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Originally published January 28 2009

AIDS and Homeopathy Project Causes a Stir

by Robin Logan

(NaturalNews) Amid controversy, well known British Homeopath, Jeremy Sherr, complete with wife and children, has recently left the Malvern Hills in the West of England, for Moshi in Tanzania, to, in his words, "get out there and cure as many people as possible". Sherr, with colleagues in several countries, spent 10 years attempting to raise funds for a Homeopathy and AIDS research project. While there is a lot of funding available for AIDS research, they found that the moment Homeopathy was mentioned, doors were slammed shut.

After much frustration with bureaucracy and hard work only to be followed by disappointments, Sherr decided to head off to Africa and start treating AIDS sufferers in the hope of collecting enough evidence to convince the skeptics and raise the profile of Homeopathy as a viable and affordable treatment for AIDS. He is under no illusions as to the enormity of that task however, and recent responses from Homeopathy's detractors are not for the feint hearted.

Over the last year skeptics in the medical and scientific establishment have become increasing vociferous. Homeopathy was once considered innocuous by most non-believers and Homeopaths on the whole were left alone. Now, what Sherr calls "The Pharmaceutical Inquisition" has been growing in intensity, and Sherr's 'journalfromafrica' blog has not escaped attention. Severe criticisms of his attitude to anti-retroviral drugs, his approach to clinical trials and even his suggestion that Homeopathy can be of any use at all, have resulted in him removing several entries from the blog, including those describing the aims of, and background to, the project and descriptions of some of the first AIDS cases treated.

Current progress can be followed at To Sherr's relief, but not necessarily surprise, early responses to treatment are encouraging, according to follow-ups so far posted. In one of his first cases, a very sick woman when first consulted had a CD4 count of 1430 after a month of treatment - extremely unusual for an AIDS sufferer. It is a sign of Sherr's awareness of the scrutiny he is under that he is careful to stress that he is not giving Homeopathy the credit for that extraordinary CD4 count.

Sherr's conviction is reflected in the statement from the blog, "...millions are dying of AIDS and malaria and TB, and the pharmaceutical companies are making fools of them with their expensive, non curing, mal inducing drugs. Homeopathy IS the solution for Africa - curative, gentle, natural, and affordable. No side effects - just effective!" One of his aims is to facilitate the training of as many Homeopaths in the region as possible, to carry on the work that he and the small number of local Homeopaths have started.

There is also a Homeopathy and Malaria trial in the pipeline at a local hospital and this is likely to further inflame the ire of the critics, one of whom describes Homeopathy, in a comment on Sherr's blog, as "not just pseudoscience, but a dangerous and unforgivable delusion".

Those wishing to support Jeremy Sherr's project can donate via Paypal on his website Links to skeptic's blogs and comments by them can also be found on the site.

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