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Originally published February 5 2009

Review of Zamu: The Best New Health Drink Sold by Any Network Marketing Company

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) The Amazon Herb Company, one of only a handful of network marketing companies I currently recommend, has launched an extraordinary new beverage called Zamu. Unlike most superfruit juices sold by network marketing companies (which are made mostly with cheap filler juices), Zamu is authentic and nutritionally superior. Consider this:

• Zamu is certified USDA organic (most other companies like Zrii use non-organic juices).

• You can actually taste the rainforest herbs in Zamu. Although the formula is still proprietary, the percentage of "active" superfruits and herbs is significantly higher in Zamu than in any other health beverage I've ever tried.

• The nutrients in Zamu are derived solely from real foods and herbs: Camu Camu, Acai, Cacao, Cinnamon and Sangre de Drago. Many of these are wildcrafted, too.

• The taste is just right: Not too sweet, but also not overwhelmingly "medicinal." The carrier juices used in the formula are Organic Pineapple and Organic Mango. Absolutely no pear juice or apple juice in this formula!

• Zamu is something you can feel right away: The Camu Camu seems to get absorbed immediately, lifting your mood and brain function. Many people have told me they experience instantly-improved eyesight after drinking camu camu.

In addition to all that, proceeds from the drink help support the ACEER Foundation, which is also supported by famed ethnobotanist Dr. James Duke. ACEER stands for the Amazon Center for Environmental Education and Research, and it's a pioneering, progressive organization that helps indigenous tribes of the Amazon rainforest live sustainable lives in harmony with the rainforests they have inhabited for thousands of years. You can read more about ACEER at:

No chemical preservatives

Here's something else you'll like about Zamu: It contains no chemical preservatives. While a lot of health drinks sold today use sodium benzoate as a preservative, Zamu relies on the natural properties of its herbs (like Sangre de Drago) to preserve the nutrients and prevent spoilage. With Zamu, you're getting zero chemical additives and zero exposure to Bisphenol-A, since the bottle is made of glass.

I like Zamu a lot. In my view, it's the best beverage to ever come out of the network marketing industry. It beats the socks off Monavie, Xango and Zrii, in my opinion, and I think this beverage is likely to revitalize the Amazon Herb Company in 2009, especially as consumers are very interested in drinking their medicine in a tasty format these days. Zamu tastes good enough that even children will enjoy it, yet it contains enough nutritional density to make it a genuine source of health-enhancing herbs for adults, too.

The one caveat with all bottled drinks is that they're pasteurized, and that means they're never quite as good as eating fresh, raw herbs right out of the rainforest. But unless you actually live in the rainforest, that's impossible to do, so Zamu is a reasonable alternative. Plus, unlike many tropical fruits and herbs, it has an acceptable shelf life, so you can store some in your refrigerator and enjoy it at times that are convenient to you.

How to get some Zamu for yourself

I'm not involved with the Amazon Herb Company in any way and have never received even a single dollar of compensation from the Amazon Herb Company. Nevertheless, this company and its product line receive my enthusiastic support for lots of reasons (product quality, leadership vision, environmental responsibility, etc.).

The sponsor of the person who first introduced me to this company has become quite a successful and well-educated individual who really knows how to help people succeed in the Amazon Herb Company. And with Zamu, sharing the good news about the Amazon Herb Company is even easier because now you can let people taste the product and experience it within seconds!

To learn more about Zamu or the Amazon Herb Company, contact Jonathan Birch:

Phone number (818) 929-4548
Email: [email protected]

If you simply want to order this product as a customer, visit his order page at:

Disclaimer: I receive no compensation whatsoever from Jonathan Birch or the Amazon Herb Company for publicizing this product. I received two bottles as a free sample for review, and I will be buying a lot more of this product as a customer.

How to use this: Drink a few ounces each day. Keep it in the refrigerator. Always drink plenty before traveling (to boost immune function).

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