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Originally published April 27 2009

Swine Flu Advanced Preparedness LIVE Teleconference Announced for Thursday, April 30th

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) As the Swine Flu continues to spread, people are becoming increasingly concerned about how to protect themselves from being infected or harmed by the virus. Because no vaccine is available, and stockpiled government-supplied anti-viral medicines can only cover a very small percentage of the population (health care workers, mostly), the general public remains highly vulnerable to infection.

Concerned citizens around the world are now asking questions like:

• What are the best anti-viral herbal remedies available now, and where can I get them?

• What is likely to happen in my city, state or country if this swine flu becomes a global pandemic?

• What can I count on my government doing -- or NOT doing -- to help protect my and my family from infection?

• What's the chance that government-declared quarantine zones, forced vaccinations or even Martial Law will be declared? (And how can I protect my freedom if such scenarios unfold?)

• Should I keep my children out of school? Should I avoid going to work or traveling? Does a face mask protect me from swine flu?

• What do I really need to prepare for disruptions in basic infrastructure, and where can I get those supplies at affordable prices?

To help answer these questions, Mike Adams (the Health Ranger) is hosting a LIVE, low-cost teleconference event on Thursday, April 30th, at 6:00pm Pacific Time (9:00pm Eastern time). During this teleconference, participants will hear the Health Ranger's most recent, advanced strategies for infectious disease preparedness and protection. Participants will also be able to email questions in real time, and the Health Ranger will dedicate 30 minutes to answering the most common questions.

The teleconference event is limited to 1,000 participants. Reservations are available right now at:

What the Swine Flu advanced preparedness strategies event covers

• Possible scenarios that may unfold if the swine flu goes pandemic.

• Why health care resources will be quickly overwhelmed, leaving people to fend for themselves.

• Why hospitals will likely become "death zones" where infections are spread, not stopped.

• The specific recipe of an ancient Chinese Medicine formula for expelling viral infections (and where to buy the ingredients yourself).

• Why "flu masks" such as N95 or N99 masks are utterly worthless at preventing you from being infected by swine flu (and what to buy that actually works).

• Which online retailers offer anti-viral tinctures, seeds for anti-viral plants, long-term storable foods, water filters and other preparedness gear.

• The best gear to buy for preparedness: Water filters, safety tools, first-aid medical kits, face masks, LED lights and more.

• Sources for colloidal silver and other affordable, highly-effective antiviral / antibacterial solutions you can make at home (for sanitizing surfaces).

• Advice on how to restructure your day-to-day living to minimize chances for infection.

• How to interpret government announcements about the swine flu: How to know when they're telling the truth and when they're lying.

• Which books and DVDs can help teach you simple, effective preparedness techniques.

• How to live without food, electricity, heat or water on a temporary basis (may be necessary if basic infrastructure services are interrupted).

• How to grow powerful anti-viral foods in your own kitchen for pennies a day using nothing but a bowl of water.

• Which anti-viral nutritional supplements are wise to stock up on right now, before the rush!

... and much more. This is a completely uncensored, information-dense presentation based on real-world preparedness knowledge.

The presenter, Mike Adams (the Health Ranger) is a world traveler with tremendous first-hand experience "roughing it" on the trail in both developing nations and high-density urban environments. He reviews and uses a wide assortment of preparedness gear suitable for preparedness in both urban and rural environments. He literally wrote the book on Bird Flu Preparedness ( and has been warning readers about the possibility of a pandemic outbreak for more than five years.

Adams is one of the most forward-looking thinkers on topics like the structure of modern civilization as well as its many vulnerabilities. He understands better than most the risk that widespread infectious disease poses to a society built on complex specialization and just-in-time logistics. The more advanced a nation, Adams says, the more vulnerable it is to systemic failure caused by work stoppage due to pandemics.

These vulnerabilities are never admitted by the nations most at risk, creating a situation where the People are told everything is fine, but in reality the government has no safety net for dealing with large-scale infectious disease. "If this Swine Flu becomes pandemic," says Adams, "the ensuing chaos in America will make the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina look like a walk in the park."

To learn how to protect yourself and your family from both infectious disease and the likely societal ramifications, join the Health Ranger's Swine Flu Advanced Preparedness LIVE Teleconference at

Note: Everything presented in this live teleconference is 100% compatible with advice from the CDC. This is not "against" the government or against health authorities. It simply goes way beyond what they are willing to tell the people. Followers of the information presented in this course will not only greatly minimize their own chances of contracting swine flu (or other such infectious diseases), they will also be less likely to infect others if they become infected themselves. This program teaches responsible self reliance, not defiance.

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