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Originally published November 7 2008

Drive-Thru Flu Shots Now on The Menu at Many Hospitals

by Joanne Waldron

(NaturalNews) It's not uncommon to see mothers taking their children to the local drive-thru for fast food fare on the way to school. Hoping that more people will get flu shots if they make it just as convenient as ordering a kiddie meal, some hospitals are now offering a drive-thru service for flu shots, as well, according to an article in The Boston Globe. Imagine nurses waiting at the curbside sporting needles. Now people can eat breakfast and get inoculated, sausage biscuits in hand, without even leaving their cars.

Vote & Vax

For those who prefer to get their flu shots before or after voting at election time, no problem. That's why the Somerville Health Department created Vote & Vax. Nurses wielding needles will be at the ready at local polling stations. One can only wonder what is next.

Drive-Thru Vaccines In Under a Minute

Dr. Susan Lett, an imunization specialist at the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, believes that there is no reason that getting a flu shot at a hospital driveway or a voting station shouldn't be just as safe as in an examination room, reports The Boston Globe. Lett stated, "I'm pretty much in favor of vaccinating any place where you can do it safely," according to the article -- which also reports that once a car is at the front of the line, a flu shot can be administered in less than a minute.

Flu Vaccines Are Convenient, But Are They Safe?

There is no doubt that everything possible is being done to make flu vaccines more convenient. A quick jab and one can be on his merry way. However, has anyone bothered to question why there is such a big push for these vaccines this year? In fact, many schools are even requiring flu shots for students. Should a person really get a vaccine in the same mindless way that he orders a fast food combo? Are people who opt to get drive-by vaccine jabs given adequate information about the vaccines in question and their possible side effects?

Flu Shots Dangerous To Pregnant Women

Not so fast, says Dr. Edward Group, in an article on his website. What Dr. Group finds most incredible is that flu vaccines are being pushed on pregnant women. He explains, "Think about it, the vaccination cannot be given to children under the age of 6 months, yet the vaccine pushers are encouraging pregnant women to get the shot while carrying a developing fetus." Are the risks of flu vaccines being appropriately explained to pregnant women who show up at vaccine drive-thru facilities?

Flu Shots Have Many Other Risks

Of course, Dr. Group has many other concerns about the flu vaccine. It's not just a danger to pregnant women. Not only is he worried about the potential connection between vaccines and autism, he is also worried about all of the toxins (like mercury) that are found in vaccines. He also warns that some people suffer allergic reactions from flu vaccinations. Additionally, since vaccines contain live viruses, anyone who gets the flu vaccine could end up coming down with the flu. (Hmmm… isn't that what the vaccine is supposed to prevent?) Also, since researchers can only guess about which flu strains will be prevalent in any given year, there is absolutely no proof that the shot will work. So, people who get flu vaccines are subjecting themselves to lots of risks with no guaranteed benefits whatsoever. It's certainly something to think about before subjecting one's self or one's children to a drive-by jabbing.

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