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Originally published January 8 2009

Book Review: The Ultramind Solution by Dr. Mark Hyman Teaches Consumers How to Beat Depression, Anxiety and Brain Fog

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) Dr. Mark Hyman has done it again, nailing the solutions for a common set of health challenges facing the population today. His newest book, The UltraMind Solution delivers a powerful nutrition-oriented solution for depression, anxiety, mood and cognitive function.

What's important about all this is that it helps keep you off dangerous psychiatric medications. The industry of modern psychiatry, you see, is based on the (false) paradigm that the human brain suffers from "chemical imbalances" that must be corrected with what they call "pharmaceutical therapy." It's a fraudulent approach to mental health that just happens to make a ton of money for Big Pharma while keeping the population in a never-ending state of suppressed cognitive function.

Dr. Mark Hyman's approach is far healthier: He says that the health of the mind is an extension of the health of the body, theorizing (correctly, in my view) that if you fix your total body health through proper nutritional therapies, your brain chemistry naturally restores its balance, supporting healthy moods and brain function.

With this approach to mental health, the brain gets nourished with nutritional medicine rather than bombarded by artificial chemicals. And the results speak for themselves: Calmer mood, enhanced cognitive function, improved memory, the elimination of depression, balanced hormone function and much more.

A roadmap to enhanced brain function

Dr. Hyman's book, The UltraMind Solution ( is like a roadmap to these nutritional therapies that protect and enhance your brain function. In his book, Dr. Hyman discusses nutritional supplements that support a healthy brain, the use of detoxification to clear your body and clear your head, how to boost your energy and metabolism with the right foods, how to restore healthy sleep, and much more.

He even provides you with a six-week brain-boosting program to walk you through the steps that optimize your brain function while restoring health and wellness to your entire body. Plus, chapter 14 outlines a dietary approach to "eating right for your brain," and in reviewing the chapter, I've found that it's almost perfectly aligned with the principles of health and nutrition we stand for here at NaturalNews.

The bottom line? The UltraMind Solution is a breakthrough guide to resolving depression, anxiety, mood and "brain fog" through the use of holistic, safe, affordable and completely natural nutritional therapies.

I give it five stars and highly recommend it to NaturalNews readers. You can buy it from the NaturalNews A-Store at with this link: (or simply pick it up at a local book store).

Ending the era of deadly psychiatric medication

I personally hope this book becomes a huge success and is embraced by mainstream health consumers as well as natural health consumers. Why? Because it offers a safe, healthy alternative to the dangerous psychiatric medications being pushed by Big Pharma today.

Modern psychiatry is, in my opinion, largely a criminal racket run almost entirely by the drug companies. They invent fake diseases ("disease mongering") and then convince the public that they suffer from those diseases in order to sell more psychiatric medications. Underneath all the hype, commercialism and exaggerated press releases that characterize modern psychiatry, you'll find nothing more than a pile of fraudulent science, widespread bribery of doctors and a deeply-rooted profit motive driving the entire industry.

Modern psychiatry, in fact, goes to great lengths to eliminate nutritional options from medicine. I've personally interviewed a practicing psychiatrist who had his license revoked and was put out of business because he dared to direct his patients to use nutrition to help end depression and enhance brain function. Make no mistake: The psychiatric industry has nothing to do with helping people, and everything to do with exploiting people for profit. And they will destroy the careers of any psychiatrist that dares to promote nutrition instead of pharmaceuticals.

What The UltraMind Solution accomplishes quite successfully, in my opinion, is the exposing of the medical myths behind modern psychiatry, teaching readers the truth about why the proper functioning of the brain depends so greatly on proper nutrition, detoxification and avoidance of toxic chemicals. That's one of the many reasons why it's worth getting this book for yourself.

Because the truth is that most people on psychiatric medications can get off those meds and onto healthy food choices that work better, at lower cost, and without dangerous negative side effects. That's why the big drug companies and the corrupt psychiatric medical practitioners can't stand to see books like this in print: It teaches patients so much about nutrition and mental health that the drug companies think it's downright dangerous! If it were up to them, they'd censor this book, shut down NaturalNews and have mandatory mental health screening for all citizens!

Modern psychiatry is sick

Ultimately, the real truth in all of this is that the people with the most disturbed minds of all are the crooks running the industry of psychiatry in the first place! Our society has put the insane in charge of running the asylum!

So if you're looking for some sane, well-grounded and scientifically-backed solutions on mood, depression, anxiety and cognitive function, pick up The UltraMind Solution and read what Big Pharma and modern psychiatry hope you never find out: That there are, indeed, nutritional cures for virtually all mental health disorders, and that if you improve your diet, your brain function automatically follows.

It's the kind of small, simple truth that could literally bring down an entire industry. That's why they will continue to attack Dr. Mark Hyman and his books for years to come: The financial survival of modern psychiatry depends on consumers remaining nutritionally ignorant! This book, The UltraMind Solution is precisely the kind of enlightening response to medical ignorance that could help unleash a new era of disease prevention and health promotion across the world.

Dr. Hyman gets my enthusiastic support for this book and his ongoing work as a truth-telling physician who puts patients ahead of profits.

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