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Originally published March 21 2009

How to Create A Healthy, Wealthy, Abundant Nation from the Ashes of America's Demise

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) In a related article on (, I discussed the inevitable collapse of America and the opportunity for new nation-states to rise from the ashes. Here, I unveil how such new nation-states might prioritize natural health as a strategy for long-term abundance and happiness for its citizens. Here, I also discuss the possibility of humankind taking conscious control over its own evolution as a way to eliminate behavior traits of selfishness and short-term thinking. It's a big topic, so let's start with how some nation-states might restructure themselves to prioritize health and abundance.

In the aftermath of the demise of America, there will be many possibilities for greatly-needed improvements in new systems of governing. Some new nation-states might end representative democracy altogether and opt for Direct Democracy (where people vote via the internet). Other nation-states might replace the old, outdated voting system we all know with Instant Runoff Voting (IRV) (

Many new nation-states will recognize the importance of keeping the population healthy, and they will legalize Free Speech about nutritional supplements, and perhaps even welcome alternative cancer clinics to operate within their borders (which would bring a boon of economic activity from neighboring nation states). Medical tourism could bring huge economic gains to any nation-state wise enough to legalize actual healing within its borders.

In essence, each new nation-state can decide for itself what kind of place it wants to be. Nation-states in the Northeast might decide to keep their pharmaceutical companies as kings, and thereby poison their populations into yet another round of economic destitution. But other nation-states like Hawaii, California and Florida might prioritize natural health and honest food, creating a population of health, productive, happy and abundant people.

Collapse is just the beginning of rebirth

It is the collapse of America as we know it today that will make all this possible. That's why the collapse of the existing U.S. government is not a negative thing. It's not even a surprising thing. Rather, it is a transitional phase of the natural rise and fall of nations. (You didn't think America would last forever, did you?)

In time, all empires come to an end. America's end is near. And some folks in Washington seem to be accelerating its demise with each passing week. But do not mourn the passing of the once-great nation of America: Its time here on our planet was a great gift to us all. America taught much about what works and what doesn't. From America's demise, we are learning the truth about corporations: If given enough legal standing, corporations will rise in power until they control the media, the economy and the government. Today's corporations are the dominant, corrupt power centers of the State just like the Church was in medieval Europe.

We have also learned the truth about democracies: No democracy can survive its own voters because the voters demand increasingly "handout-minded" Presidents and representatives who inevitably mortgage the country's future in order to win reelection.

Although this particular sub-topic probably belongs on instead of this site, let me mention this briefly: I hope we have also learned that the right to vote is not something to be granted lightly. For any democracy to have a real future, voting must be a right that is earned through service to the People such as serving two years as a volunteer teacher, or organic farming teacher, or other such programs that help uplift the People.

Simply being born in a nation and living 18 years should not automatically qualify someone to vote. Voting must be earned in service to others, and those who have attained the right to vote might be called Citizens (rather than just "residents").

For a nation to survive in the long term power must only be given to those who have attained such power after demonstrating considerable service to others. The power to vote, in particular, is not something that should be doled out to anyone with a pulse. It is a sacred power to shape the very future of a nation, and it must be reserved solely for those who have proven their service towards the greater good.

That's my take on the subject, anyway. I hope some future nation states will consider these important ideas. Failure to reform the Democratic process will simply result in nations re-trying the same failed system that destroyed America. You can't do the same thing over and over while expecting different results, you know.

A super healthy, happy and abundant nation is possible!

What's really interesting about all this is that, with the correct structure in place, a new nation-state that emphasizes health could create a super healthy, intelligent, highly-educated population that would be the envy of the world.

Imagine an entire country running on superfoods, where toxic chemicals are outright banned from ALL consumer products (medicines, foods, cosmetics, etc.). Imagine a nation where people are taught basic human ethics, personal responsibility and compassion for all living things. Imagine a revolutionary school system where children learn in their own creative way instead of being chained to desks lined up in rows in front of a chalk board. Imagine a nation-state that runs on an honest money supply owned by the People and where its national budget is not burdened by the costs of imperialistic war mongering.

Imagine a nation-state where those imprisoned for possessing an ounce or two of marijuana are offered free college educations instead of expensive incarceration -- and then they go on to contribute to society instead of existing as a cost burden to society. Imagine a nation-state where resource conservation is taught to everyone, and people grow their own organic food in backyard gardens. Imagine a place where the People aren't drugged up on psychiatric medications, where children are allowed to play in the dirt, where sunlight is not branded as "evil" and where school shooting are a long-forgotten memory.

Imagine a nation-state where questioning the government is encouraged rather than greeted with suspicion; where the "Pledge of Allegiance" is replaced with a "Pledge of Personal Freedom and Personal Responsibility" and where political activists are labeled "idea builders" rather than terrorists.

Imagine a place where families can be healthy, wealthy and safe. Where home prices are stable, and the food supply is both safe and abundant, grown by local organic farmers who can sell you raw milk or raw almonds without being arrested and thrown in prison.

This modern-day Eden can be created, but only if the right opportunity for a transition in power is grasped by selfless, visionary individuals who are willing to risk everything to create a better future for future generations.

Why the nature of Man may interfere with this vision

Will this modern-day paradise emerge from the collapse of America? It's impossible to say at the moment. Human beings will determine their own fate by either rising to claim their freedom or surrendering to total enslavement under some new tyranny.

The nature of Man leads me to take a pessimistic view of what will really happen. Men are inherently self-centered and short-sighted. The long-term benefit of the many is routinely compromised for the short-term gain of the few in power. This is universal across all of humanity, from the streets of Somalia to the halls of the White House. All humans are self-centered, and generally speaking, men are especially militaristic, controlling and cruel to others.

For this to change, humans must either be educated from a very young age to embrace the sacredness of all life (now and future), or humans must literally be genetically altered to "breed out" the selfish behavioral traits that now serve as a hindrance to the future of the species.

For human civilization to succeed in the long term, in other words, humans must be altered from their current nature either through education or science. And on the scientific front, modern human civilization certainly has not attained the levels of maturity and humility that would earn it the right to play God with genetic engineering of the species. In other words, humans are not yet evolved enough to take command of their own evolution.

Should that milestone ever be reached, however, it might create the one last opportunity for humankind to transcend its origins and create a sustainable, peaceful world where people cooperate out of an instinctual desire to help others rather than personal greed.

To get to that point of species self-actualization, however, modern humankind still has a long, long way to go. Today, it remains stuck in the infantile "war" phase of development, forcefully demanding things from others, much like children fighting over lollipops. We must advance into a higher level of consciousness and maturity if we ever hope to co-create a brighter future for future generations.

Genetic engineering of the human race can only be allowed to proceed once the people of our world have reached a state of lasting peace, with respect for all living creatures and deep humility for the wisdom of nature. Today, such a goal seems impossibly distant. Let us hope that the collapse of the American empire -- and the rise of new, progressive nation-states -- might bring us closer to the day of species self actualization.

And from that place, let us hold the intention that the living members of the human species may one day discover a way to live in harmony with each other and with the planet, holding all living things as sacred and recognizing the interconnectedness that binds all living beings: human, animal, plant and otherwise.

Separateness, after all, is an illusion. And it is from that illusion that greed, and war, and exploitation of others springs. Once the illusion of separateness is dissolved, the subsequent perceptual shift automatically leads to a world of cooperation and compassion rather than exploitation and cruelty.

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