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Originally published August 1 2008

The Health Ranger's Natural Health Travel Journal: Synchronicity in Boca Raton

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) I experienced something today that was either a genuine "synchronicity experience" or an extremely unlikely "coincidence." I'll tell you the story and let you decide. It all started when a friend mentioned I should visit Mitzner Park, a famous plaza in the Eastern section of Boca Raton, Florida. I thought it would be a good place to film some poi spinning (see below) against a city backdrop, so we parked nearby and strolled into the park, only to find that it was inundated with a strange group of teenagers who had all gathered to hear live music from a group of uber-popular "boy bands" that were playing a concert (Metro Station, Good Charlotte and a few others).

I did a few minutes of poi spinning in the plaza, and a few people stopped by and wanted to try it themselves, but in the end, it was just too loud and too crowded, so we headed out of the plaza and walked along an empty street until we came upon a well-lit church featuring a beautiful stained-glass window depicting various scenes of religious significance. I don't recall the denomination of the church, but it doesn't matter: The window was a remarkable work of art! (You can see a glimpse of it in the feature picture for this article...)

So I decided to spin some poi in front of the stained-glass artwork and get that on film. With my wife filming the scene, I launched into some poi spinning patterns against this backdrop. You can see this in my YouTube poi spinning video, by the way, which is available at:

Almost immediately, a family of five appeared on the sidewalk (a mom and four daughters), and I heard one of the girls exclaim, "Wow! That looks AWESOME!" So we stopped the filming and I invited the daughters to try some poi spinning for themselves.

As they played with the glowing poi (which I will explain below), we chatted with their mom. And here's the "synchronicity experience" part: It turns out she and her husband were running an advanced stem cell treatment clinic in the U.S. and got raided at gunpoint by the FDA. Threatened with 25 years of prison time, they were forced to flee the country to protect their own livelihoods. (This is how the FDA treats anybody practicing pioneering medicine in the USA -- they get arrested, shut down or run out of the country.) Now, they've been forced to run their treatment clinic in various South American countries where advanced stem cell research has not been criminalized, and they've helped hundreds of people overcome serious degenerative disease using this technology.

No coincidence

Their story has never been told, but thanks to this auspicious meeting in front of the church, their story of FDA tyranny may finally be told through NaturalNews. It is an important story of how medical authorities in the U.S. have criminalized advanced medicine practitioners and turned the entire United States into a health-free zone that forces a fraudulent system of medicine upon the people, enslaving them in a pharmaceutical-based medical trap that promotes disease and criminalizes healing.

Now, I fully realize the irony of this all taking place in front of a church, especially given that the Church remains an opponent of stem cell research. However, this is not an article about the debate over stem cell research, it's about the FDA's use of threatened violence to enforce its medical monopoly, intimidating advanced medical researchers at gunpoint, and chasing them out of the country. (We'll save the stem cell debate for another day...)

And thanks to this not-so-coincidental encounter in front of this Boca Raton church, the shocking details of this story may finally become public knowledge.

I categorize this as a "synchronicity experience" because I don't believe this was just a chance encounter. I was spining poi anonymously on a virtually abandoned street, at night, in front of an empty church, and absolutely nobody knew I was there. Nobody else walked by except this one family. And the mother later told me she thought that anybody performing such beautiful artistry in front of a church must be religious, so she felt safe to talk to us, and that's how the conversation began. So it was, indeed, the vibration of the stained-glass window that brought me to that exact location, and it was the same vibration being picked up by the mother that allowed us to connect.

Think about it: What are the odds that the Health Ranger and a person whose clinic was raided by the FDA at gunpoint would randomly meet in front of a church at 10:00pm without any planning whatsoever and start talking about health freedom? It's not by chance, folks. Call it karma, or God or the Law of Attraction, but whatever you call it, it worked to bring us together today so that this story could be told to the world through NaturalNews.

I hope to be able to conduct a full interview with this woman about her experience of being raided by the FDA and forced to flee the country. That interview will of course be shared here on NaturalNews.

What is poi spinning?

It's an artistic form of juggling two ball-shaped objects on the ends of strings. You've perhaps seen performers in Hawaii spinning fire poi. If you were at the Raw Spirit Festival last year, you also saw Vatra performing with fire poi ( That's where I first saw it.

I picked up poi spinning a few months ago, and since then, I've found it to be a fantastic exercise for fitness, shoulder mobility, hand-eye coordination, strength and endurance. I've since put in a few hundred hours of spinning while learning a few new moves. I'm nowhere near the "expert" level (which takes about 5,000 hours to achieve), but I'm thoroughly enjoying this art as I continue to learn it.

Watch my poi spinning video on YouTube, where I've collected about 8 minutes of poi spinning scenes and set it against some great music by Ovnimoon. Most of these scenes were filmed right after sunset at the edge of the ocean:


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