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Originally published March 18 2009

Justice Ginsburg Should be Removed from the U.S. Supreme Court Following "Chemo Brain" Effects of Chemotherapy (opinion)

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) Following surgery for pancreatic cancer, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is scheduled to undergo a round of so-called "precautionary chemotherapy" just to be sure her cancer is gone. No one has apparently told her that neither surgery nor chemotherapy are cures for cancer, and such cancers will inevitably return unless the original conditions causing the cancer are reversed.

The far more worrisome issue here, however, is that chemotherapy destroys human brain cells, causing the deterioration of cognitive function in what is commonly called "chemo brain." This effect is far worse than the effects of smoking marijuana, for example, or even from taking dangerous recreational drugs like crack or heroin.

As explained on Wikipedia: "The systems of the body most affected by chemotherapy drugs include visual and semantic memory, attention and motor coordination.[Nelson CJ, Nandy N, Roth AJ (September 2007). "Chemotherapy and cognitive deficits: mechanisms, findings, and potential interventions". Palliat Support Care 5 (3): 27380. PMID 17969831.] These effects can impair a chemotherapy patient's ability to understand and make decision regarding treatment, perform in school or employment and reduce quality of life."

And herein lies the important question: Should the freedom of an entire nation rest upon the judgment of a decision maker whose brain has been poisoned with chemotherapy?

In my opinion, no person undergoing chemotherapy should be allowed to operate in any position of authority over others. It is a factual statement to say that persons being "treated" (poisoned) with chemotherapy suffer a significant, measurable loss of their ability to accurately assess information and make well-considered decisions. As anyone knows who has been around family members receiving chemotherapy, a post-chemo patient is far less cognizant than a pre-chemo patient.

For this reason alone, Justice Ginsburg should be removed from the U.S. Supreme Court. It is unconscionable that a person making decisions that affect the future of all Americans would be making such decisions while under the toxic influence of admittedly poisonous chemicals. It is no less outrageous than a U.S. Supreme Court Justice showing up for work while high on crack, or doped up on marijuana. The cognitive impairment from chemotherapy is just as serious (and in many ways, more so).

What about Presidents? Senators? Congresspeople?

At the same time, I believe no person should be allowed to serve in positions of authority over others if they have been poisoned with chemotherapy chemicals. This includes Presidents, Senators and Congresspeople at both the national and state levels.

In fact, it makes perfect sense to require a health test for such individuals to be sure they are of sound mind and sound body before they are allowed to take office. People suffering from heart disease or diabetes, for example, also suffer a significant, measurable decline in their moods and cognitive function. Likewise, people eating junk foods have "junk thinking" and tend to make "junk decisions." Is it not unreasonable to insist that the leaders of our nation should be healthy?

This was not written into the U.S. Constitution because two hundred years ago, there was no such thing as junk food! People were generally healthy. They worked outside in the sun, they ate from their gardens, and they weren't doped up on psychiatric meds. But today, we have a nation being led by doped-up, drugged-up, poisoned, intoxicated "decision makers" who are frankly incapable of making good decisions. They are, in a very real way, "mental degenerates" who exhibit but a shadow of the cognitive function of our nation's forefathers such as John Adams.

It's time to require good health from our national leaders

There are two tests that every Senator, Congressperson, President and Cabinet Member should be required to pass before being seated for public office, in my view: 1) A knowledge test of the U.S. Constitution, and 2) A health test to make sure they are of sound mind and sound body.

As I'm sure you will agree, with few exceptions virtually every single person in Congress today would fail one or both of these tests (most would fail both). And that brings up the obvious question: Why are we allowing our nation to be ruled by ignorant, diseased people?

Once you realize that's what's really happening today -- that we are being led by mentally impaired, poisoned individuals who remain ignorant of the very laws they are supposed to be upholding -- it's easy to see why America is now a failed nation. We are diseased and bankrupt, living lies in both the finance sector and the health care sector. It's not a coincidence: When your leaders are making decisions using brains that have been poisoned with chemotherapy, pharmaceuticals, junk foods and chemical additives, you can expect nothing other than toxic decisions and degenerative results.

It may be too late for America...

In my view, it's too late to save America from its own self-destruction. Both health and finances have degenerated too far to be reversed, and the people in charge are too toxic to make positive decisions that could reverse the downward spiral. But the concept that "nations should be led by healthy people" has merit in whatever future society rises from the ashes of the United States of America.

The idea that national leaders should meet or exceed basic health requirements should, in my opinion, be central to the power structure of any free society. Nations should be led by those who exhibit outstanding mental and physical health, whose bodies are free of toxic chemicals and who eat healthy, nutritious diets of natural foods, not processed foods.

Ideally, voters would be healthy enough themselves to recognize health in others and vote accordingly, but since virtually all U.S. voters are also poisoned with toxic chemicals and processed foods, we have a situation where the poisoned are electing the poisoned to public office. It is, in many ways, a nation of mentally-retarded individuals (and I mean that in a physiological way, not an insulting way) electing each other into office to see who can destroy the nation the quickest.

Only through healthy leadership can we expect to create healthy nations. And it is health, not wealth, that is the most important factor in determining the future of a nation.

America has no real future in large part because it has allowed the health of its People to be destroyed by drug companies, food companies and corrupt regulators like the FDA. At the same time, it has allowed imbalanced, diseased leaders to sucker us into wars we cannot afford and bailout spending we cannot reimburse. We are being led by diseased, dysfunctional individuals who eat diets full of processed foods, animal products, and toxic chemicals.

Under such circumstances, we should expect nothing other than disaster for any nation.

Of course, if Senators and Congresspeople choose to ingest poisons recommended by nutritionally-ignorant doctors, that is their right. But by doing so, they should be excused from any position of authority.

Similarly, it is Justice Ginsburg's right to choose to undergo toxic chemotherapy, if she wishes. It is NOT her right, however, to continue to rule over the People with a poisoned brain.

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