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Originally published September 12 2008

Mindful Wealth Attraction Strategies Revealed in New Health Ranger Email List

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) If you've been wondering why all the planet-destroying, health-crushing, war-promoting evildoers in the world seem to end up with the bulk of the global wealth, don't fret: There are ways that exist right now to ethically and legally redirect wealth into the hands of more conscious, life-protecting individuals. In fact, I say that conscious, mindful citizens have a moral obligation to earn and redistribute more money, and I've started a new email list to help explore ideas that show planetary-minded people how to earn more, save more and create more financial wealth.

It's called the "Mindful Wealth" email list, and you can sign up for free at:

Subscribers receive three or four emails a month, each one exploring an important topic on the mindful accumulation (and redistribution) of financial wealth. All the topics explored on the email list are fully aligned with my recently-published 7 Principles of Mindful Wealth (, which describes a foundational philosophy for serving the greater good while attracting enormous personal wealth.

As the report reveals, those goals are not contradictory. In fact, the redirection of vast sums of money into the hands of mindful individuals is absolutely necessary to create a better world. Because money can be traded for time, effort and resources, it is a powerful vehicle for positive transformation... but only when used mindfully by high-vibration individuals working in the service of protecting sustainable life in our world (human life, plant life, animal life, ocean life, etc.)

It doesn't mean no tree farm should ever be harvested to make lumber, by the way. It only means that the use of natural resources for human benefit must be pursued in harmony with sustainable life so that the only trees harvested are the ones planted for that purpose in the first place. No longstanding forests or rainforests regions should ever be harvested, and practices like clear-cutting such forests should be considered criminal.

There are ways to create real financial abundance that don't require the destruction of nature, and that's what I focus on in the Mindful Wealth email newsletter.

Sign up for the free email list right now at:

Beyond 'The Secret' or the 'Law of Attraction'...

Is there really money to be made in doing the right thing? Absolutely! The rise of consumer awareness of green living, natural remedies, medicinal herbs and other similar ideas has created a multi-billion-dollar market for "green" products, services and information.

And you don't have to invest a small fortune in a new company or go back to school and learn new skills to benefit from these tremendous shifts in consumer demand. The strategies and opportunities I'm focusing on in my "Mindful Wealth" email newsletter require very little startup capital and can usually be pursued on a part-time or at-home basis.

I'll also reveal strategies for protecting your money so that you don't lose all the cash you've worked so hard to earn and save. With the world economy in turmoil, and banks failing every week, this issue has taken on new importance.

The information you'll learn in this "Mindful Wealth" email newsletter is grounded in practical action. It's beyond mere "positive thinking" or the Law of Attraction. While holding the right intention is very important to attract the wealth into your life that you truly deserve, thinking about being wealthy is not, by itself, sufficient to create it. Action is required. Action A has to cause result B, and my Mindful Wealth email newsletter focuses on actions that bring you the results you want.

Of course, I only cover strategies and opportunities that are in full alignment with my 7 Principles of Mindful Wealth (as outlined in my free special report of the same name, available at: )

Those principles describe wealth accumulation (earning) and redistribution (spending) as being in alignment when they are conducted with integrity, without deception, and in the service of protecting sustainable life on our planet. It also emphasizes that the way in which money is spent is just as important as the way in which it is earned.

The financial strategies you'll learn in the Mindful Wealth email newsletter cover conscious ways to earn more money, protect your money, and redistribute money in a way that has the most positive impact for sustainable life on the planet. I'll select particular strategies or opportunities for review in much the same way I review nutritional products on NaturalNews, and I'll spell out the advantages and disadvantages of each strategy or opportunity.

This is no get rich quick newsletter

In the Mindful Wealth email newsletter, I don't waste time with silly "get rich quick" schemes, and I want to emphasize that all moneymaking strategies require one or more of the following: Time, effort, money and risk. There is no honest, ethical way to make money without investing time, effort or money, and all such initiatives involve risk of some sort (risk of lost time, risk of lost money, etc.) But my aim is to show you how to minimize the risks and maximize your returns using progressive, intelligent strategies generally unknown to the masses.

For example, I have never advocated the "buy and hold" approach to stocks or real estate. In fact, I'm on the record warning people to bail out of the real estate market right when it hit its peak in the U.S. (circa 2006). Even while real estate agents were telling everyone that home prices had never gone down, and that buying a second house or third house was the best investment you could ever make, I saw the clear signs of an impending real estate bubble that would devastate investors and threaten the entire U.S. economy. My articles on this topic are still posted on NaturalNews. Just search the site for the term "real estate" if you want to read the predictions I made in 2005, 2006 and 2007. Nearly every one of them has now come true.

So what, exactly, do I advocate investing in? You'll have to read my Mindful Wealth email newsletter to find out. Subscribe now (it's free) at:

I can promise you this, however: I will apply the same level of honest, independent scrutiny to the Mindful Wealth topics as I do to natural health topics. I'll reveal the ripoffs, the scams and the genuine opportunities available today, and you won't hear me pulling any punches. I'll tell you the truth, such as the fact that the U.S. dollar is about to become hyperinflated, wiping out trillions of dollars worth of savings for the uninformed.

I'll also tell you how the U.S. government and the Federal Reserve are stealing your wealth right now... and how to stop it! You'll learn about the dirty little secrets of the dangerously-leveraged banking industry, the best source for buying gold, and how to hold and safeguard gold if you decide to pursue that strategy.

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