsehood behind the H1N1 conspiracy theories.

I'm not even going to answer that question for you. I'll let you ponder the answer yourself.

Once you answer the question of who benefits from a pandemic, ask yourself this second question: Are they capable of harming or killing humans to accomplish their goals?

Answer that question and you've figured out most of the true story behind these events.

NaturalNews will continue to cover this H1N1 swine flu outbreak in greatly detail. Watch the website for frequent updates.

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