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Originally published January 21 2009

Health Ranger Donates Elements for Life Distributorship in Pursuit of Free Speech

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) Since its inception, I've been an advocate for the Elements for Life company, which offers outstanding superfoods through a direct sales distribution model (which its co-founder Adam calls "fractal marketing"). As mentioned previously on NaturalNews, our non-profit Consumer Wellness Center maintained a distributorship position designed to raise funds for our nutrition grant programs (we've already awarded over $8,000 in grants to programs for children and expectant mothers).

As of today, however, I've made a decision to donate the entire Consumer Wellness Center distributorship with Elements for Life back to the company itself. In the interests of full disclosure to the NaturalNews readership, I wanted to explain why I made this decision.

The reason is simple: I've found myself increasingly astounded at the quality of the product line offered by Elements for Life, especially the ReVitaPhi product formulated by Dr. Jameth Sheridan. But as the Executive Director of the Consumer Wellness Center, I found myself in an uncomfortable position where I could not speak the truth about the true health benefits of these products without potentially placing Elements for Life in a position of FDA or FTC regulatory scrutiny.

With both the FDA and FTC now ratcheting up their campaigns of censorship and tyranny against small health supplement companies, I became increasingly concerned that any honest review of their products would necessitate me mentioning the disease prevention properties of their products, and that in turn might attract unwelcomed attention by rogue FDA agents who are now targeting anyone who dares to speak the truth about dietary supplements.

As health freedom attorney Jim Turner recently explained to me, the only people allowed to exercise free speech about dietary supplements are those who have no financial ties to such products. Thus, in the interests of free speech and in honoring the astounding health benefits of the Elements for Life product line, I have consciously and willingly donated away our Consumer Wellness Center distributorship back to the Elements company, permanently severing all financial ties to Elements for Life.

In doing this, I am free to tell you the truth about this remarkable company and its products as an independent journalist, with zero financial ties to this company. Please note that even before this decision, I never had any personal financial ties whatsoever (I never benefitted financially from this company), but the non-profit at which I serve as the Executive Director did have financial ties which I openly disclosed.

Please also note that my position at the non-profit Consumer Wellness Center non-profit is an unpaid position, so I have never received even a single dollar of compensation for my work there. Funds received by the CWC have already been spent in the awarding of our nutritional grant program for children and expectant mothers. You can read the first two announcements of that grant program here: and here:

With this decision, I express my utmost support for the Elements for Life company, its founders and its product line. I love this company so much that I'm willing to walk away from it just take back the right to be able to tell you the truth about it.

I'm already working on a very positive review of the ReVitaPhi superfood product available exclusively through Elements for Life. This is a product I'm raving about at home right now and enjoying every single day. It is, in my view, one of the top five superfood products that has ever been formulated by anyone, anywhere. Watch NaturalNews for more details about that.

In the mean time, the two Elements for Life distributors you may wish to contact to learn more about this phenomenal company and its superfood product line are:

(West Coast and Central) - Lenette at 626-419-0766 ([email protected])
(East Coast) - Liran at 917-916-2484 ([email protected])

I have no financial ties to either of these distributors, and both of them are intelligent, capable and compassionate people who can answer your questions about this company and its product line.

As a side note, I have personally found it very freeing to walk away from financial ties (even non-profit ties set up purely for fundraising purposes) and I encourage all NaturalNews readers to experiment with the freedom that comes from owning less and controlling less. I realize this seems almost anti-American, but I believe it is the path towards greater spiritual freedom.

What we are willing to give up says just as much about our principles as what we insist on holding on to.

And for the benefit of this company, its founders and all NaturalNews readers, I have given up this potentially huge fundraising opportunity for all the right reasons. I would rather be financially impoverished and maintain my Free Speech than to own all the money in the world and be silenced.

No financial reward, no matter how well-intentioned, can ever match the spiritual abundance that comes from speaking the truth and having it heard. And while I deeply support NaturalNews readers who wish to participate in the Elements for Life company -- and derive their own financial benefits from doing so -- my role serves the greater good when I embrace an independent advocate viewpoint, having zero ties to the company I am recommending.

May you all benefit from this company in ways I must not. Watch for an uncensored review of the ReVitaPhi product shortly…

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