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Originally published May 27 2008

Book Review: Wellness at Warp Speed by Dr. Noah McKay, a Blueprint for Quantum Healing

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) Few NaturalNews readers would disagree with the idea that it's time for a paradigm shift in medicine. The old, outdated system of pharmacological chemicals, fictitious disease labels and "managing" disease is begging to be shelved and replaced with something more advanced. But what model of understanding should we adopt as our new foundation for health and healing?

Dr. Noah McKay has written an insightful, inspiring book that provides us with a compelling new paradigm for healing transformation. It's called Wellness at Warp Speed, and the book is not about telling you what to do to enhance your health. Rather, it's about inviting you to experiencing a new way of thinking about health, healing and your connection with the physical and energetic universe around you. Written for the layperson, Wellness at Warp Speed introduces ideas that free readers from the outdated, limiting mindset offered by conventional medicine, inviting them to explore a world where mind-body interactions take place at warp speed, and where the laws of quantum physics can be tapped to accelerate the healing experience of every human being.

If that sounds like a lot to contemplate, it is. Wellness at Warp Speed is not for those who are satisfied with a drugs-and-surgery approach to "disease management" that offers no cures and no real hope for a better life. The defenders of conventional medicine -- or what I call "the Cult of Pharmacology" -- will find the information in this book to be blasphemous. But that's exactly what makes it exciting for anyone willing to open their mind to new possibilities about health and healing. Wellness at Warp Speed takes you on a journey that manages to peel away false belief systems you might have held while simultaneously providing convincing reasons to adopt new, empowering belief systems that people have used throughout the centuries to spontaneously overcome cancer, heart disease, deadly infections and other so-called "diseases."

Reading the book is, all by itself, a healing journey, and after finishing it, the reader is left with a refreshing, improved view of the way the universe really works -- and an exciting new approach to achieving their own personal health goals.

The book is available now through Truth Publishing at:

Why conventional medicine tried to shut Dr. Noah McKay down

Dr. Noah McKay is no friend of the medical establishment. In the 1990's, he pioneered a hugely successful network of complementary health care clinics in Washington State, serving tens of thousands of people with naturopathic health services that they just couldn't get anywhere else. The success of his clinics, however, soon caught the attention of established health authorities (who were losing business to his complementary health clinics), and soon, federal law enforcement authorities were called in to see if they could find some way to put Dr. McKay out of business.

Not surprisingly, they did find a way. The FBI arrested Dr. McKay, charged him with billing fraud (which, if you've ever been billed for anything by a hospital, you already know to be standard practice in the conventional medical industry), and locked him away in prison. With his clinics shut down, and his finances in ruins, Noah managed to find sanctuary in prison, and during his incarceration, without the distractions of running a business, he uncovered some startling findings about parallels between quantum physics and the healing technology found in the human body.

He discovered the principle of non-locality, or what some people might call "the power of intention" or even "the power of prayer." And he found a way to apply it to his own health, allowing him to overcome a serious cardiovascular infection that nearly destroyed his heart. Through his journey, he arrived at a set of principles that are set forth in Wellness at Warp Speed; principles that can unleash what I call "spontaneous healing" -- a miraculous-seeming acceleration of natural healing that automatically follows the shifting of a person's belief systems.

It is beliefs, you see, that determine a person's possibilities in dealing with health challenges. People who believe in the limited options (and outdated paradigms) of conventional medicine are doomed to a life of disease and suffering. But those who free themselves from that outmoded pattern of thinking are able to tap into a whole new universe of possibilities for rapid healing. And since the body follows the mind, healing takes place almost instantly. The body literally creates a new reality based on what the mind believes. Symptoms vanish, and diseases become history.

This is what Wellness at Warp Speed teaches the reader to do. It reminds me of a case where a woman suffering from multiple personalities was diabetic in one personality, but when she flipped to her alternate personality, her blood sugar was normal. Her "disease," you see, was merely the expression of who she thought she was, and as her personality switched from one belief system to another, her body automatically followed by either turning on the disease or turning it off. There are many, many cases in medical literature where patients demonstrate nearly instant cures of cancer, for example, when given inert serums that they believe to be breakthrough anti-cancer medicines. While conventional medicine would write this off as a placebo effect, more astute observers of this situation realize this demonstrates the power of the mind to determine the health outcome expressed by the body!

Change your mind, in other words, and your body will follow. That's why real health transformation begins by shifting your belief systems.

Wellness at Warp Speed is the book that can change your mind in a positive way. Simply reading it is a transformational experience that can open you to new possibilities for health and healing -- even for near-spontaneous disease reversal. No belief system is a replacement for emergency medicine, of course, if you need acute care of a broken leg from an automobile accident, for example, but holding the right frame of mind is absolutely crucial for preventing or overcoming so-called "degenerative" diseases like cancer, Alzheimer's, diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis and others. These diseases do not exist anywhere other than in the expression of your physiology, and that's determined largely by what you hold to be true (or at least possible) in your own mind.

This book -- and an audio interview with the author Dr. Noah McKay -- can be downloaded now from Truth Publishing:

How to get Wellness at Warp Speed

I was so intrigued by this book -- and its author -- that I invited Dr. Noah McKay to appear on my radio show, the Health Ranger Show. I interviewed him for the full hour, and we explored numerous fascinating topics about mind-body medicine, quantum physics, the role of belief systems in the expression of healing, and much more. After the show, we talked further, and I asked if we could carry his book on Truth Publishing (, where we offer other books on nutrition and healing. Noah said yes, he was happy to allow us to carry the book, and we began stocking it for our readers.

But we didn't stop there. I'm always looking for ways to help NaturalNews readers get the most out of the information we make available, so I invited Noah to a second interview in which we would explore even deeper secrets about health, healing and the quantum nature of the universe. We recorded that conversation and it's now included as a bonus audio CD for anyone who buys the book. Just purchase Wellness at Warp Speed, and you get this bonus one-hour audio interview at no additional charge.

To help you get even more out of this fascinating information, I also didn't want you to miss out on the radio show interview, so I had that replicated onto CD and we've decided to also include that with your purchase of the book. So now, when you buy Wellness at Warp Speed from Truth Publishing, you get:

• The book itself (full color printing, hard cover bound)
• Bonus audio CD #1: Radio show interview with Noah McKay
• Bonus audio CD #2: Bonus conversation, one hour with Noah McKay

For those who want to get all this faster, we also made it available in electronic form, so you can download the book and audio CDs right now and start reading (and listening!) to all the life-enhancing information Dr. Noah McKay has to share. You can find that option at the same address:

The book is also available at Noah McKay's own website: (although it doesn't include the two bonus CDs if purchased there). His website, however, offers very helpful additional information, including his speaking events (many upcoming events in Colorado and Washington State) and biography.

Open your mind to heal your body

In all, I found Wellness at Warp Speed to be a real gem -- a refreshing guide for those life travelers looking to be genuinely healthy and free at the same time. It's strongly aligned with much of my own work about shifting paradigms for healing, and in fact, the timing of this conjunction seems to be more than mere coincidence: I happen to be wrapping up a 12-hour audio course right now that teaches people how to eliminate illness by transforming their internal beliefs in a way that ripples through their physiology, overwriting disease patterns with new expressions of perfect health. That course, called The Illusion of Disease will be announced soon here on NaturalNews.

Wellness at Warp Speed is the perfect starting place for those ready to experience a dramatic shift in their health. If you've felt stuck in your health care, or if you've come to the inevitable conclusion that pharmaceuticals and surgery really aren't the answer to health problems, then this timing is perfect: You're ready to read Wellness at Warp Speed!

It's not about herbs, superfoods, nutrition or other similar topics. Rather, it's about causing healing to take place by learning how to release limiting beliefs so that you can unleash the innate healing potential that's already programmed into your DNA (and, in fact, the very physical properties of your body's cells).

Wellness at Warp Speed is the primer for future medicine. It is the guidebook that explains the paradigm under which I believe truly advanced medicine will one day operate. The collapse of the Cult of Pharmacology is now inevitable. When it's gone, a new system of understanding about health and healing will sweep through society. I have no doubt that many of the key principles of that new system are precisely the ones described by Dr. Noah McKay in Wellness at Warp Speed.

Pick up a copy (or download it right now) at

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