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Originally published January 9 2009

I Want My Bailout Money - Hip-Hop Single Released by Michael Adams, Song Posted on NaturalNews

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) Consumer health advocate and outspoken NaturalNews editor Michael Adams has just released his first hip-hop single entitled, "I Want My Bailout Money." The song, which is being distributed for free online, takes aim at the Federal Reserve's runaway money creation policy that's pushing the United States of America towards an era of currency debasement and potential hyperinflation.

The song is the first track of Adams' new album entitled Beyond All Reason which will feature a collection of hip-hop songs on important social issues of our time. The second track, due for release in two weeks, takes aim at the psychiatric industry and the mass medication of our nation's children.

I Want My Bailout Money is available for download here:

The page also includes downloadable ringtones, a 16-minute audio commentary by Adams, song lyrics and a reader comments section. A YouTube video ( presents the song with on-screen lyrics. Those same lyrics are reprinted below.

The new single by Michael Adams describes the economic hardship of ordinary Americans who are being financially bled while the wealthy elite are printing trillions of dollars that indirectly steal purchasing power from the working class. It characterizes Federal Reserve and Treasury officials as white-collar criminals and warns about an era of hyperinflation. It also emphasizes the racial disparity in the very recognition of economic crimes, saying that while black men are frequently imprisoned for small thefts of a few hundred dollars, the crimes of the rich white men in Washington who steal trillions of dollars go completely uninvestigated and are never prosecuted.

Adams wrote the lyrics, performed them and produced the entire song himself. The total production cost was under $500, yet the catchy tune and hard-core lyrics have already made the song an instant favorite among early listeners.

There is no money to be made from the song. Adams is giving it away online and encourages the sharing, burning, copying and posting of the song for non-commercial purposes. (He has long been an opponent of DRM schemes, the MPAA and the RIAA.)

While it's unusual for a well-known author and journalist to suddenly break into hip-hop, Adams says he studied LL Cool J, Eminem, Akon and other noted rap / hip-hop artists to learn their style, rhythms and linguistic delivery. He considers hip-hop music to be "the poetry of our time" and says that there's more raw, uncensored truth found in hip-hop lyrics than in any other genre of music. He also believes that hip-hop offers a medium through which his socially-conscious messages can have a greater impact than if it were confined to text articles alone.

The song is available for downloading now as an MP3 file directly from NaturalNews at:

I Want My Bailout Money - Lyrics

Lyrics written and performed by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

I want my bailout money
Keep the bills coming
Sweet green cash just drippin like honey
I'm a new kind of thug with a Washington buzz 'cause
Dealing debt pays better than dealing drugs

What do you think will happen when they double the money supply?
The falling dollar makes it harder for you to survive
They take those billions and trillions and give it to their own kind
Hope you don't mind bein robbed blind

How do you think we got runaway credit?
Ain't nothin goin down unless the crooks in Washington let it
Now they regret it but they still don't get it
Cause the economy is crashin so bad it needs a paramedic

I want my bailout money
Sweet green cash just dripping with honey
Gotta keep this economy running
I need another hit of my bailout money

Look at the stash, it's like a mad dash for the cash
They got the taxpayer takin it in the ass
the CEOs they are havin a blast
While the workin poor trying to make the paycheck last

The bailout money is created with new debt
While they rollin in their limos and private jets
All the workers on the street drippin sweat
While collar hustlers are takin everything they can get

They put the nation on a hyperinflation track
No Presidential administration can take it back
And now the taxpayers pickin up the slack
Like they put a high dollar Big Brother monkey on your back

I want my bailout money
Sweet green cash just dripping with honey
Gotta keep this economy running
I need another hit of my bailout money

The prisons are filled with brothers caught on a fifty-dollar jack
But when Whitey takin trillions, the cops they turn their back
The incompetent bankers, they get their jobs back
Cause those crankers smoking money like it was crack

They take your car, your home, everything that you own
And when you're jobless and broke, you still gotta pay the loan
If you're thinkin of stealin some food, please don't
Just go to Washington and you can steal everything you want

How we gonna solve this, dissolve the big scam
We resolve we won't let 'em steal from a fellow man
Gotta raise our hands and ask "What is this?"
Then we put the Federal Reserve out of business!

You take a look at a dollar bill, you see that eye above the pyramid lookin back at you
That eye is laughin at you suckers!

I want my bailout money
Keep the con running
Sweet green cash just dripping with honey
Gotta keep this economy running
I need another hit of my bailout money

Aren't you tired of payin for that? Tired of breakin your back for that?
Bein oppressed and suppressed while you keep payin your tax for that?
We gotta get out of this financial trap
And it's never gonna stop until you take your country back

The politicians are useless, don't you know that they used us
And the bankers refused us while the media schooled us
The authorities knew this was happening to us
Cause they make more money every time that they screw us

You didn't think they're printing all that funny money just for you, did ya?

Drownin' in debt but the Fed isn't done yet
What are we gonna get?
Gonna print funny money

Budget's in the red, economy nearly dead
Politician's said that we
Gonna print funny money

Hangin' by a thread, the people are bein' bled
But get it through your head that we
Gonna print funny money

The bankers gotta stay ahead, gotta make more bread
That's when they said, "Print more money!"

Lyrics and song copyright(c) 2009 by Michael Adams. All rights reserved.

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