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Originally published November 26 2008

Thanksgiving in Washington (comic)

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

There's certainly one group of people who have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving: The white-collar criminals in Washington who are looting the U.S. Treasury and stealing trillions of dollars from taxpayers.

That's what this financial bailout really is, of course: A grand, desperate swindle that seeks to wring every last cent out of the U.S. dollar before the coming currency collapse. A collapse of the value of the U.S. dollar is coming soon. Just do the math: The end result is obvious. It will either be runaway inflation that leaves dollars virtually worthless or the abandonment of the dollar by the U.S. government and the adoption of a new currency (the Amero?) at confiscatory exchange rates that will wipe out the savings of most Americans.

You are witnessing the downfall of the American empire, and the Federal Reserve -- a private bank that was stupidly handed the power over our nation's money supply -- is heaping new debt onto old debt, sending the U.S. into a tailspin of bad money from which it will never emerge. Consider this: It took the United States over 230 years to accumulate $5 trillion in debt. That national debt has now roughly tripled in the last 60 days. Officially, the national debt is now about $10 trillion, but with the Fed just announcing another $7 trillion in bailout money, we're talking about a $17 trillion national debt that nobody even has a clue how to pay back.

The very idea that we can pay off bad debt with more bad debt is so utterly stupid in the first place, it could have only been dreamed up by politicians. It makes as much sense as paying off one credit card by taking out a cash advance on another credit card. That's not a financial bailout; it's more like a financial tar pit. But it's exactly what the United States of America has decided to do.

With a failed auto industry, a failed health care system, a failed education system, a failed financial system and two failed wars, the U.S. is looking so much like Rome these days that we should probably all be speaking Greek.

Historically, every national treasury was looted by those in power right before it collapsed. That's exactly what's happening in Washington right now: An organized looting of the U.S. Treasury -- a last-ditch bankruptcy buffet that's handing out trillions to the rich while socking it to the working-class taxpayers.

You're being swindled, friends. And the crooks are getting away with it! The mainstream media does nothing, the FBI does nothing, the lame politicians in Washington do nothing, and the whole mass of brain-dead onlookers just stare at the scene, eyes glazed over, not understanding what they're witnessing right before their very eyes. The mainstream American people have become too complacent and mathematically illiterate to even realize when they're being jacked!

There are two films you desperately need to see on this topic. The first is called I.O.U.S.A, which you can see here:

The second is called The End of America, which is more about the loss of freedoms and the coming police state:

Both will provide you with a top-notch education in reality. You might also want to check out the Alex Jones show at where you'll learn a whole lot more about what's coming.

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About this cartoon

I case you're interested in how these cartoons are created, I've included the sketches on this particular cartoon. The way is work is that I (Mike Adams) send a description of the cartoon to Dan Berger, the illustration expert. I describe the scene, the characters, their emotions, the camera angle, etc. I sometime even provide a JPG of the main character displaying an expression that I'm looking for. In this case, I provided a picture of Paulson.

Dan then sends me back a rough sketch of the cartoon, like this:

From there, I will request certain changes. In this case, I wanted the turkey to be flipped around the other way, and I wanted Obama's head to be more cartoonish and smaller. I also wanted more of a "drooling" look on the faces of the GM, Citi and AIG fat cats.

Dan then makes the changes and sends me a pencil version of the cartoon, like this:

From there, I can make additional changes, if necessary. After that, Dan goes ahead and inks the cartoon. It then gets scanned and prepped for the web, then I write this description and post the cartoon.

It takes a lot more effort than you might think, but the results are worth it, I hope you'll agree. It's a rewarding process, and I'm thankful for all the fans who have made the CounterThink cartoon so successful. Our CounterThink email subscription list is now over 110,000 people!

By the way, the original dialog I had planned for Treasury Secretary Paulson was, "Carve it up, bitches!" But I ultimately decided to take out the word "bitches" after considering the fact that not many of the older people who read this website would understand the cultural context of the term, which is used in a very different way by the younger crowd today. In pop culture, the term "bitches" is more of an ego challenge than a personal insult. I thought it would make the cartoon funnier, but in the end, I decided to remove it to avoid any linguistic confusion.

If you want, you can Photoshop the cartoon and put the word "bitches" back in, and post that on your website. That would be funnier, I think!

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