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Originally published April 16 2009

NaturalNews Posts Exclusive Interview with Paul Schulick, Founder of New Chapter

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) NaturalNews editor Mike Adams interviews New Chapter founder Paul Schulick in an exclusive audio interview posted at

New Chapter is a top "truly natural" nutritional product company that specializes in whole food complexes that derive benefits from synergistic, complementary nutrients rather than isolated phytochemicals. With an organic production garden in Costa Rica and a line of highly-respected products (Zyflamend, Berry Green, etc.) New Chapter has become one of the most-respected success stories in the natural products industry while earning numerous awards and accolades from customers and media alike (NaturalNews has awarded New Chapter it's Editor's Choice award for its Zyflamend product, for example).

In this exclusive interview, Paul Schulick and Mike Adams discuss New Chapter's formulation philosophy, key adaptogenic ingredients and many product innovations (including supercritical extraction technology).

Getting into more advanced topics, Schulick and Adams also explore mind-body medicine and the ways in which real food-based nutritional supplements expand and open the mind to be more aware and receptive.

And finally, Schulick also explains the emergence of phenomenal new technology called DART (Direct Analysis Real Time) that allows herbal products to be accurately assessed in real time for concentrates of literally thousands of molecularly-unique phytonutrients. This technology stands to revolutionize the future of natural medicine.

All this (and more) is covered in the exclusive interview, available for downloading from:

New Chapter helps America's children

New Chapter is the company that donated hundreds of thousands of individual servings of its popular EveryKid product to help enhance the health and wellbeing of American children. That initiative, joining the solution-oriented efforts of New Chapter, Vitacost, the Consumer Wellness Center and NaturalNews, was announced yesterday on NaturalNews and has already generated an overwhelmingly positive response. Read the full details on that announcement here:

The interview with Paul Schulick being published today was made well in advance of the EveryKid announcement, so it's not talked about in the interview, but it is consistent with many of the principles outlined by Schulick in the discussion: Nutrition, healing and helping others.

New Chapter products include a remarkable multivitamin called Every Man or Every Woman that's sold at health food stores everywhere. The best prices, shipping and service in the online world are offered by Here's a search of New Chapter products on

NaturalNews has no financial ties whatsoever with either New Chapter or Vitacost. Mike Adams also receives no payment or compensation of any kind in publicizing these companies. We cover these companies on NaturalNews solely due to the quality of their products, the integrity of their actions and the compassionate nature of their donation campaigns to help enhance and protect the health of America's children.

If you want to hear from a company that's doing tremendous good in our world -- while respecting Mother Nature -- listen to this exclusive interview with Paul Schulick and Mike Adams (the Health Ranger). It is a thoughtful, eye-opening interview that contains no commercial interruptions.

It's free for downloading here:

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