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Originally published September 22 2008 Releases Downloadable Summary of The Genie In Your Genes by Dawson Church

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews), the downloadable health book summary service created by Mike Adams and Kevin Gianni, has just released its summary of the book "The Genie In Your Genes: Epigenetic Medicine and the New Biology of Intention" by Dawson Church. The downloadable summary is available now at

The Genie In Your Genes is a revolutionary book that reveals why your genetic code doesn't determine your fate. Instead, your mind (and your behavior) has extraordinary control over the expression of your genes, determining your level of health, prevention of disease and much more.

It's a must-read book for anyone wishing to dispel misconceptions about the influence of genes over health. While drug companies and many doctors continue to promote the idea that people are doomed to disease thanks to renegade genes, The Genie In Your Genes offers a far more uplifting alternative by teaching readers how to take control over the expression of their genetic code and tap into the power of epigenetics.

The downloadable summary from (a free service) reveals:

• Details on a breakthrough scientific study that proves you can control the expression of your genes. (Page 4)

• The link between stress early on in life and how it can determine your health as you grow older. (Page 5)

• What percentage of your longevity is actually attributed to your genes (and how to improve it, regardless of your genetic code). (Page 2)

• The surprising, little-known results of the Human Genome Project and what they mean for your own health and longevity. (Page 3)

• An explanation of Piezoelectricity and how you can tap into this energy for your own benefit. (Page 8)

... and much more! In The Genie In Your Genes, you'll learn why genes don't determine your fate, and you'll recognize why intention and focused action determines the health results you experience. For anyone who has been told they are doomed to breast cancer, heart attacks or obesity just because their parents suffer from the same conditions, The Genie In Your Genes provides a new, optimistic roadmap for taking immediate control over your life and allowing yourself to be guided by justified optimism rather than the fabricated fear advertised by today's health care system.

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The original edition of The Genie In Your Genes is over 250 pages. In the summary, we've condensed the most important facts to about twelve pages. In just a few minutes of reading, you can be informed and empowered with the most important information from the original book.

While the summary is not a replacement for the full detail of the original book, it's a great way to stay up-to-date on this important issue with a minimal time investment. It also helps you determine if you'd like to buy the full book, which provides far more detail when you'd like to know more.

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