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Originally published January 29 2009

New Book Reveals Why Your Dental Fillings, Earrings, Wristwatch and Jewelry May be the Hidden Cause Behind Chronic Pain and Muscle Weakness

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) A few years ago, before I wrote for NaturalNews, I met a woman who told me that she experienced an "overnight cure" for joint pain by having her dental fillings removed and replaced with porcelain. At the time, I thought the idea was crazy, but I always remembered her story.

Fast forward ten years... A book arrives in the mail from a British chiropractor named Simon King. The book, titled Live Without Pain is based on the premise that jewelry, dentures, rings, watches, dental fillings, crowns and other metal items can function as a root cause of unexplained pain, and removing them results in seemingly miraculous cures for pain in many people.

The book also teaches readers about proprioception, which basically concerns your body's feedback loop and how it perceives the position of your physical parts in three-dimensional space. It also affects how your musculature adapts to new sensory inputs, which affects strength, weakness, stiffness and flexibility.

If that sounds too technical, don't worry: It really just means that your body has a built-in neurological computer that calculates body awareness for you, feeding it into your conscious mind so that you know how to move through the physical world.

How metal can disrupt your muscles and cause pain

What does this have to do with jewelry and body pain? Your nervous system is electrical in nature, and the presence of metals can disrupt or distort the normal flow of electrical signals in your body.

A piece of jewelry or a dental crown in the wrong place can, in effect, "break the circuit" of your nervous system, resulting in an imbalance that eventually leads to the perception of intense pain.

This theory isn't accepted by conventional medicine, of course. But those folks still haven't accepted the theory that Vitamin D prevents cancer, either. Modern medicine remains hopelessly outdated when it comes to pioneering research on mind-body connections and the complexities of the nervous system.

But many chiropractors are right on the cutting edge of this research. They're the ones seeing the immediate effects of nervous system rebalancing, after all, and rather than simply masking symptoms like doctors do, chiropractors have the far greater challenge of working to resolve those systems from the inside out. That's why chiropractors are leading the way in understanding the complexity and healing potential of the human nervous system, and that's why I found this book, Live Without Pain, so intriguing.

It's 172 pages long and rich with case studies of patients experiencing seemingly miraculous cures from pain after removing various metals and implants from their body. It offers solutions for:

• Hip pain, back pain and knee pain
• Muscle weakness and fatigue
• Muscle and joint stiffness
• Headaches and neck aches
• Poor sports performance
• Low energy and lack of stamina

... and a lot more.

Using several fascinating and simple diagrams, Live Without Pain teaches you about how the human nervous system really works, and why jewelry, dental crowns, wristwatches and other metal objects can disrupt nervous system function and lead to pain.

How a belly piercing caused two years of chronic back pain... that vanished within days!

The best part of the book is that it teaches you ways to eliminate pain, which can sometimes be as simple as removing a piece of jewelry. If this seems hard to believe, listen to this example from the book:

A dancer named Sarah was suffering from chronic low back pain that had persisted for two years, so she went to see Simon King in the hope of finding a solution. Simon tested the strength of her back muscles and noticed she had almost no strength on both sides of her lower back (the quadratus lumborum muscles).

That's when he noticed she had a belly piercing. And this piece of jewelry piercing the skin near her belly button was causing ongoing, low level irritation in her abdominal region. The result? Tension in the abdominal muscles due to the presence of the metallic "irritant."

But how does that explain chronic back pain? The human body has a natural mechanism whereby muscles that are tensed on one side of the torso (or an arm or leg) cause the muscles on the opposite side to automatically weaken! This is well known by chiropractors, but not necessarily by doctors or even health-conscious individuals.

This mechanism, called the Law of Reciprocal Inhibition, explains why Sarah's back was in pain: Her back muscles were being inhibited by her nervous system due to the irritant caused by her belly piercing, and the chronic weakness of her back muscles resulted in the onset of pain.

On the advice of Simon, Sarah removed the piercing, received one chiropractic adjustment and experienced a complete recovery within days. No drugs or surgery were required, either: Just an understanding of how the body's neurology affects muscle tension and weakness.

That's just one example, too. Live Without Pain contains numerous case studies detailing remarkable recoveries from chronic pain, stiffness, and even arthritis symptoms through the removal of piercings, implants, dentures and other items.

I found Live Without Pain so instructive that I extended a publishing offer to the author, and he accepted. Now you can get Live Without Pain directly from Truth Publishing.

Pick it up right now at

A treasure of suddenly-simple solutions for ending chronic pain

In Life Without Pain, you'll find an amazing collection of tips, strategies and experienced know-how that you can put to immediate use:

• What types of jewelry are safer for you to wear, and how to easily convert unsafe jewelry to safe jewelry using a low-cost item you can buy at any drug store. (Page 87)

• How to test your own body for muscle weakness or stiffness. (Page 116)

• Amazing success stories of patients who experienced remarkable recoveries from pain and stiffness in mere minutes. (Page 82)

• Practical solutions for replacing piercings, watches, fillings and other metallic items with harmless alternatives. (Page 87)

• Details on the proper process for removing metal fillings from your mouth. Don't get your fillings removed until you read this! (Page 100)

• Why muscle pain may actually be bone pain, and how to restore your bone health naturally. (Page 136)

• How to use the principles of proprioception to detect your own food intolerances (and correct them). (Page 132)

• The real cause of high blood pressure (hint: It has very little to do with the heart itself...) (Page 73)

• What's wrong with conventional childbirth, and how to support healthy babies by relying on the principles of natural health. (Page 150)

• Why reflexology, acupuncture, massage therapy and chiropractic care really work: The underlying principle of physical body manipulation explained... (Page 76)

• Why even gold crowns can cause disruptions in the body that result in severe muscle weakness. (Page 91)

• The secret to transforming "toxic" dentures into safe dentures in mere minutes. (Page 102)

• What type of diet best supports your body's musculature and nervous system. (Including a handy reference chart.) (Page 122)

• The real cause of most injuries, and why stretching before a workout may not be as useful as you've been told. (Page 57)

• How to get the toxic chemicals out of your body using simple, practical solutions. (Page 142)

• Revealed: The chemical contaminants commonly found in vaccines, and why vaccines can interfere with healthy neuromuscular function. (Page 147)

• How to take control over your health and deal with confounded friends or family members who don't understand what you're doing. (Page 158)

• Websites and online videos for learning more about proprioception and amazing health recoveries by real people.

In all, Live Without Pain is a highly informative, yet immediately practical guide for anyone who wants to learn more about ending chronic pain and restoring lifelong health.

The catch: It doesn't work for everyone

Please understand that the concepts explained in this book, while completely valid and well written, do not apply to everyone. Pain and muscle weakness can have many causes, and not everyone is going to see their pain vanish by following the guidance offered in Live Without Pain.

With that said, I do know that everyone can benefit from the knowledge in this book, as it provides a fascinating theory that explains pain, stiffness and muscle weakness from a fresh perspective, giving you lots of new ideas to explore in order to find a solution.

And even in those individuals who don't experience miraculous recoveries from chronic pain or muscle weakness, the wisdom described in Live Without Pain can help improve your results and get you on the right track towards a better quality of life.

Pick up the book right now from Truth Publishing:

This book comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don't like it, for whatever reason, simply return it for a full refund (minus shipping).

This book is very readable for the layperson, containing virtually no technical language at all. At 172 pages, it's long enough to cover the subject, but short enough to be easy to read. Most importantly, the book breaks new ground in helping people identify and eliminate the root causes of chronic pain, stiffness or muscle weakness.

This could be the solution you've been looking for! Check it out yourself. Again, it comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so there's no risk on your part for seeing if this might be the sudden solution for pain, stiffness or muscle weakness you may have been experiencing.

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