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Originally published September 8 2008

Natural Newsbeat: Bisphenol A, Fire Retardants and Needle-Dumping Dentists

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) The truth is finally coming out about Bisphenol A in plastics: New research shows it disrupts neurological function in primates even when consumed at doses currently labeled "safe" by the EPA. What kind of neurological problems does it cause? The ones children are being medicated for with dangerous psych drugs, of course.

This new evidence directly contradicts the FDA's ridiculous stance on BPA, which claims the chemical is so safe that even babies and infants can drink it.


Fire Retardant Chemical Found in Children at Three Times the Level of Their Parents

As the mass poisoning of human civilization continues, evidence is emerging that our next generation of children is being exposed to far greater levels of chemical toxicity than their parents.

In this latest disturbing discovery, the Environmental Working Group reveals the discovery of fire retardant chemicals (PBDEs) in children's blood at three times the level of their parents. This was found to be true in 19 out of 20 families.


Insane Dentist Dumps Used Needles, Bio-Waste Near Public Beaches

Did you know that exposure to mercury causes insanity? It's where the phrase "mad as a hatter" comes from. Now, a practicing conventional dentist who has undoubtedly been exposed to mercury has taken it upon himself to dump used needles and other bio-waste near public beaches in New Jersey.

He actually rounded up hundreds of used needles, set out on his motorboat, and dumped them in a location where they would be swept onto public beaches. I always knew many dentists were bonkers, but I never realized some of them were Dr. Evil crazy. Just remember: Mercury attacks the brain first, and drilling on mercury fillings causes dentists to inhale hazardous mercury vapor.

If their brains weren't already so destroyed by the mercury, they might one day wake up and realize they should stop poisoning themselves (and the innocent children they work on).


Vaccine Push Bypasses Doctors; Pharmacists Can Now Give Shots in NY

In the great fraudulent push to over-vaccinate every man, woman and child in the world, the drug companies have just won a major victory in bypassing doctors: They've lobbied to get a new law passed in New York that allows pharmacists to give shots directly, without the need for proper medical staff to be present.

Just what we needed, huh? A bunch of needle-packing pharmacists on the loose, trying to stick needles into the arms of our children. The mass poisoning of our world has just reached another level of outright absurdity. What's next? Are they going to deputize school teachers and have them give the shots in classrooms?

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