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Originally published January 4 2009

The Freedom Quiz: Do you Really Believe in Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion?

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) I've noticed that a lot of people who claim to believe in Freedom of Speech (or Freedom of Religion) are, in fact, just zealots of one kind or another who only believe in such freedoms for themselves. They may claim to believe in freedom, but when it comes down to it, they really can't tolerate opposing views or religious, and they secretly support the idea of "thought crimes."

So here's a quick quiz for you: Do you REALLY believe in freedom of speech and freedom of religion? If so, take this quick quiz. Give yourself one point for each "YES" answer, or zero points for each "NO" answer:

#1) Do you believe members of the public should be able to march on the White House in a non-violent way, carrying protest signs, blocking traffic and shouting anything they want, without being tear-gassed, tasered or arrested?

#2) Do you believe it is acceptable for parents to question the medical justification behind mandatory vaccination policies?

#3) Do you believe historians should have the right to question the official explanation of the Holocaust?

#4) Do you believe observers should have the right to question the legitimacy or legality of Israel's current military attacks on its neighbors?

#5) Do you fully support someone's right to pledge their religious beliefs to the Church of Scientology, or to be an Athiest, or a Pagan, or a Druid, or to believe in some religion other than your own?

#6) Do you believe that a man (or woman) should have the right to stand in a public park and speak about his belief that the end of the world is coming, and Jesus will save us all if we only repent our sins?

#7) Do you believe that a scientist should be able to voice his opposition to the theory that global warming is caused by man (or voice his support of that same theory) without being ridiculed by his colleagues?

#8) Do you believe that the president of a foreign nation (Iran, for example) should have the right to publicly state that, in his view, America is the devil and terrorist attacks against America are punishment from God?

#9) Do you believe scientists should be able to question the theory of Darwinian evolution without being ridiculed by fellow scientists? Do you also believe that scientists should be able to question the theory of Intelligent Design in an intellectually-open manner, free from harassment by religious groups?

If you scored anything less than nine, then you do NOT believe in freedom! You're just a hypocrite like all the other oppressors, and you probably believe in things such as "thought crimes" where merely thinking a non-confirming thought should be punishable by imprisonment. To you, some freedoms are okay, but only if they conform to your own views. And thus, you don't really believe in freedom at all.

If you scored a YES on all nine, good for you! It's great to be among fellow supporters of true freedom of thought, speech and religion.

A true believer in freedom (of speech, thought and religion) would support ALL NINE of these scenarios. Again, it doesn't mean you agree with all nine, it just means you support the rights of others to speak or follow their own beliefs, no matter how warped you might think they are.

I personally disagree with the philosophies described in some of the examples mentioned here, and for the record, I am not a member of the Church of Scientology. Nor am I an Athiest. I am not a Holocaust denier, either. What I am is a genuine supporter of the free rights of people to think, speak and believe things that I am personally opposed to. And that makes me a rarity in modern society, where intolerance seems to dominate the mindset of the people and the politicians.

But intolerance cannot possibly lead to global peace. A truly peaceful world where wars are obsolete must be based on tolerance for opposing views on all subjects. This is why I support true Free Speech and true Freedom of Religion, even for those I do not agree with. Interestingly, I actually support Free Speech for those who would choose to take my speech away, if they had an opportunity to do so.

"When any government, or any church for that matter, undertakes to say to its subjects, This you may not read, this you must not see, this you are forbidden to know, the end result is tyranny and oppression no matter how holy the motives." - Robert Heinlein

Notably, some of the most popular Free Speech sites (such as have even been listed by the U.S. State Department as sources of "misinformation." That's how deeply the powers that be believe in the censorship of ideas.

One final note: I believe in Free Speech for individuals not for corporations. In my view, only People are creations of God and nature, and only the People have these natural rights. Corporations are artificial constructs of men, and no natural rights of free speech should be conveyed to corporations. Thus, while I support the rights of individuals to say whatever they wish, I do not support the rights of corporations to, for example, buy television advertising time and use it to promote their for-profit pharmaceuticals.

The restrictions on Free Speech should be placed on corporations, not the People. And yet, in society today, exactly the opposite has happened: The corporations are given free reign while the People have been stifled and stuffed into "protest zones."

Feel free to share your comments below. This should stir up some fascinating discussion. We moderate all the posts, but in alignment with my beliefs here, we will allow ALL posts that are thoughtful, even if they disagree with something I've said here. Any posts that contain profanity or mindless rants will simply be deleted. So if you post a comment here, make it thoughtful. Also be mindful that if you post a comment supporting the arrest of, for example, Holocaust deniers, you will instantly label yourself a Free Speech hypocrite.

And thanks for participating! By posting a comment here, you are exercising your own Free Speech!

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