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Originally published October 1 2008

The Benefits of Ormus for Home Gardening or Sprouting

by Kevin Gianni

(NaturalNews) This interview is an excerpt from Kevin Gianni's Renegade Water Secrets, which can be found at ( . In this excerpt, Barry Carter shares on the benefits of ormus for sprouting or home gardening.

Renegade Water Secrets with Barry Carter, leading authority on ormus, a "white, powder gold."

Kevin: What about for home garden application or even sprouting application?

Barry: Works great in both of those. Sprouts are ready quicker and last longer on the shelf.

Kevin: Hmm. And how much, break down the equation of three gallons for an acre, what are we talking about for sprouts?

Barry: Oh, you put a drop in.

Kevin: Yeah...

Barry: It's hard to get less than a drop.

Kevin: Yeah. Now what's available for someone who doesn't want to play around with lye?

Barry: There's a product called Sea-Crop, ( . And their product has been certified as organic and they've even been certified for use as mineral supplements for animals and it is definitely non-toxic. They're the one who's been certified for this particular situation.

There's another product that's been in use for a couple decades called Ace and it's a little bit difficult to get. You can find information on it and take pictures of plants that have been planted with it at ( and you'll have to contact the people there via email and I can give contact information for phone if you want to order it and other ormus producers make various forms of this stuff, but probably not at the scale that a large farm would do.

Kevin: Yeah, but maybe someone who just wants to put it in their garden at home.

Barry: Oh, Yeah. On my website there are a whole bunch of sources for ormus listed.

Kevin: Great, we'll talk about that in a second. You're friend, Jim, he got shocked as he put his hand in this puddle of water; I'm wondering in what way we ingest this ormus...

Barry: Yeah.

Kevin: And then we have static electricity or get shocked or something like that. Would that have the same reaction in a person?

Barry: Well, here's the problem with my story about how I got involved. The things that happened to Jim aren't very likely to happen to anybody else. Some ormus producers have reported that when they're working with thousands of gallons of this stuff, they'll get shocked when they touch it and there's a product called Spark of Life water that is made by Ancient Transformation Technologies and it will shock you.

Kevin: Really?

Barry: Yeah, and it will shock you and it recharges itself. You'll get shocked more than once from a bottle of it. In fact, I've got video of twenty-nine people getting shocked at one time in a circle holding hands. One person put their finger in the water and the other one held the bottle.

Kevin: Really?

Barry: And the bottle's an insulated bottle. So we think it's not exactly the same as ordinary electricity.

Kevin: Wow.

Barry: Yeah.

Kevin: It's just amazing to think that well, obviously, we've kind of been talking about what's in the water to make it charge like that.

Barry: When it spins faster, it creates a different vibration and that different vibration changes the shape of the water. It also means there is more energy in that spinning unit and that extra energy is stored there and can be taken out. And we think that may be that's what happened when the shock happened. But that stored energy is then again converted to electricity, or other form of energy.

Kevin: Now, what about that application for powering anything? Is that a possibility or does it take too much volume?

Barry: One problem with solar power and wind power and even to some extent with some water power is that it's seasonal or day and night or depends on whether there's wind going on or not.

Kevin: Sure.

Barry: And if you put a dam on a river, you're damaging the ecosystem of that river supply. But if you put a little turbine in the river, you're not doing as much damage. You're just basically running the power through the turbine. So there's a lot of ways for storage. We are able to store energy more efficiently this way than being stored behind a dam, for example, to use it at times of drought, or during night time. If we stored it, that would be a great benefit. Right now, battery storage technology is pretty pathetic.

Kevin: Yeah.

Barry: We think that this is a possibility with ormus; that there may be a way to make permanent and very long-lasting storage systems using ormus as a storage unit. Now this brings up another point -- that ormus can differ from other ormus in how much energy it's got in it, and more energetic ormus seems to do more things, seems to be more beneficial for plants, etc., than the ormus that is not as energetic. We don't know why that is for sure, but it seems to be the case.

Kevin: Is it due to the source of the water? Let me ask you this question to kind of build on top of that. If you're getting sea water from different areas with different pollutants, what effects does that have on the ormus?

Barry: It can make the ormus unusable at some point in some cases, but in most cases I wouldn't use it for people if you've got polluted water, but probably would be pretty good for plants.

Kevin: Yeah.

Barry: As long as the pollutants are diseases and organic pollutants rather than mercury or something like that.

Kevin: Yeah.

Barry: And there's another factor and that is information. Before finding that the ormus is the communicator, there's a pair of scientists in New York State who have published a paper. The name is... their names are Huping Hu and Maoxin Wu and they are a husband and wife couple and they've been working and discovering that, basically, they're saying spin coherence is the mind pixel. Did I say that right? Is the mind pixel.

Kevin: Okay.

Barry: And you can Google that phrase "spin is the mind pixel" and find links to their paper on the web.

Kevin: So, explain "spin is the mind pixel."

Barry: It is the coherent communication system. Now, we think what's going on and they don't necessarily agree with this, but many ormus researchers think that this coherent spin of the ormus element inside these water molecules, or whatever sort of works, is a quantum coherent instantaneous communicator. It's sort of like having a cell phone in every cell in the body and that the nerves are just the hard-wired back-up system. These instantaneous communicators, instantaneous quantum coherent cell phones in every cell, means that if your cell phone is charged up and if the antenna isn't damaged, that these cell phones can improve the communication. It's not like they're talking to the cell next door, they can talk to the cell in your big toe and when that happens, amazing things work as a result. On my website, there's a picture of a cat named Tut. Tut grew a new tail after losing it, something cut it off in a windstorm or something and grew a new tail just from consuming various forms of ormus.

Kevin: And the beard too.

Barry: Yep. Copper ormus seems to help restore hair color. Now, we think that it's happening due to better communication... When the communication between the cells is also better, communication with this non-physical template of the DNA, that Peter Gariev talks about, with something called the DNA Phantom Effect. They're claiming that there's a non-physical spirit template or DNA for the body and when you improve the connection, everything works better. You improve the speed of the medium that carries sound; let's say you're on a high mountain and you shout and the echo comes back a minute later; but if you're at sea level, or let's say at the Grand Canyon and you shout, echo comes back a little faster. But still, the problem is it doesn't overlap. So, you'll shout a minute later, you'll hear somebody say the same thing. Shout "I love you," and a minute later somebody says "I love you" and you think that somebody up there loves you or "I hate you," and a minute later you think somebody up there hates you. The increase of the density, if you put your ear to the iron rail, you hear the training coming before you hear it through the air, because the iron rail is denser than the air. We think we're increasing the density of the medium that carries our thoughts. Ormus is the medium that carries our thoughts and we think by increasing the density of that medium, that the echo can come back quicker.

Now, in some ways that might not be good. Maybe we're thinking, instead of saying "I love you", we're saying "I hate you." And a minute later somebody says "I hate you," well, somebody up there hates me, but if we say "I hate you," and "I hate you" comes right back, it's overlapping. Oh, I said that. It's not somebody else that said that, it's me. When our thoughts overlap with the consequences of our thoughts, we become aware - more aware - that we're putting it out, that whatever's happening is happening in response to the thoughts that we have. And many people have reported that, let's call it instant karma, that instant or near instant response to thought. You think something and then it happens. It doesn't matter whether you're thinking something positive or something negative, the manifestation happens quickly. And we think that this may also be part of why Tut grew a tail, why plants that are dead before do so much better, why a quarter of a million chickens did so much better. All of these things would make sense if the internal, the inner communication system was improved and connection to the non-physical template was improved.

Kevin: Well, why don't you tell us a little bit about what you do and how people can find out more information? That's some great stuff.

Barry: Well, I basically teach people about ormus. I do this on my web site, ( . And I also do it online with a rather large number of local and global ormus discussion forums where people can talk with other people who have made it or are using it or have had some experiences with it and discuss what's going on with it. And these include about eighty local forums. Most of these local forums are in the United States, but there is a forum for Italy, for France, for Sweden and Norway and different forums for many of the countries in Europe and several forums in Australia. So if a person is interested in getting together with other people in their area and learning more about it, it's really easy to connect with people. I also do lectures and workshops teaching people how to make ormus, teaching people what it is and how it works, basically around the world. And I do a bit of experimentation myself. I've developed some methods of making ormus that are somewhat easier than previous methods, for example David Hudson's method or Jim's method, which uses the ozone.

Kevin: That's great and during your sessions you show people how to make it and apply it?

Barry: Oh, yeah.

Kevin: That's cool.

Barry: I do an actual demo of the method I described with precipitating white precipitate from sea water.

Kevin: Oh, wow.

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