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Originally published December 15 2008

Gambling with Your Health (comic)

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

As recent developments in the HRT drug scandal continue to reveal (, relying on conventional medicine to treat your health is like playing Russian Roulette with your life. Virtually every popular treatment offered by conventional medicine is potentially deadly: Chemotherapy kills more patients than it saves, bariatric surgery kills thousands of obese patients right on the operating table, HRT drugs double your risk of breast cancer and pharmaceuticals may double your risk of heart attacks or stroke.

Over-the-counter painkillers can kill you from internal bleeding, and vaccines cause autism and Alzheimer's disease. Antidepressant drugs cause diabetes, and diabetes drugs double the risk of bone fractures. Statin drugs cause eye disorders, too, which might be what Big Pharma's researchers are referring to when they say their studies are "double blind."

The industry of modern medicine kills 783,000 Americans a year, according to research (Death by Medicine, Dr. Gary Null). Sadly, it saves nowhere near that number, meaning that America would be better off without modern medicine at all!

Every time you pop a pill, it's like betting on a roulette wheel in Vegas. Only it's not your money that's at risk: It's your life!

Sure, if you're lucky, you might spin a chance result of having your symptoms go away for a while. Maybe the cancer tumor shrinks, or your blood pressure is artificially lowered, or you don't feel as much pain because your body is numbed with pharmaceuticals...

But if your roulette wheel comes up empty, you could end up not only losing your bet, but losing your life! Various pharmaceuticals cause liver disease, cancer, heart disease, strokes, kidney failure, impaired brain function, impaired immune system function, loss of sleep quality, impotence, infertility, loss of hair, gastrointestinal bleeding, accelerated aging, neurological disorders and much more. And these are the drugs the FDA says are "safe and effective" for treating your health conditions!

Meanwhile, virtually the entire industry is aligned against nutrition. Don't waste your money on superfoods, they say: Nutrition doesn't work in the human body. Don't visit natural health practitioners. Don't take those vitamins, they might kill you! These are the deceptions of the drug pushers who are far more interested in controlling the marketplace than actually helping human beings enhance their health.

And every time you take a pharmaceutical, you're betting another piece of your life on a risky gamble. Even doctors don't know the true risks because they're widely misinformed. Having been taught virtually nothing about nutrition in medical school, doctors are pumped full of so much pro-pharma information that, by the time they begin to practice medicine under a state license, they've actually been thoroughly de-educated about health. They probably knew more about health and healing before they entered medical school than after they graduated!

From the quackery of flu shots to the harmful effects of mammograms and chemotherapy, much of modern medicine is commercial fraud. Peel back the TV commercials, the brainwashing of doctors and Big Pharma's influence over the mainstream media and you find nothing but empty promises, toxic chemicals and obscene profits. The industry of modern medicine is built on scientific fraud.

So who can you trust? Mother Nature, of course!

What we've learned in the last few years is that you can't trust the medical journals because they're pushing junk science in order to please their Big Pharma advertisers. You can't trust the media, either, since they depend on drug money to pay salaries. You also can't trust lawmakers, because almost all of them have been bought off by Big Pharma. Of course, you can't trust the regulators (FDA, FTC) because they're in bed with these powerful corporations, too. So who can you trust?

You can trust Mother Nature. She'll never ask you for a royalty on a patent. She gives all her medicine for free, and she provides the seeds, soils, rainfall, sunlight and nanotechnology to construct all the medicines the human body needs. Mother Nature is the answer to our health care problems, and she'll never bribe a journalist, psych doctor or lawmaker just to promote her products (which is probably why she's not so popular).

No wonder, then, that virtually the entire medical community has been trying to suppress Mother Nature for so long. The FDA says Mother Nature is incapable of creating anything useful (nutrients don't have any positive effect on the human body, they claim). The FTC says you can't talk about Mother Nature's medicinal gifts (or you'll go to jail). The medical journals say you can't trust Mother Nature (trust in drugs, they say), and the drug companies insist they're better than Mother Nature even while they're scouring the world, seeking yet more molecules to rip off from Mother Nature (biopiracy).

Mother Nature, it seems, continues to be battered by modern medicine and all its corrupt enforcers. They don't want you to discover the healing miracles offered by Mother Nature, you see. That might cause you to stop playing pharmaceutical roulette with your life and leave the health care casino entirely! Gee, you might never need another pharmaceutical again...

Stay at the roulette table, they insist! Keep betting your life on pharmaceuticals! Keep placing poker chips on the numbers, hoping against all odds that maybe this pill will finally solve your problems.

Keep on playing health care roulette, folks, because the longer you play, the more the House wins.

And the House, in this case, is Big Pharma. When you play health care roulette, you're betting against the house. There's one rule every gambler in Vegas learns sooner or later: The House always wins.

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