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Originally published September 9 2008

NaturalNews Releases Free Report on The 7 Principles of Mindful Wealth by Mike Adams

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) Consumer health advocate and author Mike Adams (the "Health Ranger") has released a new special report describing a breakthrouguh philosophy on attracting what he calls "mindful wealth." The report teaches readers how to let go of unconscious limitations to personal wealth and embrace a conscious wealth attraction philosophy that's aligned with natural living principles.

The report is available at no charge:

The 7 Principles of Mindful Wealth dispels the idea that money itself is evil, and says that people who live in the service of protecting sustainable life have a moral obligation to oversee the accumulation and redistribution of more wealth. Special attention is paid to the methods by which wealth is both accumulated and redistributed, and author Mike Adams says that "hoarding money" by withholding it from others causes financial stagnation and blocks the cycle of abundance.

While Adams focuses on ethical, mindful wealth accumulation principles, he also urges readers to consider the ways in which they spend (redistribute) money, pointing out that every dollar spent is a vote for the thing it is spent on. Spending money on meat products, for example, is a vote for factory farm abuse of living animals as well as the environmental destruction caused by such practices.

Spending money on herbs, nutritional supplements or healing services, on the other hand, encourages the success of such businesses while enhancing personal health and abundance.

"If people wish to attract more wealth, they must become more mindful about the ways in which they use it," says Adams. "To achieve a sustainable civilization on this planet, we must abandon outright consumerism, the worship of material goods and mindless spending. Only conscious, mindful guardianship of wealth will create the kind of world we hope to pass on to our children."

Adams is also the creator of the Honest Food Guide ( and The Healing Power of Sunlight and Vitamin D (, which is also available as a free report from NaturalNews.

The 7 Principles of Mindful Wealth is available now at:

The report also announces the launching of a new "Mindful Wealth" email list by Mike Adams, which offers strategies for preserving and accumulating wealth in alignment with holistic principles. Readers may subscribe to that email list at no charge:

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