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Originally published September 16 2008

Health Ranger Hosts LIVE Audio Event on Health Preparedness and Financial Protection

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) Despite the financial reports you may have heard, the world isn't coming to an end. But challenging times are definitely upon us. As NaturalNews readers are increasingly asking how they can safeguard their health and their wealth during difficult economic times, I've decided to host a live audio event, spanning four weeks, where answers and guidance are provided to help people protect and prepare themselves for challenging economic times.

This event, which begins Wednesday, Sep. 24th at 7pm Pacific Time, is an interactive event that allows listeners to email questions in real time. I'll answer the top questions live, on the air, at the end of each live audio event. This is a way for NaturalNews readers to get their most pressing questions answered about health preparedness, financial preparedness, safe havens for living off the land, and most of all, how to face the future with a sense of optimism, confidence and abundance.

The financial failures we're seeing right now are great news for us all, because they are setting into motion a massive reallocation of wealth from wasteful uses to more productive uses. The more banks fail and derivates collapse, the sooner we can all get back to the allocation of wealth towards things that really matter: Health, education, renewable energy and other similar initiatives.

But for those who want to make sure they can protect their health and their wealth through these difficult times, I'll be hosting four LIVE, weekly audio broadcasts starting Wednesday, Sep. 24th at 7pm Pacific Time. Each Wednesday evening, you'll be able to listen in via your internet browser (both Firefox and Internet Explorer) as we cover the critical events and challenges now facing us all:

• The financial tsunami: What to expect in the next few months and how to protect yourself from financial losses and imminent bank failures. (Also: Why it's actually good news to see all these arrogant financial institutions finally failing...)

• Where (and how) to buy gold: Exactly who I recommend as my "secret source" for buying gold at an unbeatable price.

• The 2012 predictions: What should we really do to prepare for the changes described in the 2012 predictions? I'll answer questions on preparedness for 2012 and beyond. (Hint: Don't attach any special belief to a specific date. I'll tell you why...)

• Safe Refuge: I'll share everything I know about Ecuador, Central America and South America: How you can still buy a safe haven in Paradise, where you can grow your own food and avoid troubled times in the United States (and other countries). I'll give you the best buys, descriptions of the actual lots still available, and exactly how to get there to check it out. I'll also cover Panama vs. Ecuador vs. Costa Rica. This is not about fleeing your home country, it's about upgrading your quality of life to live closer to nature, where you can grow super healthy food year-round...

• The FDA / USDA food irradiation agenda and why they want to compromise the nutrition of the U.S. food supply, transforming consumers into Big Pharma victims who have no access to real nutrition.

• Health preparedness know-how: How to grow your own medicine chest so you don't depend on the soon-to-fail health care system. You'll learn which herbs to stock in your own home, which products to buy right now and keep safe, how to cover MOST medical needs using simple, natural substances.

Plus, you'll be able to ask live questions via email. Send in your email questions during the live broadcast, and I'll reserve 30 minutes to answer the best ones. This is your opportunity to get your most pressing questions answered directly!

Also: After the four weekly broadcasts, we'll email you a download link for all four MP3 files, so you can burn them to CDs or load them onto your iPod (or other MP3 device). This way, you won't miss a word of the event, even if you can't make the 7pm Wednesday schedule.

Click here to learn more.

To participate, you only need a computer and an internet connection. It's a low-bandwidth connection (just 24kbps), so you'll be able to listen even on slow internet connections. No video, just audio. 100% uncensored.

Instructions for Internet Explorer: When you register for the event, you will receive a URL where you can listen via Internet Explorer. No plug-ins necessary.

Instructions for FireFox: Same as above, except you'll need to download and install this plug-in BEFORE the event:

Be sure to register with your real email address, because you'll be emailed a download link for the MP3 files.

Listen to an audio update right now on the financial storm

Recorded live, September 16, here's an audio update from the Health Ranger on the current financial situation and why this is all about hope and optimism, not doom and gloom.

Listen to the MP3 file right now at:

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