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Originally published August 5 2008

Menstruation is a Disease (And Other Ridiculous Myths Believed by Mainstream Consumers)

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) As I was horrified to discover upon turning on the TV in a hotel room recently, drug companies are now pushing pills that promise women a significant reduction in the frequency of menstruation. The implication, of course, is that menstruation is a disease that needs to be treated with pharmaceuticals, and that chemically interfering with your own natural hormone cycles is not merely healthy, but even hip!

These ads promise putting you "back in control" of your life, but they say nothing about the fact that these drugs are, in reality, wildly experimental. There have been absolutely no long-term tests conducted on the use of such menstruation-blocking pills. Thus, the women taking these pills are unwittingly participating in a grand medical experiment with results that are entirely unknown.

Well, not entirely. I can tell you right now what one of the results will likely be: A massive increase in endometriosis in women who take these pills. Why? Because menstruation is a normal, healthy biological function that results in the elimination and rebuilding of uterine tissue on a regular basis. Chemically interfering with that process will cause significant stagnation of not only uterine tissues, but also the reproductive organs. Tissues that aren't allowed to be expelled as they normally should will wind up deposited in areas where they shouldn't be, which is of course the very basis for endometriosis.

But you won't hear about this for several years, of course. These pills will be pushed onto unsuspecting women with a false promise of complete safety, and then one day doctors will shockingly discover that a huge percentage of these women are infertile, suffering from endometriosis or ovarian cancer. There will be a big investigation, and a class-action lawsuit, and the government will come along and grant the drug companies blanket immunity, and the press will run stories asking, "What happened?" Well, I can tell you what happened: Misleading ads pushed dangerous drugs onto gullible consumers, and all the journalists, health authorities and community leaders just stood by and watched it happen without saying a word.

Everything on TV is bad for you

I don't watch television at home. Don't even have cable. So I turn it on when traveling to tune in to the mainstream broadcasts and see how crazy the world has gotten since the last time I turned on the TV. This time, while staying in a hotel in Miami, I turned on the TV in my hotel room and surfed through the channels.

The first thing I noticed is that everybody on TV is overweight. All the ads now use overweight people, the TV shows have overweight actors and the celebrities all look old and diseased. I guess obesity is now so rampant across America that even the TV stars have to look overweight and diseased just to appear normal. What a sad statement about the degenerative state of health for this nation...

The second thing I noticed is that all the news shows are hosted either by supermodels or Alzheimer's patients. News stations like Fox and CNN are populated with clueless bimbos who appear to possess absolutely no intelligence whatsoever. Other stations, like CNBC and even network news programs appear to be hosted by diseased Alzheimer's or dementia patients who are incapable of coherent thought. I happened onto the show 60 Minutes and thought I had stumbled onto the Alzheimer's News Show when one of the correspondents -- who looked like he had been dragged right out of a nursing home -- painfully stumbled through the pronunciation of a string of words and somehow managed not to drool on himself.

All the TV ads I saw were either for chemically-contaminated consumer products, dangerous pharmaceuticals or gimmicky offers to get rich, lose weight, or engage in some other ridiculous scam. Not a single ad contained any appreciable degree of intelligence, and skipping through them all just reminded how incredibly low-IQ the average American consumer must really be in order to buy in to these advertisements.

Nutrisystem promises weight loss by eating processed foods

One weight loss ad for a company called Nutrisystem promises to make you thin and happy if you eat all their foods, which turn out to be almost entirely processed foods. Yep: If you think you can lose weight eating blueberry pancakes made with corn syrup solids, sugar, artificial colors and other junk ingredients, then you qualify as an average American consumer, too, and you might as well just drink Slimfast all day long, because it's made mostly with refined sugars, too.

Here are some of the actual Nutrisystem ingredients for their Blueberry Flavored Pancake Mix:

Sugar, Corn Syrup Solids, Dextrose, Glycerine, Blueberry Juice Concentrate, Canola Oil, Natural Blueberry Flavor, Citric Acid, FD&C Blue #2 Lake Color and FD&C Red #40 Lake Color, High Maltose Corn Syrup, Corn Syrup Solids

Apparently, many consumers think you can lose weight eating this junk. It's astonishing, really, to realize how incredibly ignorant the average consumer is about health, and watching these TV ads on menstruation drugs and processed foods weight loss systems makes you realize just how large the gap is between ignorant consumers who watch mainstream TV and informed consumers who read websites like

Ignorant mainstream consumers, of course, are the same people buying brand-name laundry detergent, sunscreen products, diet sodas and snack chips. They're the people dropping SSRI pills down their throats and getting mammograms because they think mammography prevents breast cancer (hint: they actually cause breast cancer). These are the people who keep drug companies, junk food companies and weight loss scams in business, and the saddest part of all this is that these people can vote!

You heard me right: These doped-up, over-medicated, under-nourished, misinformed consumers have the same power at the voting booth as you and me! And that explains exactly why so many people are all hyped up about Barack Obama when none of them have any idea what the guy actually stands for. Standing for "change" is about as stupid and meaningless as fighting a war against "terror." Nothing is real anymore... it's all just nonsense slogans wrapped in incessant marketing and mind-warping persuasion engineering.

Most consumers are living in The Matrix

Call me sinister in mentioning all this, but you know it's all true: Virtually everything advertised on television is either bad for you or a scam, and the vast majority of consumers have no clue about reality. They merely subsist in a fictional construct, engineered by fashion magazines, soda companies and drug corporations, designed to enslave the minds of the masses by distracting them from the important issues every intelligent, informed citizens actually should be considering.

It's all become bread and circuses, and this is as much a sign of the coming downfall of western civilization as anything: When the majority of voters in a democracy devolve into babbling idiots, that society has no future.

So who's an idiot, exactly? For starters, all the women who take pills to stop their periods are idiots. All the men drinking brand-name energy drinks and sports drinks are idiots. All the consumers buying processed foods and thinking they'll get thin and athletic by eating sugar are also idiots. And as long as there are lots of idiots in society, companies like Walgreens, McDonald's, Wal-Mart and Pepsi will always earn profits. But issues like the education of future generations, the preservation of individual liberties, the investment in sustainable life on planet Earth and the advancement of world knowledge will remain utterly ignored. (Because idiots don't ponder such complex subjects, you see...)

Five minutes watching the TV reveals that we have become a nation of clueless journalists, evangelical politicians, dumbed-down schools and over-medicated children. We've dumped so many chemicals into the water supply, the food supply, the medicines and even the bodies of schoolchildren that we're way past the point of preserving a majority of sane individuals.

And that's why it's up to people like you and me -- the remaining few sane people still left in this nation -- to make some revolutionary changes. We're the only ones even capable of making such changes, and the good news is that since everybody else is so medicated and incapable of clear thought, folks like you and I can think circles around the idiots! So there's actually good news in all this: The ignorance of mainstream America only makes it easier for the well informed to rise above the masses and make some serious changes for the better. Have you seen the movie Idiocracy yet? Read my review here:

Here's what I encourage you to do right now: Value your awareness, your intelligence and your presence of mind, and take a leadership role in making positive changes in the world around you. Don't be distracted by consumer commercialism, persuasive politicians or the words and actions of the clueless, misinformed people around you. Don't surrender your presence of mind to the drug companies and their brain-damaging chemicals. Jump into a role of visionary leadership by enhancing your health, enhancing your knowledge, expanding your awareness and exploring the higher states of human achievement.

Be the change you want to see in the world, and don't listen to critics, naysayers or juveniles. Simply do what you know works to create a more positive, more empowered and healthier you:

• Get your medicine from Mother Nature.
• Get your news from the Internet.
• Get your truth from within, not from society.
• Don't try to fit in. Stand above the crowd.

Stay true to who you are, and don't be concerned that it will take you further away from mainstream society. The mainstream is sick, demented and psychotic. Achieving any degree of genuine success, happiness or real purpose in life requires that you break free from the shackles of mainstream thinking and set yourself free to journey into the universe, unburdened by the delusions projected onto mainstream consumers by controlling interests.

Free your mind. And enjoy the adventure.

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