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Originally published January 22 2009

Product Review: Genesis Today Superfruit Juices: Goji, Acai, Noni and Mangosteen

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) Over the last 18 months, Genesis Today has emerged as the market leader for superfruit juices like Goji berri, Acai, Noni and Mangosteen. The company, led by Linsday Duncan, got its start in the nutritional detox and digestive cleanse category, then expanded into superfruit juices and has become my top-recommended product provider in that category.

Here's what makes Genesis Today superfruit juice products better than the rest: Many of them are wildcrafted (better than organic), they contain no filler juices, and they're packaged in glass bottles, eliminating any concern about bisphenol-A contamination from the plastic.

The prices are also quite good, especially considering how much people are paying for some of these same superfruit juices through various network marketing companies like Monavie or Xango. Genesis Today products are a far better value, in my view. For example, their Mangosteen 100 product is 100% pure mangosteen juice, with absolutely nothing added.

You can get a 32 oz. bottle of it on Vitacost for $32.49 (, which comes out to a buck per ounce of pure mangosteen juice. That's about one-tenth the price you'd pay for the same amount of actual mangosteen juice from some better-known network marketing companies, whose products consist mostly of cheap filler juices.

My favorite product from Genesis Today is their Power4 blend which combines Goji, Acai, Noni and Mangosteen juice. A 32 oz. bottle is currently $41.49 at ( Drink an ounce a day and you'll receive an abundance of anti-cancer, health-enhancing phytonutrients that you simply can't get anywhere else.

Drinking a daily dose of superfruit juice is a great investment in your health. These juices contain phytochemicals that help prevent ever major disease you can think of (cancer, diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer's, kidney stones, depression, etc.), and they improve your skin quality, hair quality, vision, mood and much more. I drink superfruit juices every day and enjoy blending them into superfood smoothies.

For the record, I have no financial ties to either the Genesis Today company, nor to Vitacost. Both receive my independent recommendation for providing outstanding quality products at very likable prices!

You can also find Genesis Today juices at Whole Foods and other health food stores. Pick up a bottle when you see one! This is some of the best superfruit juice you'll ever find. The only downside is that they're obviously pasteurized (since they're in liquid form). If you want raw superfruits, you'll need to go with dried fruit powders or fresh fruit. Liquids are almost never sold raw due to shelf life concerns.

So it's not as good as living in Brazil and growing all these superfruits in your own back yard, but it's as close as you can get in a convenient, shelf-stable and nutrient-rich superfruit product that you can keep in your refrigerator. (And growing a noni tree isn't all it's cracked up to be anyway, believe me...)

Check out the entire Genesis Today product line at

They've got a great lineup of products there.

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