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Originally published November 18 2008

How to Make Water Safe for Drinking: "Water Secrets" Course Now Available to NaturalNews Readers

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) Pharmaceutical chemicals now contaminate the public water supplies of over fifty major U.S. cities. The rocket fuel perchlorate is also commonly found in the water, and byproducts of chlorine pose a very real danger to consumers. While chemical companies, drug companies and even the EPA argue that chemicals in the water are of no real concern, informed consumers know better: The contamination of your water is a serious threat to your health, and getting clean water is essential to avoiding cancer, Alzheimer's, infertility and other health conditions caused by chemical exposure.

But how do you get these chemicals out of your water? How do you handle PCBs, pesticide residues, heavy metals, fluoride and plastics chemicals like Bisphenol A? And how do you get these chemicals out of your water simply, reliably and affordably?

To answer those questions, acclaimed health author Kevin Gianni has completed an informative series of interviews with five health experts who reveal the most pressing information consumers need to know about what's really in their water and how to make clean, contaminant-free water at home. These experts include ecologist Jim McMahon, Ormus researcher Barry Carter, living foods pioneer David Wolfe, ocean minerals expert John Hartman and myself, the Health Ranger.

In a series of five interviews, we answer all the critical questions about how to get clean water; how to get the chemicals out of your water; and how to acquire a safe water supply starting right now. But this series is about much more than the typical water issues that might come to mind: It's also about experimental water technologies such as "imprinting" water with vibration (made famous by the work of Dr. Emoto), altering the physics of water (surface tension, conductivity, etc.), and the importance of salts and mineralization to the movement of water throughout your body.

That's why I'm so excited to bring this to NaturalNews readers: It's a rare collection of knowledge describing advanced water technologies that won't likely be recognized by mainstream science for at least a decade (maybe longer). And yet you can use this knowledge right now to enhance your health and protect yourself from the dangers of the chemicals lurking in your local water supply.

You can read more about the course at:

(By the way, I personally wish we could have had Daniel Vitalis included in this water secrets interview, because he's a phenomenally well-informed expert on the subject. But I've already talked to Kevin about doing something with Daniel Vitalis down the road so that you don't miss out on his amazing knowledge about water.)

Available for downloading right now + LIVE Teleconference with the Health Ranger this Saturday

The entire five-interview course, along with ready-to-print transcripts of all five interviews, are available as a download right now. It includes MP3 files of the audio and PDF files of the interview transcripts.

You'll want to know what else is included in this course before getting it. I'm personally teaming up with Kevin Gianni to offer a LIVE 70-minute Q&A teleconference about water health, water mineralization, plastics chemicals, water filters and much more. This teleconference is being held this Saturday evening (call-in instructions will be emailed to you), and is only available to those who purchase the Water Secrets course before then.

(I recommend getting the course no later than Thursday so that you'll receive the email with the teleconference instructions on Friday). If you can't make the Saturday teleconference, don't worry: A download link will be emailed to all customers no later than Saturday.

If you get the course before midnight Friday, you'll also receive a bonus interview with Iaian Trousdell, the founder of the Healing Water Institute. You'll also get a printable Quick Start Guide to Clean Water that helps you decide which water filtration system is right for your home, and you'll get a no-cost 30-day trial to Kevin Gianni's Renegade Health Inner Circle, an online "meeting of the minds" of cutting-edge health experts.

Read more details here:

Exclusive discount for NaturalNews readers

As you know, I'm always working hard to negotiate deep discounts on information courses for NaturalNews readers. That's because I know how important this information is to your health, and while I can't get publishers to give this away for free, I have been successful at getting them to slash the prices for NaturalNews readers based on the idea that the number of customers would make up for the dramatically lower price.

You've seen interview courses that have sold for $99 or even $197. But given our difficult economy, and the tightening of budgets, I talked with Kevin about making this course available at a ridiculously low price that almost anyone could afford.

You'll be amazed at this: Kevin ultimately agreed to make the course available for just $14.95! That's exclusive to NaturalNews readers, and it's only available through midnight, Friday, and you have to use this link to get the discount:

I do want to disclose that this purchase includes a 30-day trial for Kevin Gianni's "Renegade Health Inner Circle," and it will cost you $9.97 a month after that if you wish to continue participating in it (it's worth every penny, believe me). But if you don't, you can cancel it easily, with no questions asked, and you'll never be charged for it. I also want to disclose that NaturalNews earns a royalty on each sale of this course in exchange for my interview that's part of the course. We will use these funds to support and expand NaturalNews operations and health freedom initiatives. For example, we're planning a big health freedom petition in 2009 that will require a lot of up-front cost to initiate.

The most valuable information on water you'll likely hear anywhere...

Here's what one reader who reviewed the course had to say about it:


The Water Secrets were some of the best info I have ever gotten off the web -- that's coming from a consummate internet researcher. I researched water filters about a year ago - and on and off since then because I was never sure I made the right choice -- now I know that I did thanks to you.

I also learned A LOT from each of the audios - I appreciated each one of them. I started my "quest for health" with the water filters and have not yet stopped -- latest venture is replacing one meal a day with fresh veggie juice and seeds if extra hungry -- it's great. So, I am happy to find a sight like yours that will keep me heading in the right direction with a wealth of info -- very important to one on a retirement budget. Which, by the way, is the reason I appreciated the price (original price) of the water secrets.

Peace & Blessings
Jane Geary

Get the course yourself here:

Remember, you'll get:

• Five downloadable MP3 audio interview with health experts
• Downloadable transcript files for each interview (ready to print)
• Bonus interview
• Bonus LIVE teleconference with the Health Ranger, this Thursday
• Bonus guide to clean water
• 30-day trial to the Renegade Health Inner Circle

This is all yours for $14.95, exclusively through NaturalNews. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If you don't find the course to be extremely valuable, and packed with useful knowledge about water, we'll refund your purchase price!

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