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Originally published December 15 2008

Hormone Replacement Therapy Doubles Risk of Breast Cancer, Women Warned to Stop HRT Drugs

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) Drug companies can no longer deny the science: Breast cancer risk is doubled for women who take conventional Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) drugs.

That's the conclusion of a new study conducted at Georgetown University's Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center. There, researchers discovered that even though HRT drugs double a woman's risk of breast cancer, that risk drops rapidly once she stops using the HRT drugs.

Notably, these increased cancer risk findings only apply to synthetic HRT drugs produced by Big Pharma. They do not apply to bio-identical hormones offered by compounding pharmacies and naturopathic physicians.

But bio-identical hormones are under assault by the FDA, which recently tried to outlaw them by threatening compounding pharmacies that were selling them as an alternative to conventional HRT drugs. Care to guess who was behind the FDA's effort to crush the alternative hormones market? Wyeth, of course: The maker of Prempro, the conventional HRT drug. Wyeth petitioned the FDA to go after bio-identical hormones, and the FDA quickly obliged.

Read about the FDA's threatening letter to compounding pharmacies here:

But it gets even more interesting: Wyeth was also recently caught directing the ghostwriting of medical journal articles even while refusing to disclose its own role in creating those articles. An investigation by Sen. Charles Grassley's office revealed damning documentation showing the drug company was engaged in highly unethical and deceptive practices regarding medical journal articles. Read the details on that here:

Can you guess what drug those ghost-written medical journal articles were promoting? Prempro, of course, the HRT drug!

The HRT conspiracy unveiled

So let's put the pieces of this puzzle together. We have a drug company, Wyeth, that sells a synthetic HRT drug known to double the risk of breast cancer. But instead of pulling the drug off the market, Wyeth files a petition with the FDA to eliminate the competition (bio-identical hormones).

At the same time, Wyeth organizes a campaign of ghost-written articles to be submitted to medical journals, touting the many benefits of HRT drugs and ignoring the 2002 research showing them to be correlated with higher risks of breast cancer. To deceive the scientific community, Wyeth purposely withholds any information about its own role in those papers, making readers believe they were authored by independent academics.

Are you starting to get the picture here?

My question is simple: How many women have died of breast cancer because of the actions of Wyeth? How many more women will suffer the ravages of chemotherapy or radiation therapy as a result of a disease that may have been accelerated by Big Pharma's HRT drugs? And how long will this nation continue to tolerate the fraud of Big Pharma before cracking down on the corruption and crime taking place in this industry right now?

Women should be up in arms over this. They were lied to by yet another drug company, and the very government agency that was supposed to protect them (the FDA) sold them out and actually took aggressive action to eliminate natural alternatives, thereby contributing to the needless deaths of women from breast cancer.

These are not innocent administrative mistakes, folks: In my opinion, these are well-planned conspiracies between Big Pharma and the FDA that seek to maximize corporate profits at the expense of human lives. These are crimes against women, committed by some of the most powerful and insidious white-collar criminals this world has ever seen. And unlike Wall Street criminals who may cost you your savings, these Big Pharma / FDA criminals engage in actions that may cost you your life!

Why does the FDA continue to allow these HRT drugs to be sold if they double the risk of cancer? Can you imagine the outcry if a nutritional supplement were found to double the risk of cancer? It would be immediately banned, and the FDA would announce how it was outlawing the herb in order to "protect consumers." But when it's a drug that doubles cancer risk, the FDA does nothing.

Why do medical criminals go free while Wall Street criminals go to jail? Why has Big Pharma been allowed to operate with such deceptions for so long?

Because it makes so much easy money, that's why. The drug companies have proven again and again that ethics will never stand in the way of profits.

NaturalNews is once again warning women to get off all synthetic HRT drugs. Always do so under the supervision of a naturopathic physician, of course, and if necessary, consider bio-identical hormones as a replacement. Do not subject yourself to the increased cancer risk of conventional HRT drugs. If you do, you may literally pay for it with your life.

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