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Originally published May 13 2008

Michael T. Murray Interviewed about Weight Loss on the Health Ranger Show

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) A few weeks ago, I sat down with natural health author Michael T. Murray to talk about nutrition and weight loss. That full interview has now been published on as a downloadable MP3 file, available here:

Michael T. Murray is the author of The Encyclopedia of Healing Foods, The Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine and his newest book, Hunger Free Forever, which talks about WellBetX PGX, a unique soluble fiber that offers significant benefits for those wishing to control blood sugar or reduce excessive body weight.

In the interview, you'll learn about the WellBetX PGX nutritional supplement that binds with dietary carbohydrates, effectively lowering their glycemic index and slowing the absorption of dietary sugars. It's a product that's produced by Natural Factors (, a Canadian nutritional supplement manufacturer with more than 300 health formulas.

You can hear the full interview here:

Pet Health Secrets with Kay Chimene

We've also just published a fascinating interview with Kay Chimene, a hands-on expert covering nutrition and medicinal herbs for animals. In this interview, she provides new information about healing cancer in horses, using rainforest herbs for dogs, and how to find high-quality nutrition sources for any pet or animal.

Kay's interviews have been very popular with NaturalNews readers, and she's an inspiring, highly-experienced animal expert who truly understands how to get animals to heal themselves in a way that overcomes diabetes, cancer, parasites, joint problems and much more. If you have a pet, you'll definitely want to hear this interview with Kay. Listen here:

Exclusive interview with creators of the documentary "All Jacked Up"

You've been waiting for this one! We've just posted an interview with Doug Clemens and Jennifer Mattox, the creators of the health documentary hit "All Jacked Up," which dares to tell the truth about what junk food and toxic foods do to children and teens.

In this interview, you'll learn about the motivation behind All Jacked Up, and you'll get to meet its creators -- two individuals who are driven by purpose, not profits, and who have single-handedly made huge waves in spreading awareness about the shocking dangers of processed foods and sugary drinks (like soda). Listen to this interview here:

Download to your iPod or other MP3 player

All Health Ranger Show interviews are offered in an open format (non-copy-protected). No DRM! Feel free to copy these audio files to your iPod, burn them to a CD, listen in your car, or post them to your website. We only ask that you do not sell them, and you do not modify them in any way.

All three of these interviews can be heard from this page:

Don't Miss Real Health with Dr. Steve

While you're listening to really great podcasts, make sure you check out Real Health with Dr. Steve, which features numerous natural health guests each week, including myself (the Health Ranger).

Dr. Steve has so far posted 31 audio segments. You can grab them through iTunes, or just go straight to his download page at:

Keep listening, learning and empowering yourself!

The most important thing in all this, of course, is that you keep listening and learning so that you can empower yourself with the kind of information that puts you back in control over your own life and health. The only people who are doomed to disease, it turns out, are those who are unable to learn as much as you like about health and disease prevention. Information is power, after all.

That's what these podcasts are really good for: Empowering you with new information that lets you fully realize you have new options for how you wish to enhance your health and prevent serious disease. By simply listening and learning from these audio programs, you are giving yourself a major advantage over others who get their health information from limited sources. So keep listening (and learning) to all the audio programs you want. That's why we make them freely available!

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