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Originally published December 9 2008

The Positive and Negative Impact of Caffeine on Women's Health

by Andréanne Hamel

(NaturalNews) Caffeine is a compound found in a variety of plants and acts as a natural pesticide which protects plants from the insects that feed on them. In the human body, however, caffeine behaves like a psychoactive stimulant drug by arousing the central nervous system and it is also a gentle diuretic. Caffeine is most prevalently found in the cherries of coffee plants, in leaves of tea bushes, in the kola nuts, in yerba mate, in guarana berries, in cocoa plants, in yaupon hollies and in certain species of beans. Most of our caffeine intake, and we take in quite a bit of it, is through the consumption of coffee, tea, cocoa, soft drinks as well as sports and energy drinks.

Because caffeine, in one ingestible form or another, plays such significant social, economic and cultural roles in just about every nation around the world, scientists and researchers have conducted many studies pertaining to health issues, particularly in women because it is women who tend to be more sensitive to it than men and because it takes women longer to detoxify caffeine out of their systems.

Caffeine and the Female Sex Hormones of Childbearing Age Women

Caffeine and the Female Sex Hormones of Post-Childbearing Age Women

Caffeine and Other Health Issues in Women of All Ages

Heart disease kills more women in the United States and the rest of the western world than any other fatal disease. Caffeine is associated with risk factors such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and high homocysteine levels which lead to heart disease.

Is There Nothing Good to Say About Caffeine?

Of course there is something good to be said about caffeine:

So, enjoy your coffee, tea or soda — just remember moderation! And here's a tip: using an espresso machine pump - driven to brew the coffee you drink - will reduce your overall caffeine consumption compared to drip coffee.

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