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Originally published April 11 2009

Health News Update: FDA Gives Thumbs Up to Unapproved Morphine Drug While Hospitals Dump Mental Patients on the Streets

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) So much for "evidence-based medicine." The FDA has publicly announced that makers of liquid morphine drugs can continue selling them even though such drugs have never been approved by the FDA. Thus, the FDA -- which claims to be protecting the American public from dangerous pharmaceuticals by engaging in rigorous scientific review of potential new drugs -- is really in the business of arbitrarily declaring some drugs to be perfectly safe even without any testing or clinical trial data whatsoever!

If this is the case, why have any drug testing at all? The FDA seems to have pre-decided approval status for most drugs anyway, and the drug trials are mostly just shams. The whole process of going through clinical trials in order to "prove" to the FDA that a new drug is safe and effective is actually nothing more than elaborate theater designed to create the illusion of scientific credibility where none exists.

Los Angeles Hospital Dumps Mentally Ill Patients on the Streets

If you see a van from College Hospital in L.A. pull up to the curb, you might want to evacuate the area: The vehicle may be in the process of dumping mentally ill patients on the streets.

This has happened more than 150 times in the last two years, reports the LA Times (, and the situation has become so bad that California courts have jumped into the fray with a new court order that attempts to resolve some of the bigger questions here.

Such questions include, "What is the proper place for U.S. hospitals to dump mentally ill patients?"

The answer, of course, is Washington D.C., where they will find themselves immediately qualified to either run for political office or get a job with the TSA harassing air travelers.

It is a sad commentary on the state of healthcare in the U.S. today that some hospitals spend more time trying to figure out where to dump patients than trying to heal patients.

Can states raise money by taxing sugary beverages?

As U.S. States find themselves increasingly broke, they're dreaming up new schemes to raise money. The latest plot? Tax sugary beverages. This way, it is believed, they can raise money while fighting obesity at the same time.

But obesity isn't caused by soft drinks alone. It's a whole lifestyle choice that includes a lack of exercise, avoidance of healthy foods and the over-consumption of meats, cheese and processed foods. Taxing just sodas isn't really an anti-obesity solution: It's just a way to take more money from the very people who are already the poorest (wealthier people don't drink many soft drinks; it's the poor slobs who are living paycheck to paycheck who chug these drinks).

I'm not defending soft drinks, by the way: My position on these toxic drinks is quite clear (phosphoric acid dissolves your bones, aspartame is a toxic sweetener, high-fructose corn syrup causes diabetes, etc.). But singling out soft drinks for a new tax simply for the purpose of generating more revenue for your home state seems like a poorly-conceived plan. Unless, of course, you're into raising taxes on the poor, in which case you should raise taxes on sodas, cigarettes and booze while lowering taxes on yachts and luxury vehicles.

If you really want to raise money for U.S. states, just tax stupidity. There's plenty of that to go around.

Oh, I forgot: There's already a tax on stupidity. It's called the lottery. [grin]

If we really want to fight obesity in America, just run public service announcements teaching people the truth about processed foods, HFCS, MSG and other nasty ingredients that promote obesity. Or ban all artificial foods and beverages until they can be proven safe for human consumption. That would solve the obesity problem virtually overnight, because virtually ALL processed foods promote at least one major disease such a cancer, heart disease, diabetes, depression or kidney stones.

Why is it legal in America to sell products that directly harm consumers? The answer, of course, is because there's so much money in feeding people unhealthy garbage. It's sickening!

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