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Originally published February 18 2009

Health Ranger Hosts Live, Free Teleconference about Economic Uncertainties and Moxxor Opportunities

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) With tens of thousands of Americans losing their jobs each month, people are more concerned about not only their own future, but the future of the global economic infrastructure as well. This Thursday at 6pm Pacific Time (9pm Eastern), I'll be hosting a free LIVE teleconference that explores the fate of our global economy and offers key steps that you can take right now to create your own income in the natural health industry through Moxxor.

Call (641) 715-3800, access code = 48541. Time is Thursday, February 19th, 2009, at 6pm Pacific Time. (Limited to 1,000 participants.)

This teleconference will be about 25% Moxxor and 75% discussion about the economic situation and the five cycles of modern civilization, which are:

Technology, Comfort, Complacency, Entitlement, Enslavement

I'll reveal how societies move through these five phases and why America's future is so precarious.

I'll also talk about the risks of having a JOB and why the security of a steady paycheck is actually an illusion. The real way to achieve financial security is to control your own income stream. Anyone running their own business, or representing any health product company (Zrii, Monavie, Xango, etc.) will find value in this information, which can be applied to any such company or distributorship.

I'll also talk about personal mission and living with purpose. Listen as I reveal why you shouldn't feel guilty about becoming wealthy as long as you approach it with a conscious, mindful point of view that keeps the greater good at the forefront.

If you've felt stuck in your professional life, or you're looking for a new alternative, or you're already in business for yourself and you'd like some thoughtful insights on motivation and purpose, this live teleconference event will be extremely valuable to you.

A couple of times during the event, I will mention the Moxxor opportunity and the enrollment URL, but I'll also share how Moxxor income is helping us achieve remarkable new goals like funding the Consumer Wellness Center that's giving thousands of dollars in nutrition grants for the nutrition education of children and expectant mothers (

You probably have similar goals. I'll offer some tips on how to pursue your goals and increase your own personal financial security while uplifting others at the same time.

This is an un-scripted event. 100% live and uncensored. As usual, I'll inject some humor and satire into the presentation, and you'll find it both enjoyable and educational on many topics. There won't be a Q&A session on this teleconference, but we may include that for future events.

Join me at 6pm Pacific Time this Thursday, February 19th!

Call (641) 715-3800, access code = 48541. Call five minutes early to make sure you reserve a spot. Limited to 1,000 participants.


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