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Originally published December 9 2008

The Amazing Heart Normalizing Action Of Dan Shen

by Christopher Gussa

(NaturalNews) Serous heart problems such as angina, arrhythmias, repeated episodes of "A-Fib" and other heart disorders can actually be eliminated with a single whole herb called Salvia miltiorrhiza known in China as Dan Shen. This is accomplished safely and remarkably fast. Dan Shen is one of those herbs that Big Pharma tries to "bury under the rug" because of the threats it poses on all the "wonderful FDA approved" heart drugs.

In 1992, Dr. Andrew Weil of The University Of Arizona Medical Center in Tucson set up a remarkable course for MDs that wanted to learn about Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine. This was taught by Dr. Wen Zi, who was besides, a Chinese Herbal Doctor, a Western MD Cardiologist in the US.

The author of this article was simply an herbalist at the time but was fortunate enough to receive an invitation to attend the course. Being the only "non-MD" there was truly a remarkable and informative experience.

When Dr. Zi stated that as much as 80% of heart operations could have been eliminated by the use of Dan Shen it was amazing to watch four or five surgeons get up and leave the class to never return!

As Dr. Zi went through explanations of many of the Chinese herbs in all the various classifications he seemed very relaxed. However you could see a much more passionate look on his face as he came to the subject of herbs associated with the heart and blood. As a cardiologist, Dr. Zi could not say enough about the herb, Dan Shen. It becomes very easy to understand why: In China, Dr. Zi had seen Dan Shen work in a wide variety of coronary diseases replacing dangerous pharmaceutical drugs and correcting the problems beautifully.

Many official clinical tests with Dan Shen have taken place in China, Japan and many other countries. Most testing in the cases of angina showed close to 90% of those tested were significantly helped! About 80% of arrhythmias were corrected or at least improved. And in many cases, the mitral valves of the heart have actually shown to have been helped over long term use correcting many problems.

If you are suffering from any heart disorder you should most definitely try Dan Shen. If you are on any heart drugs and want to get off them you should "wean" off them slowly (1-3 weeks) while using this herb. Many people have walked completely away from heart drugs by using Dan Shen.

Also if you are on Coumadin or other blood thinners be advised that you may not need it when taking Dan Shen as Dan Shen can also thin the blood. (Without any toxicity) Unlike Coumadin, Dan Shen keeps your blood at optimum health! Get off of the Coumadin or be sure to have your blood checked. (There are some doctors that will actually assist you in this but only a few, Use your own common sense and don't think your doctor will ever have anything good to say about the herb)

As A TCM Clinical Herbalist, the author has seen almost 100% improvement (if not complete healing) in patients that had come to him with serous heart problems. Arrhythmias (In people of all ages) seemed to just melt away into a perfect heart rhythm after only 24 hours of taking Dan Shen.

For many, Dan Shen only has to be taken for a few days to correct problems for years to come. For others it has to be taken long term. Dan Shen is completely non toxic and can be taken indefinitely if necessary.

One of the best ways to take the herb is in capsules of 5:1 extract. The average dose is two or three 600 mg capsules twice daily. (Depending on one's size and weight) A teaspoon or two of the tincture also works nicely and acts very fast on the heart. Even the boiled root as "tea" (Or what we call raw medicine) works great.

As an adjunct to Dan Shen a little Poria mushroom (Fu Ling) can help one absorb it a bit better. However Dan Shen is one of those rare Chinese herbs that does not need to be part of a complex formula. You may find Dan Shen in many other complex formulas for disorders of the liver or kidneys and for other problems such as depression (by addressing the "Shen" or "Spirit"), but for problems of the physical heart it simply works wonderfully all by itself. It is also remarkably good for unhealthy blood cholesterol and for dissolving clots.

This red colored root of a white flowering garden Salvia plant has been the difference between life and death for many, many people and it is a prime example of the healing energy of Chinese Herbal Medicine.

The next time you feel a little angina pain or feel a "skip" or palpitations just try it! You will see what a simple single but wonderful Chinese herb can do.

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Christopher Gussa founded Plant Cures Inc. which handcrafts over 150 Serious Herbal Medicine Products for Specific Disorders all created through clinical application. Their products are for Serious Disease and also Powerful Tonic Health. Please visit Plant Cures at WWW.PLANTCURES.COM or call them at 1-800 979 2027
Christopher Gussa is a formulator of Natural Medicine. He is also a TCM practitioner and Certified Master / Clinical Herbalist for 30 years. He is certified in both Western Herbal Therapy and Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine.
Chris Gussa: "Plant Cures is currently working with over 9,000 medicinal plants to bring about healing through the true science of combining the whole energies of whole plants. A plants energy is from its whole part. (flowers, fruit, leaves, stems, roots etc) While the "science" of seeing some of the isolated molecular constituents in food and herbs can be interesting at times, there is no "one magic ingredient" in any plant. (You would think it would be science trying to tell you this type of logic, instead of me) But no! They would rather play this childish game of trying to find the "Pot of gold" in a plant so they can synthesize it and dazzle the FDA with a "New Drug" that will most likely cause the usual death and destruction!
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