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Originally published December 23 2008

Review: Golden Lion Mint is Trusted, Private Source for Gold and Silver

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) As the rapid devaluation of the American dollar rapidly approaches, more and more people are looking for a safe place to store their savings. In previous articles, I've talked about the importance of putting some percentage of your savings in gold and silver coins (that amount varies from 10% to 50%, depending on who you ask).

These discussions got the attention of Peter Ragnar from Roaring Lion Publishing ( Peter is a remarkable author, speaker and anti-aging guru. His age is unknown, and he operates at a level of self mastery that few people ever achieve, and if you ever get the chance to talk with him in person or over the phone, you'll agree that there's something extraordinary about this individual that transcends the typical experience or a human being (or any being, for that matter).

I've followed Peter's work for several years and have come to greatly admire his expertise on wild foods, anti-aging, physical strength and many other topics, all of which he teaches through his books on his website (

When I learned that Peter had founded a gold minting company, I was at first very surprised. But then it made sense: Peter's into longevity, and if you're going to be around for a long time, you want to make sure you can live with a sense of abundance, surrounded by valuable metals from Mother Earth, always attracting new wealth for as long as you live. That's the philosophy of Golden Lion Mint: Abundance, not fear.

The company has founded is called Golden Lion Mint (, and it's based on a solid financial philosophy of safety that you can find here:

Through Golden Lion Mint, you can buy gold and silver bullion bars that are minted with the special symbols of abundance and protection selected by Peter. It costs roughly 14% - 15% over the "spot" price for gold, but here's why it makes a whole lot of sense to get gold and silver bars and rounds through Golden Lion Mint:

• The gold and silver you buy is yours to keep. You're not buying a "certificate" of gold, you're buying real, physical gold that's as pure as you can get on the commodities market. (Four nines for the gold, three nines for the silver.)

• Your purchase is private! Golden Lion Mint never asks for your social security number, and they don't keep your credit card number or other information you want to keep private. Whatever you purchase from Golden Lion Mint is YOUR secret, and nobody else (not even any government) knows that you own and possess these precious metals.

• They've just begun offering gold and silver rounds, which are like coins, but since they're not official U.S. coins, they aren't considered to be in "circulation," meaning they are not subject to confiscation! That makes these gold and silver rounds in many ways safer than buying official U.S. gold and silver coins. Plus, the price on these rounds is far better than the high prices currently demanded for Treasury-minted gold and silver coins.

• You pay no sales tax to buy this gold or silver (unless you live in North Carolina, in which case you pay state sales tax). This can save you a lot of money compared to buying precious metals locally.

• Buying gold and silver from Golden Lion Mint is a much better deal than buying official gold and silver coins right now. The price of the coins has been substantially inflated due to rising demand, making these privately-minded bars and coins a much better value in terms of how much metal you get for your dollar.

• Golden Lion Mint is focused on abundance and prosperity, not fear and panic. The gold you get from these folks is patterned with the vibration of attracting new wealth and prospering during all times (tough times, good times, etc.). You'll get this sense the minute you talk with Tony, who loves to talk to all prospective customers. In fact, just call 828-350-1454 if you want to speak with him now.

• Peter Ragnar, Tony and myself are all dedicated to helping you protect your savings and prosper during tough economic times. We want you to be healthy, wealthy, happy and abundant, even if strange things happen to paper currencies. We are all serving the greater good, and you'll instantly feel a great sense of comfort with the intentions and vibrations of the people at Golden Lion Mint.

Just so you know, I have no financial affiliation with Golden Lion Mint at all. I earn nothing from any business you may conduct with the company, and I offer this article solely as a service to my readers. If you contact them, however, I would appreciate you mentioning the Health Ranger or NaturalNews just as a matter of courtesy, so they know where you heard about them. You're likely to get really good service by mentioning you're a NaturalNews reader, since Peter's team greatly admires the NaturalNews community, too!

So how much should you invest in previous metals? That's something that only you and your financial advisor can decide. Two months ago I was recommending that people convert about 15% of their savings to precious metals. In my personal opinion, that should now be raised to around 25%, but opinions vary widely. Gold could still go down in the short term (as many investments have), but I can tell you one thing: You certainly don't want to be left holding worthless paper dollars on the day the U.S. Treasury announces it will default on its debt by abandoning the dollar. That's not guaranteed to happen, of course: We may just see a wild hyperinflation of the dollar as the effect of the $8+ trillion in new money created by the Federal Reserve kicks in.

In any case, gold is the safe haven of savings. It always has been. Many financial observers believe gold is headed to $2,000 or $3,000 an ounce. You'll have to decide what you believe is right, but in my view, I see investment in precious metals as a crucial strategy for protecting your savings from the erosion of currencies all around the world while also establishing a pattern of wealth and abundance attraction for yourself. Remember: Gold is a powerful magnet for wealth. It's made by Mother Nature, mined out of the Earth, and it has properties that were considered magical by ancient civilizations (and many people living today). There's a lot more to gold than just saving money...

Learn more at or call 828-350-1454.

I give Golden Lion Mint my personal endorsement and recommendation. These are honest, high-integrity, high-vibration folks you'll be dealing with, and I trust them completely. I recommend you give Tony a call and see how you can start accumulating real, physical gold and silver through Golden Lion Mint.

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