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Originally published April 4 2009

Perchlorate Chemicals Found in 100% of Tested Infant Formula Products

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) The CDC has conducted a study of infant formula products sold in the United States and shockingly found they were all contaminated with rocket fuel chemicals!

Published in the Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology, these findings reveal that every single infant formula product tested was found to contain perchlorate. The highest levels were reportedly found in the cow's milk formula products.

How does perchlorate get into infant formula? It's simple: It's a contaminant in the water supply that's given to dairy cows. Those cows, in turn, pass the perchlorate chemicals through their milk, and that milk is used to make infant formula that many (ignorant) parents still feed their babies.

(Can you believe human mothers still feed their human babies milk made from bovine animals?)

What's a better alternative? First off, human breast milk is the obvious choice. But if that's not available, goat's milk infant formula is the next-best thing. (Check your local health food store for goat's milk brands.)

You can also read some recipes on home-made infant formula at the Dr. Weston Price Foundation (

Stop poisoning our babies!

That rocket fuel chemicals are found in the water supply and, subsequently, infant formula is no surprise: Modern civilization is awash with toxic chemicals. Even breastfeeding doesn't avoid the issue, since virtually all human breast milk is also contaminated with perchlorate!

And it's not just rocket fuel that's in the water: The water supply is also contaminated with trace amounts of numerous pharmaceuticals and fragrance chemicals. Remember the recent story about the fish being caught near major U.S. cities and testing positive for psychiatric medications? (

You might also want to check out a transcript of a radio show I did on the subject of pharmaceutical contamination of the water supply last year:

The bottom line? The water supply is toxic, and even if you don't count the trace amounts of chemicals that have already been found, cities are intentionally adding fluoride and chlorine chemicals to the water supply, too! That makes it quite a toxic brew.

It's clear that we've all got to protect ourselves from the dangerous water supply if we wish to stop poisoning ourselves and our babies.

Water supply solutions

There are essentially TWO places you need to protect your water in your home (this is especially true if you are pregnant or breastfeeding):

1) Your shower.

2) Your kitchen tap.

Fortunately, there are very affordable products that filter the water in each of these places.

On the low end, in the kitchen category, you can buy PUR or Brita water filters at Wal-Mart (if you can stand shopping there) and they really do work! Get 'em at Costco or Sam's Club for a better deal. Notably, these devices are cheap up front, but the long-term cost to change out the filters is quite high. It's sort of like buying an inkjet printer: The printer unit is cheap, but the ink costs you a fortune.

If you want a better-quality filter with lower long-term replacement costs, go with my favorite water filter brand: Aquasana.

Aquasana has countertop filters, under-the-sink filters and shower filters (I don't travel anywhere without my Aquasana shower filter). Get a 20% discount as a NaturalNews reader by clicking here. (NaturalNews earns an affiliate commission.)

There's also a neat shower filter available from Chanson that not only filters shower water; it also adds negative ions and has other cool features. Check that out here: (NaturalNews earns nothing).

Portable water filters for traveling

If you want a really cool portable gravity filter for traveling, buy the Katadyn Vario Filter, which contains both a ceramic element and a carbon element (which removes chlorine from public water supplies). It's portable enough to travel with just about anywhere, and it saves you from having to buy bottled water. has it for under $80.

You can also get something for just $12 from called the "Katadyn Carbon Cartridge" which attaches to virtually all water bottles and removes chlorine, heavy metals and other nasty elements from tap water.

Vitacost ( also sells the Katadyn Exstream XR, which is a great portable water bottle with a self-contained filter that's great for traveling.

The bottom line? Protect yourself from tap water and the dangerous chemicals found in the water supply. If rocket fuel chemicals are ending up in infant formula, imagine what else is in the water supply that hasn't been detected yet!

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Authors' Quotes on Perchlorate

Below, you'll find selected quotes from noted authors on the subject of Perchlorate. Feel free to quote these in your own work provided you give proper credit to both the original author quoted here and this NaturalNews page.

Food and Drug Administration has found perchlorate contamination in nearly all of the more than 200 samples of lettuce and milk it collected and tested nationwide. The federal government has not yet established a standard for the perchlorate, but the Environmental Protection Agency has adopted a provisional recommendation that contamination in drinking water not exceed a range of 4 to 18 parts per billion. perchlorate, a chemical used in rocket fuel, munitions and fireworks, can affect thyroid gland functions and lead to developmental difficulties in children.
- Transdermal Magnesium Therapy by Mark Sircus
- Available on

One of the most surprising discoveries of late has been the detection of perchlorate in 160 public water systems in 22 states, which urged the Environmental Working Group to publish a press release in 2006 declaring perchlorate a "widespread public health threat" for pregnant women. The vast majority of perchlorate manufactured in the United States is used by the Department of Defense to make solid rocket and missile fuel, while smaller amounts are used to make fireworks and road flares.
- The Detox Strategy: Vibrant Health in 5 Easy Steps by Brenda Watson and Leonard Smith
- Available on

Poor waste management procedures in the manufacturing of perchlorate have allowed the chemical to be released into water systems across the country. Contamination has been confirmed in at least 25 states. Millions of Americans are consuming tap water with highly toxic perchlorate concentrations (4 parts per billion or more). Although insufficient data exists to classify perchlorate as a carcinogen, the chemical should be eliminated from our water supply because it interferes with thyroid function and contributes to a toxic colon.
- Health Begins in the Colon by Dr. Edward F. Group III, DC, ND, DACBN
- Available on

One of the main uses of perchlorate is as an explosive propellant for rockets. Perchlorate is a contaminate in water. Pharmacologic doses: Refers to using doses of medications that exceed the body's own production of the particular substance. These high doses may make the body shut off its own production of the substance, resulting in the body becoming dependant on the exogenous source of that substance. Pharmacologic doses will lead to an increased chance of adverse side effects.
- Health Begins in the Colon by Dr. Edward F. Group III, DC, ND, DACBN
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