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Originally published October 7 2008

$850 Billion Bailout Fails to Ease Global Financial Crisis

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) Today the world was rocked by serious financial events that have driven the global finance system to the brink of real disaster. The scary part in all this? The bailout failed to ease fears.

That's right: The $850 billion bailout didn't work. At least not yet. And world markets were crashing today, sending investors running for cover.

The Fed, for its part, created a whopping $900 billion in new money on Monday and shoveled it into the banking system, desperately hoping to create liquidity where none now exists. How does the Fed create money out of thin air? Watch this eye-opening video explanation of how the Fed and the U.S. government conspire to create money out of nothing:

The world now watches and waits to see if the global banking system will retreat from the edge of the abyss.

My best guess is that there's now an 80% chance of a calming of fears later this week, following by the post-bailout hyperinflation trends we've already talked about. Unfortunately, I think there's a 20% chance the entire global financial system will come crashing down over the next few days or weeks, resulting in a mandatory global bank holiday that will result in widespread financial ruin, and then a "rebooting" of the banks that would be messy.

It's very important that you take action to protect yourself now (if you haven't already) from the global financial crisis that's still unfolding. I give specific strategies in my Health Ranger LIVE audio event, which you can read about at:

The Next Big Wave of Bankruptcies: Corporations and Governments

The next wave of bankruptcies are going to strike corporations and governments very soon. The State of California has already declared it's bankrupt, and it needs a $7 billion loan from Washington just to keep operating.

Corporations, too, are going to be badly hurt in the months ahead, especially following the abysmal Christmas shopping season I'm publicly predicting.

If your paycheck currently depends on a government office or a corporation that sells things to consumers (cars, toys, clothing, books, coffee, etc.), then the future of your paycheck may be in serious jeopardy.

What to Expect Next

I overestimated the post-bailout euphoria. I thought the market would rally on Monday. The fact that it didn't shows that I was too optimistic about my predictions. The situation is worse than I thought. The 800-point nosedive clearly says that global investors are deeply concerned about the future of stocks, bonds, debt bonds and even the U.S. dollar as a currency. CNBC's Jim Cramer even went on the air and announced everybody should "Sell everything!" His prediction? A twenty percent drop across the markets.

Keep a close watch on this situation. These are strange times. Nobody knows exactly what will happen next. Protect your assets, because it has become quite clear now that your government is doing virtually nothing useful to protect them for you.

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