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Originally published April 27 2009

Swine Flu Spreads to New York, Canada, Ohio as U.S. Travel Remains Unrestricted

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) The swine flu / bird flu / human flu virus (H1N1) has now been confirmed as striking victims in New York City, Kansas, Ohio, Canada and is suspected in New Zealand, Spain and Israel. Over 100 people are now confirmed dead from the swine flu (mostly in Mexico City), and confirmed infectious have surpassed 1600. Just today, the U.S. declared a Public Health Emergency over swine flu.

There is considerable speculation that the infection numbers are vastly underreported, especially by authorities in Mexico who are attempting to reduce the economic loss associated with international trade and travel restrictions erected in the aftermath of an infectious disease outbreak. (See related story on NaturalNews: )

As world health authorities have openly admitted, swine flu is way beyond containment. This virus completely eluded global health authorities and established a firm presence in multiple countries before it was even identified. So much for the first line of defense against infectious disease, huh?

The second line of defense is the government's much-touted "anti-virals" like Tamiflu (oseltamivir) which are actually weak pharmaceuticals that offer no immunity and are available in such small quantities that far fewer than five percent of the people in most countries will even have access to such medicines. For the most part, such medicines are being made available solely to health care workers, not to the population at large.

Even then, reports are already emerging that health care workers in Mexico City who were vaccinated have died within days ( It is not known whether they also took anti-viral medications.

It seems quite clear that if this swine flu strain becomes widespread, the people of the world will mostly have to fend for themselves. Government availability of H1N1 vaccines is currently zero, and availability of anti-viral oral medications is strictly limited. People who wish to purchase or make their own natural anti-viral medicines can tune in to the Health Ranger's LIVE swine flu preparedness teleconference this Thursday evening. Details at:

There is already speculation that this swine flu strain may have been engineered in a laboratory. While NaturalNews does not yet agree with this assessment, this is without question a possibility that needs to be considered. There is already some evidence that the H1N1 genetic code has somehow been assembled from three species (bids, pigs and humans) spanning three different continents. The "natural" occurrence of such a combination seems extremely remote, although not impossible.

I've covered the conspiracy theory / bioweapon issue with H1N1 swine flu in a related article here on NaturalNews:

Public Health Emergency declared, but travel is still wide open

I just returned from Taiwan yesterday, and in passing through U.S. immigration and customs in L.A., I noticed no special efforts to screen travelers for fever or infectious disease. This stands in stark contrast to Taiwan, which is far more vigilant on the matter, hosting a "quarantine zone" with an infra-red camera through which all arriving international passengers must walk. The idea is to catch passengers with fevers using the infra-red camera, before they enter the country and infect more people. (It's sort of a smart idea...)

The U.S. has no such protections in place that I saw (I was looking for them), and it was more than a bit disturbing to take an eleven-hour flight across the Pacific Ocean with numerous passengers coughing and sneezing the whole way. For all I know, I may have already been infected with the swine flu, although I show no symptoms for any such infection.

The point in all this is that the U.S. seems remarkably unconcerned with halting the travel of infected viral carriers. Conspiracy theorists might even say the U.S. is encouraging the spread of the virus, although I think it's more likely just incompetence on the part of immigration officials who are slow to respond to this issue. Or maybe they've already realized it's too late to stop the spread via air travel, since infections have now been confirmed across multiple U.S. states.

I can't speak for the Dept. of Homeland Security (nor would I want to), but if I were really interested in security, I would at least erect infection screening facilities at entry points in major U.S. airports. At the very least, you could use an infra-red temperature "gun" to zap people's temperatures as they're walking in. Those with high temperatures could be asked to step aside to at least record their travel history and future travel plans in the U.S. -- information that would be invaluable to CDC officials trying to track the spread of infections.

Note, by the way, that if you get infected with H1N1, U.S. health care and law enforcement officials can quarantine you against your will thanks to new laws passed by the Bush Administration. This makes sense on one level, of course, as a way to protect the rest of the nation's citizens from carriers of deadly disease. But it also means that the minute you step into an airport, train station, bus station or other public place, you may be placing your freedom at risk by merely sneezing!

My advice to NaturalNews readers? If you're sick (from anything, the sniffles, coughing, sneezing, etc.), STAY HOME. Don't go to work. Don't go to school. And certainly don't travel. If you do, you may find yourself riding out your sniffles in a high-security quarantine zone, courtesy of the U.S. government. Have fun with that one! (Just try to get some anti-viral tinctures in there!)

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It focuses on the conspiracy theories discussing the possible man-made origins of H1N1 swine flu.

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