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Originally published October 9 2008

New Special Report: How to Build Your Financial Safety Net

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) On the heels of the worst financial disaster to emerge since the Great Depression, NaturalNews has released an online special report entitled How to Build Your Financial Safety Net: Twelve Ways to Achieve Prosperity During (and After) the Global Financial Crisis. The special report is available here:

Authored by Mike Adams, the editor of, How to Build Your Financial Safety Net warns readers about the risks of depending on governments or corporations for paychecks. It then shows readers how to build low-cost, high-return revenue streams that combine the reader's greatest strengths and interests with genuine consumer needs. The report emphasizes low-risk income-building strategies that can solidly generate additional revenue streams of a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars a month.

Concepts covered in the online report include:

• Why the financial bailout will sharply devalue the dollar
• Why paychecks, pensions and employee benefits may be at risk
• How to best insulate yourself (and your money) from financial turmoil
• Five things you should never buy (or spend money on) in pursuit of income streams
• How to determine which activities will keep you happy while earning revenue
• The 18 "basic human drivers" that influence ALL consumer purchasing decisions
• How to tap into the 18 human drivers in a way that's profitable and enjoyable
• Detailed examples of generating revenue streams from hobbies or interests
• The five absolute rules of marketing anything (without spending a fortune)
• Seven key ways to generate income streams on any topic
• Key questions to ask yourself that will practically guarantee your success
• Why the global financial situation demands new action to create new income streams
• Which ways of creating income streams are easier, more portable, and more profitable
• The five steps to successful action that turn hopeful dreams into revenue streams
• Fifteen online resources to help with marketing, customer communications and more
• The nutrition secret to successful business: Why your diet determines your success

The special report is available now at:

The author of the report, editor Mike Adams, believes many consumers are finally coming to realize they cannot depend on paychecks from corporations or governments. "California is bankrupt, New York is nearly bankrupt and the federal government is heading towards financial collapse," said Adams. "People who depend on paychecks or employee benefits from government organizations may soon find themselves jobless."

Corporations, too, are about to suffer what Adams calls the "third wave of bankruptcy" that will sweep through the commercial sector. "Hundreds of thousands of jobs will be lost as the economy contracts," said Adams, who believes the solution is for people to take their financial future into their own hands by building reliable income streams using the skills and interests they have right now.

Ongoing income streams can be started in as little as 30 days, Adams said, and within 12 to 24 months, they can completely replace a full-time paycheck income. "People need to build incomes that they own and control rather than blindly trusting some other organization to keep paying them for their time."

The free online report How to Build Your Financial Safety Net intends to show people that building their own reliable income streams isn't difficult; it just requires proper strategy, planning and a commitment to action.

The full report is available now at:

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