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Originally published February 11 2009

Halt the Economic Stimulus Bill! Sweeping Health Care Power Grab Taking Place with No Debate

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) The "American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009" is about to be passed and signed by President Obama. And yet, as of today, almost no one has read the bill! American citizens, journalists and stakeholder haven't had time yet to even read the bill, much less actually discuss or debate it. This is being shoved through Congress under a fear mongering tactic that smacks of the Bush Administration's Patriot Act push.

The few who have been able to poke around the bill have found alarming new language about sweeping changes to health care that could, for example, outlaw independent decision making by doctors. Other provisions call for all patient records to be kept in a government database, then potentially shared with as many as 500,000 medical entities who would know everything about your health history. There's even concern that such health information could be sold to marketing companies who start sending you junk mail on the basis of your disease diagnosis. Read Declan McCullagh's excellent report on the bill here:

What is all this health care language doing in an "economic stimulus" bill? It's simple: It's a quick-and-dirty way to sweep in Big Brother medicine while avoiding any public debate on the issue.

Doesn't the issue of health care reform deserve thoughtful, sober debate?

Now we need your help to read this bill and find any suspicious language that might grant the federal government sweeping new powers that trample on health freedoms.

You can find the full text of the *House* version of the bill here:

Or just go to and search for H.R.1. (We are still trying to find the full text of the Senate version of the bill.) As of right now, a link on the Thomas page goes right to the bill. It's in red, "HR1: The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009."

As you read the bill, watch for words like "harmonized," which could mean the U.S. is about to adopt elements like CODEX Alimentarius.

Sweeping health care changes with NO debate

This bill looks to be a Trojan Horse, ushering in sweeping health care changes with absolutely NO debate. It is the Tom Daschle socialized medicine agenda, hidden inside an economic stimulus bill.

We need your help to find out what's really in it.

Please post anything you find in the Google FriendConnect comment form below or send it to us through our feedback form:

With your help, we will attempt to identify and publicize the actual language in the bill.

Do not let Obama pass sweeping health care changes under the guise of an emergency economic stimulus bill! These issues need to be debated through a sober, careful process, not passed under the cover of a fear-driven stimulus package.

Many of the health care ideas in this bill might be good, in fact. But we don't know yet, and nobody really knows since almost nobody has read it. That includes all the members of the House and Senate who are actually voting on the bill!

Watch for updates on this important issue here on NaturalNews.

For those posting comments about this bill, do not COMMENT on this bill until you have READ it! Almost nobody has actually read it (myself included). That's why we need to stop this fear-based passage effort, pause, get our heads on straight and debate these issues properly. Such sweeping changes in health care should never be passed under the guise of a fly-by-night economic stimulus bill that avoids any real public debate.

Once you read the bill, feel free to comment in favor of the bill or against the bill. But read the bill first before you sound off. It's 800 pages long, by the way. Approximately 140 pages are dedicated to health care changes, I've read.

And ask yourself this: What does all this health care power grab have to do with the bailout anyway?

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